How to Send the Perfect Holiday Card

How to Send the Perfect Holiday Card

This year, socially starved Americans are sending more holiday cards than ever before. Denied the human contact we always crave during the festive season, we’re settling for cards as an alternative way of staying in touch. If you’re planning on sending out cards this year, you’ll want your correspondence to live up to the standards set by your friends and family members. Here’s how to produce the perfect holiday cards that will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones.

Choose Warm, Representative Photos

No matter how great a message you compose, it will always be the photos that first grab the recipients’ attention. Make sure you choose pictures that are vibrant and authentic. Overly-staged photos probably won’t give the feel you’re looking for. Try to find shots of you and your family acting like your true selves.

Include A Brief, Humble Message About Your Past Year

Something beyond a simple, generic greeting is necessary if you want your card to have real value. Consider giving a brief recap of how your family has gotten by over the course of the past year. Don’t be obnoxiously self-effacing, but avoid the temptation to overstate any accomplishments. The last thing you want is for your card to turn into a prototypical brag letter. Honesty and openness are your keys to success.

Make The Content Genuine And Heartfelt

2020 has been a particularly challenging year for many people. Now more than ever, you should make sure to put genuine feelings into your holiday messaging. After such a challenging twelve months, nobody will find your attitude “sappy” or “over the top.” When times are tough, it’s on us to support each other. Your holiday card is an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Personalize The Greetings

Nobody likes receiving impersonal messages that could have been for anybody. Make sure you include at least a handwritten, personalized greeting for every recipient. People don’t expect an entire letter written especially for them. After all, form letters have become almost universal when it comes to holiday cards. What they do expect, however, is a brief acknowledgement that you’re aware of their personal circumstances and are interested in checking in.

Use Nice Paper

Flimsy, thin paper will make your holiday cards look cheesy. You don’t need to splurge on the most expensive option out there, but it’s worth investing in something a bit thicker and glossier than your average printer paper. Your recipients will notice and appreciate the effort.

Make Sure You Use A Quality Printer

If you print your cards on a poor printer or on a machine that’s low on ink, you’ll seriously detract from the cards’ aesthetic appeal. If you’re going to use your own printer, make sure there’s plenty of colored ink in the machine. When in doubt, have your cards printed elsewhere. For a small price, you can make sure your cards are as nice as they should be.

Make Sure You Have Accurate Addresses

Before completing your envelopes, double check that you have up-to-date addresses for all your recipients. At least a few people are likely to have moved in the last year. There’s nothing wrong with sending someone a quick text or email to make sure you have the right address. The last thing you want is to send your card to some stranger who happens to live in your cousin’s former apartment.

Send Out Your Cards In Time For The Holidays

Get started on the card-making process as soon as possible so that they arrive before the holidays. Nothing comes across as lame as a holiday card found in the mailbox two weeks into the new year. Don’t forget that the post office will be overwhelmed with holiday traffic, so the sooner you can get your cards in the mail, the better.

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