How to rock a crop top

It’s not a unique challenge. So many of us have stared at them on a mannequin or on the girl at the park and been envious, wishing we could wear them that well. Crop tops are oh-so-cute, but you’re wondering if you can pull it off.  

Here’s the good news:

Anyone can wear crop tops. There are ways for anybody with any body type to wear a crop top and wear it well. If you find the right top, it gives you confidence and an opportunity to show some skin without feeling too exposed. 

They’re flirty but not too forward and will always provide very youthful energy to anyone wearing them, no matter the age. They’re ideal for a wide array of occasions, from festivals to the club, hiking, or at a football game; the style options are endless to mix and match as you please. 

Locate your natural waistline

A crop top typically should fall roughly at your natural waistline, but some people feel more comfortable with a bit longer tops that fall around their midriff. If you are concerned with how it may look, you can always pair it with a pair of high-waisted shorts, pants, or a skirt to give you more of an hourglass, leg-lengthening effect. Particularly when paired with a high waisted pleated skirt and heels. 

The Fit

Your natural waistline is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. Most shorter crop tops will stop right at your natural waist if they fit correctly. Depending on your level of comfort showing skin, that may determine which crop top you choose. As a general rule, though, it’s a good idea to try on as many as possible to get a feel for what you like best or what you feel most confident wearing. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes it helps to feel more comfortable when you spend some time wearing them at home. However, the classic cut, like this one, is a solid choice to start with. Plain white crop tops are a great essential item for your wardrobe and can be used to showcase a favorite statement item like a patterned jacket or brightly colored pants.

Determine the occasion 

For a festival, for example, you should take into consideration how warm it will be. If you tend to sweat, you might find that a more loose-fitting top is more comfortable and won’t show sweat like a cling fitting top might—something like this. If you want a cling-fitting top anyway, it’s a good call to wear a dark one. Burgundy, navy, or black are always a solid choice, but any dark color won’t be as likely to show sweat. However, if you’re going to be in a breezy/chilly environment like a movie theatre, beach, or restaurant, it might be a good idea to pair it with a cute cardigan or pick one with long sleeves. They make sweater ones too. I’ve found that the loose-knit batwing sweaters are extraordinarily versatile, and you can wear them pretty much all year long. 

Layering is your friend

If you choose a classic style top with a tight fit, it makes it infinitely easier to layer a cardigan and a scarf, or a jean or moto jacket. You can also layer a camisole or thermal undershirt underneath a sweater crop top during the winter, and it keeps the same cute hourglass silhouette while keeping you very warm when paired with a skirt and fleece-lined leggings, and ankle booties. 

The most important part is not only doing what you feel comfortable with but to challenge yourself. Sometimes when we go outside of our natural comfort zones, we learn to love ourselves as we are more, and our confidence in ourselves improves.

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