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How to Reset an Android Tablet using a PC?

How to reset an Android tablet using a PC if the memory of the Android tablet gets full or a tablet hangs. This is a big concern among the users as it nearly freezes the tablet forever and drains the battery life. But by using the reset method the tablet would go back to its original system. The performance of the Android tablet after using this option will be like a newly branded Android tablet. The process of hard reset can be performed on a tablet device as well through any third-party software.

You could even lose all of your data by hard resetting the Android tablet so the users must backup the data first before starting this process. In this article, my smart will show you some of the amazing tricks to solve this problem in a few steps. Now without any further delay let’s start the discussion.

Mastering Soft Reset an Android Tablet

So, you find yourself in a tight spot with your Android tablet – locked out and no password in sight? No worries! Learn how to factory reset an Android tablet, even when locked. From hard resets to navigating recovery mode, we’ve got your troubleshooting covered. Say goodbye to password headaches!

Ever found yourself wondering, “How to soft reset an Android tablet?” Resetting an Android tablet, especially an ONN tablet, is a common need. Whether it’s freezing or you forgot your password, learn how to reset, restore, and clear the cache on your tablet. Don’t panic when your Android tablet acts up; just follow these simple steps to erase data and get it back on track.

To enhance your gaming experience, consider connecting a Gameboy Advance to your Android tablet. This simple process involves resetting your Android tablet settings, creating a seamless connection for an enjoyable gaming session. Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Unlocking Your Android Tablet: Easy Steps to Factory Reset and Recovery

If you find yourself locked out of your Android tablet without a password, don’t fret. Resetting it to factory settings is a breeze. Use the power button for a hard reset or explore Android tablet recovery options. Stuck on the logo? Learn how to perform a system restore or update firmware. Get your tablet back to its factory settings with ease.

When setting up a new Android device, it’s essential to ensure a smooth experience. Start by using Kingroot APK to root your device, granting you more control. MovieBox APK then adds entertainment, letting you personalize your tablet. Should issues arise, don’t hesitate to reset your Android tablet for a fresh start. These tools share the common feature of enhancing your device’s capabilities, making the relationship between them valuable for optimizing your Android experience.

Via Android Device Manager

The hard reset on an Android tablet can be performed via an online platform such as Android Device Manager. You could even download the app Android Device Manager to apply a hard reset on an Android tablet.

Step 1

In the first step, you must go to the Android Device Manager website and fill in the Google account credentials to sign in.

Step 2

Now select the device that needs to be reset

Step 3

After this, a notification will appear on your Android tablet. The user can even check out the location of the tablet on ADM. But to view this the location service of a tablet must be turned on.

Step 4

Now just tap on Erase

Step 5

Furthermore, tap on the Erase option to delete the settings and user data of the tablet permanently.


This technique is only applicable if the device manager and internet are enabled on a tablet.


The Android Debug Bridge termed ADB is also a PC program that can be used to hard reset an Android tablet. But before using this technique the users must enable the USB debugging plus it’s also time-consuming. This could become a more handy tool in case of a screen lock.

What is ADB?

The Android Debug Bridge also termed ADB is a client-server program used in Android application development.

Android SDK is generally based upon three components such as client, daemon, and server. The main purpose of this program is to manage either an emulator instance or an actual Android device.

In this section, we’ll discuss the steps to hard reset an Android tablet using this software on a PC.

Step 1

Enable the USB debugging in your tablet by navigating to Settings > Applications > Development.

Step 2

Install the Android SDK tools on the computer using the Windows SDK manager.

Step 3

You must make sure that drivers get installed properly. In case the drivers don’t install use the generic Android drivers as an alternative.

Step 4

Now connect the Android tablet with the computer via USB cable. Check the Windows Device Manager to know whether it recognizes the tablet device or not.

Step 5

Open the Windows command prompt. Now go to the ADB folder by typing C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools 

Step 6

Go to the Android System Recovery screen by typing “ABD reboot recovery”.

Step 7

Now remove the tablet device from the PC and tap on the Wipe Data Factory Reset from the menu of Android Recovery.


This method is only applicable to Android tablets that are enabled with USB debugging.

Via Samsung Find my Mobile

This app is only accessible by Samsung tablet users and can work as an online service or an online application. Moreover, this also has an option of hard reset for Samsung tablet devices only.

Step 1

First of all visit the Samsung Find My Mobile webpage through your PC and sign in with the Samsung account ID.

Step 2

Now choose the Android tablet that needs to be hard reset then click on the “Erase data”.

Step 3

Select the Factory data to reset option then click “Erase”.

Step 4

To make the confirmation fill in the Samsung account password.

Step 5

In the end, just click on the “OK


The Samsung tablet device could be hard reset automatically if it’s online. In case the tablet is offline then it’ll be hard reset automatically once it’s online again. To use this platform of Samsung the user needs to sign in first.

Via iMyFone LockWiper

The process of hard resetting an Android tablet is very easy and simple using this app. 

Step 1

First, the user needs to install the program on the PC and then launch the program. Now click on the Remove Screen Lock for all Android devices and begin by clicking “Start”.

Step 2

Connect the Android tablet to the PC via a USB cable. After that, the iMyFone LockWiper will automatically show the physical information of your device. This includes model, Android system version, brand, and model. 

Now click on the “Start Unlock” after verifying the tablet device information to start the reset process. If you can’t find it then use the drop-down menu to adjust the information to make a match.

Step 3

After that, the software will start a hard reset and download an unlocking data package to remove the lock of the screen.

Step 4

In the end, just follow the on-screen instructions and your tablet will be restored to its factory settings when the lock is removed successfully.


After exploring the overall topic it’s clear that the user could perform the process of factory reset using a PC. This may include the use of different software, apps, or any other online platform but the easiest and simplest way is by using the iMyFone LockWiper.

Before attempting any of these methods it’s recommended that the users back up their data to prevent any data loss. On the other hand, the methods discussed in this topic have some requirements. So before attempting any of these methods the user also needs to check out the requirements for each method mentioned in this topic 

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