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How to Recover Data from Hard Disk which is Undetectable?



Hard Disk Drives have changed the face of digital data storage in the present era. Users like to store their data in hard disk drives as the data is believed to be safe and easily accessible. You would be surprised to discover the benefits that come along with these drives. Mentioned below are some of the luring ones:

● Data stored in a hard disk drive is safe from being mishandled (overwriting, accidental deleting, etc).

● External hard disk drives make it easy to carry data from one place to another.

● An external hard disk drive makes it handy to keep the data separate and organized.

● Transferring the data from the external hard disk drive to different systems becomes effortless.

Owing to the said benefits and more, the usage of hard disk drives is increasing day-by-day. 

What are the most common hard drive problems?

 Technological advancement comes with their own problems. With hard disk drives, the problem lies with their shelf life and usage which can affect the data present on it. Here are some problems you may face with your hard disk:

● Corrupted Files: Owing to the incorrect system shut down, virus attacks, power surges, and more, the files present on the hard disk drives can easily get corrupted. This may either delete the data present on the hard disk drive or makes it inaccessible.

● Manufacturing Defects: Manufacturing defects often occur when the hard disk drive is sold without being tested. Due to any defect, it could not be detected by the system.

● Overheating: If the storage media overheats for any reason, the elements inside the media start to expand and end up touching each other. This can damage the hard disk drive, putting the data stored in it in danger.

● Human Error: Human errors such as overwriting, formatting, installing the incorrect file OS, or physical damage to the hard disk drive can result in data loss.

How to recover data from a hard disk which is not detecting?

What if the hard disk drive was being used normally before it went undetected by the system and there was data on it?

Many times the problem occurs due to the faulty USB cable or driver on the system. So, the first thing you need to do is replace the USB cable that connects the hard disk drive with the computer. If this fails, try updating the drivers on the system. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Open Settings in the system.
  • Once the Settings window opens, click on the Update and Security.
  • Look for Windows Update and click on it to go to the next step.
  • Click on the Check for updates button to see if the driver is outdated.

If required, update or install the driver. The system will start the process on its own without any further instructions.

Wait for the process to finish. Once done, check if the hard disk is detecting.

If nothing works, call or visit a professional Data Recovery Service provider such as Stellar to recover data from hard disk which is not detecting.

How would Stellar help me recover data from the hard disk?

Established in 1993, Stellar has been able to maintain a fair and remarkable track record of data recovery from different kinds of storage media. Stellar guarantees 100% data recovery to its clients in any scenario and keeps the said promise with all its might.

The transparency and privacy offered by the company to its clients is another aspect that makes it stand apart from other data recovery service providers present in the country. The entire data recovery process is transparent and executed by the experienced technicians in the hygienic environment of Class 100 Clean Room labs. There is a free pick and drop facility offered by the company to help the clients with the submission of the storage media and delivery of the recovered data.

With all the required facilities, Stellar can recover the data present on the non-detectable hard disk drive. Be it physical or logical damage, Stellar is perfectly capable of recovering data present on the hard disk drive. Also, Stellar can recover data from all kinds of brands and models of the hard disk drives available in the market.


Stellar data recovery India offers the best data recovery solutions that take the utmost care of every aspect of the process of recovery. This practice adopted by Stellar helps in winning the trust of numerous customers. It should be worth mentioning that once you taste the excellence of data recovery services offered by Stellar, there is no other company that can win your heart over.

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DevOps: Major Trends to Watch in 2020



DevOps service

In 2019, we saw a lot of new technologies reach maturity and even complete market penetration. Therefore, it becomes vital to keep track of what’s looming in the horizon. In this piece, we take a look at how DevOps services are set to progress for the year 2020:

  1. Automation and AI on the Rise

According to Gartner, about 20% of IT firms have a dedicated automation architect. By 2025, this number is set to reach 90%. The verdict is clear – we live in a fast-paced economy with a heavily competitive outlook. Those who don’t just want to live long but also prosper, must take automation seriously. Many companies are now putting baby-steps into this new field, and test automation and zero-touch automation are likely to be the most accessible goalposts. DevOps automation tools like Puppet and Docker have risen in popularity over the years.

  1. Agile and DevOps Progressing Together

The counter-narrative to bringing core automation changes to code has always been that it struggles to fit in with the streamlined nature of Agile. However, there’s always room for continuous improvement, and Infrastructure as Code is the natural next step to really perfect newer AI implementations.

  1. Cloud is at an All-Time High

In 2020, those who were able to float above the sinking economy were the ones who were ready for remote DevOps services. Moving towards serverless architecture and centralization go hand-in-hand and many companies have been widely successful at achieving the same this year. Although popularity is higher among small and medium-scale firms, it wouldn’t be a stretch to predict that larger organizations are also going to benefit from this transformation.

