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How to Short Google Maps?

Roughly a billion people utilize Google Maps on a monthly basis to travel in a hassle-free manner. With the help of Google Maps, drivers can reach from one destination to another whether you are on foot, traveling through public transport, biking, walking, or driving. 


Another special thing about Google Maps is the ease with which one can swiftly reroute on real-time information. In addition, it takes into consideration traffic delays and accidents while visiting a destination.


Think for a moment…Your best friend is traveling to his home city; imagine Baltimore from Washington, DC. And he wants to get the shortest possible route to reach the destination as he has a family function to attend. He wants to save his time and asks you to research Google Maps and share the location with him. Suppose you share the long Google Maps URL, which does not work on his mobile phone. This makes him frustrated because of a lack of clarity on the direction he needs to take. 


We have a solution to this problem. You can always try a URL shortener


How to Short Google Maps URL using

Visit and enter the long Google Maps URL you wish to shorten. Next, click on the option “Short it.” Wait for a few seconds, and the short Google Maps URL will appear on the screen, which you can copy and send it to the concerned person.

What Makes the Easiest Way to Short Google Maps?

Lots of things have been said about URL shorteners. For example, certain people believe it can negatively impact SEO, while others say it can result in security threats. But, the truth is, if you use a good URL shortener, it can take you to the extra mile to protect end-users from malicious content. 


Using the right URL shortener, like, can be the easiest way to share Google maps. The only thing that you need to do is write place and get started today!


Here are some of the reasons that make the easiest way to short Google Maps:

Character restrictions

Using as your URL shortener can reduce the character count of the Google Map links. This way, you can save characters that can be used to post whatever message you want to post with that link.


Easier to share shortened links

It is very easy to share shortened Google Maps links on social media. This is especially true if you wish to share the map link to Twitter, where character limits need to be considered. 

What Makes The Safest URL Shortener Company? is the most effective tool to shorten the Google Map URL. Here are some of the reasons that make the safest URL shortener company:


  • Get quick access to log files which will help you decipher the device and IP address that is trying to access your information
  • The highest level of security in terms of HTTPs ensures you are always protected from outside threats.
  • Data recovery feature that allows you to recover the data during server crashes.

Final Words

If you are looking for a safe and secure option to shorten your Google Map URLs, look no further than keep your information private and protected. Just write and get started today!

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