How to Solve MOV File Can’t Open Problem

MOV video is now widely used because of its high image quality. However, when you try to play MOV file in some commonly used media players like QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player, play error may happen form time to time, especially when it comes to MOV HEVC video or 4K Ultra HD MOV, for they are quite large in file size. Moreover, MOV file sometimes cannot be imported to VLC and Adobe Premiere Pro or other video processing software. In addition, freezing MOV file playback and missing audio track are easy to happen.

If you are a MOV video user, I believe the issues mentioned above are not unfamiliar for you in daily life. In this article, the reasons behind those errors and the way to solve them will be introduced. 

When will you run into MOV file not playing error?

For videos with high quality like MOV, to edit them is a common need for most of users. Popular video editors like Adobe Premiere, Lightworks, Sony Vegas and Windows Movie Maker, etc., sometimes cannot import MOV files. Or, when it’s successfully imported into these software, the playback is choppy. There are different causes of this error. Maybe your MOV file is empty or damaged. To make sure if this is the reason why MOV not open, you can have a look at the MOV file size. If it’s too small, video editors may refuse to process. If not, testing them in other software is helpful. Play error still happens? Then it’s all about your MOV file. Additionally, as MOV can be encoded with various codecs, such error is probably led by the situation that your MOV file is with codec different from the one in the video editor you are using. 

Media players cannot open or recognize MOV file, which is another issue we are faced with. On some mainstream video players like Windows Media Player and QuickTime, users often confront with problems in playing MOV videos. It’s quite annoying to see an error message popping up, reminding that this video format is not supported. Let’s find out the reason why this happen together. iPhone and cameras are often the source device for shooting MOV videos. If the codec in it is not supported by your media player, then playback error occurs.

As we can see, incompatibility of MOV file is the main reason why MOV file cannot be played or imported. For solving the codec issue, video format conversion is the fastest way. Usually MP4 is what most users will choose because of its great compatibility. To see how we can easily convert MOV to MP4, here we take WinX Video Converter as an example to show you a specific conversion tutorial.

The quickest way to fix MOV can’t open error

As a video converting tool that delivers fast output and intact video quality, WinX Video Converter is easy to use at the same time. The following lines are about how we can convert MOV to MP4 in just a few steps:

Step 1: Launch this desktop software on your computer and click “+Video” on the upper left corner to import MOV file. Batch upload is also supported and it won’t take a long time to load.

Step 2: Choose “MP4 Video” as the target video format in the “General profiles” from “Output Profiles” window.

Step 3: Tap on the “RUN” button below and the MOV file will be converted to MP4 in minutes.

C:\Users\PC\Documents\Tencent Files\2232692250\FileRecv\MobileFile\Image\H%W7O77_4UWXY[4W[NEV_L4.png


When we enjoy the crisp image of MOV video, playback errors and editing barriers happen now and then. To solve such problems we have no choice but to convert MOV to a more compatible video format like MP4. WinX Video Converter is recommended for its balance between conversion speed and output image quality. 

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