  1. Scalability is Everything

Cloud has laid a red-carpet for DevOps to deploy at scale. Low-code and no-code deployments are all set to make a bang for their buck, as more and more micro and small entrepreneurial projects enter the IT arena. A challenging shift that many veteran organizations are cluelessly at the brink of, Gartner predicts that 90% of organizations will fail to scale DevOps if they don’t start some sort of shared self-service initiative.

  1. End-to-End Lifecycle Management with Chaos Engineering as the Kicker

Microservices and containerization proved to be a raving success and many Product Managers today are ever-so-thankful for the opportunity that this trend gave during the pandemic. There is a big benefit in building custom CI/CD pipelines that are able to control flows using various toolings to implement version control, testing, monitoring, and code review processes. In terms of testing alone, chaos engineers are all set to make leaps and bounds of progress to ensure system resilience. So much so, that these mavericks are now called failure-as-a-service experts – a cherry on top of the icing for the customer. Netflix’s Chaos Monkey program is one such success story.

  1. Move Fast, but Don’t Break Things

It seems that the “move fast and break things” era came too fast and broke too soon. Unpopular as it was, it made way to solidifying what DevOps metrics are the KPIs. Today DevOps is all about measuring 3 things – velocity, quality, and performance. Tracking at least one key indicator in each of these principal parameters (for example, deployment frequency, customer tickets, and Mean Time to Recovery) will ensure that you are on the right track to get your ROI ticker going up.

  1. DevSecOps FTW!

It can’t be stressed enough how callous the IT world has been with security, that is until now! With data security and privacy regulations finally making entryway into the hallowed government halls across the world, DevSecOps is all set to get its due diligence and rightfully so. Stricter policies and control measures will force organizations to now invest in improving security infrastructure with AI. Everyday workflow processes will of course be integrating CI/CD for security pipelines as well.


2020 is all about modernizing DevOps by integrating diverse sets of tools, frameworks and programming languages for developers. Cloud is able to provide an open playground for DevOps enthusiasts to go beyond tradition and exciting things will naturally follow. There is no better testament to the need for higher flexibility for developers, than the continuous innovation that modern applications are seeing.

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Why Hire an SEO Agency



Once your Company has welcomed the Demand for SEO, you must choose whether you would like to employ somebody in-house or utilize a search engine optimization agency. There’s a Great Deal of significance and advantages of employing an in-house SEO or using a search engine optimization team. But some organizations don’t have the support financially or structurally to perform this job in house. In such examples, employing an agency may be a cost-effect alternative for an organization’s SEO needs. Meanwhile, organizations which may already possess an in-house search engine optimization team confront different challenges which could be solved by selecting a search engine optimization agency. They could be handling a large or elaborate site, be reduced on bandwidth, or the staff might be missing a crucial item of experience. While it may look like hiring an in-house SEO is your perfect solution, locating someone with the expertise degree needed can be challenging. In Addition, choosing an agency also can bring in a new perspective and new thoughts.

How to Identify an Inadequate SEO Agency

The process of locating and hiring a Search Engine Optimization agency may be, there are lots of reputable search engine optimization agencies on the market. However there are more awful ones, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell the real bargain out of an entire fraud. As hiring a poor in house SEO can be quite pricey, so can working with a poor search engine optimization agency. Following are a Few of the warning signs and matters to keep an eye out to help you determine an insufficient search engine optimization agency:

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a spammy Search Engine Optimization technique that aims a keywords an inordinate number of times so as to acquire an unfair position advantage in the search results. Thebusiness employed the key words”SEO agency” on its homepage a total of 60 times! If the agency has a page filled to the brim with key words, then they are a threat to themselves and others and must be avoided. If you desire this caliber of work on your site and possibly run the riskof becoming hit by search engine algorithm upgrades? The key word stuffing technique can operate for a month or two, but it is a faulty strategy that will land anybody with a long-term small business plan in trouble.SEO Milton Keynes is one of the best agency to hire for your SEO projects.

Charges Per Link

As tempting as $10 per associate might seem, these arepenalty-generating hyperlinks. Even if the agency fees predicated on the”connection caliber,” the grade of a connection can be tough to quantify, and the connection might not appear for months or weeks. Promoting links also suggests that they probably have ahyperlink system (that is quite poor), or they are naive. In any event, avoid anyagency that costs each connection.

Makes Promises

When an agency maintains #1 positions or anything that appears too good to be true, RUN AWAY! Should they make these claims, one of othersenjoy,”we guarantee 1,000 new traffic to your website a week,” or else they knowsomebody at Google and have insider knowledge about Google calculations, thendo not work together with them. As tempting as it might sound, it is going to hurt your natural search functionality in the long term. Even if it’s a”money-back guarantee,”your own website’s recovery from a punishment isn’t guaranteed.

Automated SEO

I am not 100% certain what agencies imply by providing”automated solutions,” so that I will not go too much. But anybody asserting any automatic method for SEO ought to make you suspicious. When there are lots of search engine optimization programs on the market, not one of them is able to conduct an search engine optimization evaluation or optimize a website in addition to a living breathing person may.

