How to service your air conditioners

Air conditioners are a prominent feature in many modern homes. They are not just used for cooling homes, but they can be used to regulate the air in a given enclosure like a room, hall, tent, lobby, balcony, and so on. Many people buy their air cooling systems with the hopes that they will work for a long time. If you want your system to last longer and work efficiently for a long time, you will need to service it constantly.

If you fail to service your air conditioners, you might end up paying high electricity bills. Also, any air cooling system that goes for a long time without cleaning or maintenance will become a health risk for the building occupants. If they are poorly maintained, air conditioners may spread disease and bacteria around the room.

Servicing an air conditioner

To service your air conditioners, you will need to follow several easy processes. This helps ensure that it keeps you cool throughout the winter and summer. You can easily service your air conditioners in the following easy steps;

1) Switch off the power: Put off the device and find the capacitor.

2) Clean the internal components: Clean out the device’s condenser fan and lubricate the motor of the fan. Get a brush and thoroughly clean the condenser fan which is usually covered in dust. In contrast to getting an expert, any good DIYer can clean out their AC systems on their own. They can take off the cover grill. The can also unscrew the set screw used to hold the fan. Take off the fan, to lubricate the parts. Get any oil specified by the manufacturer and lubricate the motor of the fan with the oil.

3) Clean out the fins and the condenser coils: Get a garden hose to clean out the condenser coils. You can take off the coil guard to spray the internal parts of the unit. This is to stop watery debris from accumulating in the fins.

4) Change the refrigerant: You can get an expert to help you change the refrigerant. While this can be a DIY process, you must have the good technical know-how on how best to go about changing the refrigerant to ensure that harmful gases do not leak into the surrounding air. To do this, you will have to ensure that the process is carried out the right way according to the instructions of the manufacturers.

5) Servicing the filter: The next step is to check your AC filter. When you open it up and see that it has been badly damaged, you might want to change it. But if your filter is only dirty, then this can be cleaned off easily to free the apparatus of dirt. The filter has to be changed or cleaned without which can easily lead to the development of bacteria and fungi. This is very harmful to the health once inhaled.

6) Cleaning the ducts: Look for the air ducts and clean them up with your vacuum cleaner. This should be done regularly to get rid of dust particles or debris that have accumulated during the operation of the AC.

Getting professional air conditioning specialists

All of the processes outlined above are simply for DIYers that have a working knowledge of the internal mechanisms of air conditioning systems. However, specialists like Daikin air conditioners Brisbane can help you install and maintain all AC systems for optimum performance.

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