How to Spot a Good Quality Loose Diamond in Dallas

Loose diamonds are a good choice due to many reasons. If you are looking for diamonds to buy consort getting loose diamonds, they can be ideal for any jewelry you have in mind. Consider Dallas wholesale loose diamonds they are accessible in your place and a lot of wholesale diamond stores offer them. You just have to select one that can offer you the best.

Factors to Check When Picking Loose Diamonds

Choose a Reputable Diamond Dealer

Choosing a reputable diamond dealer can lead you to good-quality diamonds. Since you can be guaranteed by the dealer that the diamonds you will be buying are indeed of high quality. Dealing with a reputable diamond dealer can give you honest information about their diamonds. So picking the right diamond dealer is relevant when looking for loose diamonds. 

Check on the 4cs

Diamonds are graded by the 4cs, therefore it is still applicable to loose diamonds. Learn the basics of 4cs for diamonds so you can list the specific grade for your diamond. When it comes to the color, you can opt for nearly colorless instead of colorless ones since they are pricey and rare. Same with clarity, flawless diamonds are rare and pricey too, choose grades that are very slightly included VS1 or VS 2 or Slightly included SI1, as long as the inclusion doesn’t affect the sparkle and appearance of the loose diamond then it will still be ideal. For the cut, make sure to have an excellent cut. That’s why choosing a diamond dealer with a skilled diamond cutter is best. And lastly for the carat pick ones that are close to whole numbers, for instance, 0.95 carats vs 1.0 carats can have a difference of a thousand bucks, so better be wise in choosing a carat for your diamond. 


Make sure to buy a diamond with a certificate. Loose diamonds are issued with certification too once they are evaluated. So buy from a diamond dealer who has certificates for their diamonds. Plus make sure the ones who issued the certificates are legit and known too. 

Pros of Knowing the Good Quality of Loose Diamonds in Dallas

Get the Best Diamond 

Loose diamonds can be evaluated at every corner meaning they can have a higher value since they can be checked thoroughly unlike mounted diamonds. This means opting for loose diamonds can give you a higher-quality diamond. Loose diamonds are already cut and polished so you can choose the ones that you want to have on your jewelry. The 4cs of the diamond on its certificate is 100% accurate since the diamonds are evaluated while they are still loose. 

Get your Money’s worth 

Most loose diamonds are sold by wholesale diamond stores. You can buy them at 40% to 60% lower than in retail stores. The amount you can save is already big enough, you can even get higher grade diamonds since the prices are lower compared to if you buy from retail stores. Be a wise buyer and buy from a store that can give you a good diamond at a good price. 

Better Design Setting 

Loose diamonds are perfect for customized diamond jewelry since you can choose all the elements starting from your diamond, then your metals, setting, and other elements you want on your jewelry. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to have your jewelry personalized according to your preferences or the preferences of the wearer. Loose diamonds are perfect for personal use or even as a gift. 

Easier to Choose 

Once you are familiar with the quality of the diamonds you are planning to buy then it will be easier for you to pick one. Loose diamonds can come in many shapes, sizes, and carats. It will be good to be knowledgeable about diamonds and it will be best if you can list the grades you want for your diamonds. The more specific the easier to find. Your jeweler can also recommend to you their loose diamonds that fit your description. 

Final Thoughts About Loose Diamonds

So how to spot a good quality loose diamond in Dallas? Just consider the factors given and be wise when choosing the grades of your diamonds plus be knowledgeable before you start shopping. 

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