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Best Portable Power Generators for Emergencies



Portable generators are excellent at generating power during emergencies. You don’t have to put your work on hold, nor do you have to do chores by hand. The best portable generators for emergencies combine reliability and power in a single package. 

Sudden power outages suck. Especially now that we are all cooped up in our homes, they can wreck our delicate work schedule. We have to put chores on hold until the vacuum cleaners are online. Cooking Sunday roasts becomes impossible without a functioning oven. Hell, even electronic medical equipment ends up being useless.

While line workers toil hard to bring the power back on, it can still take a lot of time. That time loss can be severe. You can’t meet deadlines. Or fix your work schedule fast enough. That’s why having a portable generator for emergencies is essential. 

But you don’t want to buy any old generator. It’s an investment for the future. You’d like these generators to last for a long time. That’s why 10powerup brings you the best portable generators for emergencies. Their extensive research and professional recommendations can calm all your fears. 

So, read on to find out the best portable generators you can buy now. 

1. Westinghouse WGen550

Product Description: If you’re looking for raw power, 10powerup recommends this beast of a generator. It is pretty hefty – coming in at 170 pounds. But compared to others in this class, it is compact. Its engine packs a tremendous amount of power that can operate at load for a long time.

Product Features:

  • Has a 420cc 4-stroke OHV engine.
  • Rated at 5500 watts peaking at 6850
  • Comes with a transfer switch outlet.
  • Rubberized outer materials and puncture-proof tires for increased durability


  • Power is enough for all your necessities as well as most entertainment outlets.
  • Powerful engine that can run for 20 hours without any interruptions.
  • Relatively compact compared to others in its class.
  • Has intuitive control and monitoring systems.
  • A transfer switch outlet enables you to hook it up to your entire house.
  • Extremely durable.


  • Starting up this generator can be a hassle as it uses a recoil method.
  • There are no suitable earthing/ground mechanisms to prevent electrical shocks.
  • The generator is quite heavy and loud.
  • Difficult to move around.

The WGen550 is a great all-around performer for most emergencies. You really can’t go wrong with this one as it offers a good balance between the pros and cons.

2. Westinghouse WGen750

Product Description: Want even more power? The Westinghouse WGen750 has got you covered. This is the generator to get for heavy use. If you have lots of power-hungry appliances and electronics, this generator is perfect.

Product Features:

  • Has a 420CC 4-stroke OHV engine.
  • Rated for up to 9500 watts with a runtime of 16 hours
  • Overhead-valve design


  • Can power most appliances and power-hungry entertainment outlets.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and wastage for the power output.
  • Can operate in lower temperatures.
  • Can be turned on with a remote switch.
  • Still quite durable.


  • Even more difficult to move around.
  • Alternate cover may sustain lasting damage.
  • Runs loud and hot.

If you want the most power during an emergency, this is your best bet. With it, you can get all your chores and important work done. And still have enough power to enjoy a Netflix show.

3. WEN 56200i

Product Description: Are you tired of all that noise? Sick of hauling massive generators to a better spot? Then the WEN 56200i is the perfect option for you. It is very portable and can power all your essential electronic gadgets.

Product Features:

  • Weighs only 48 pounds.
  • Peak rating of 2000 watts.
  • Has a 79cc 4-stroke OHC engine.
  • Parallel connection with devices


  • Highly portable – can be carried around with ease.
  • Can be used with sensitive electronic devices and appliances.
  • Generates less noise – only 51 decibels.
  • Smart eco mode conserves fuel and reduces wastage.
  • Can be hooked up to 5 devices.


  • Not powerful enough to power an entire house.
  • Durability can be an issue.
  • Limited options for scalability.

The WEN 56200i is a handy machine to bust out during an emergency. It can work while camping and can be hooked up to all your electronic devices without fear of damage.  

4. Champion 3400-Watt

Product Description: If flexibility is what you’re looking for, then the Champion 3400-watt is a cut above the rest. It’s perfect for any emergencies. It is hassle-free, makes use of two fuel types, and can be scaled up for more power generation.

Product Features:

  • Dual-fuel generator.
  • Has a 4-stroke air-cooled 192cc engine.
  • Can run up to 8 hours on gasoline and 15 hours on propane.
  • 3000 watts output.


  • Can be powered by both gasoline and propane.
  • Easy to start up.
  • Clean energy suitable for sensitive electronics.
  • Can be connected with another champion generator for extra power.
  • Cold start button allows operation in freezing weather.
  • Low operational volume at 55 decibels.


  • Engine can run significantly hotter compared to alternatives.
  • Not as portable as other options.
  • Power output may be lacking for some.

If increased functionality is what you prefer, then the Champion 3400-watt is the perfect option. With it, you can have multiple ways out of an emergency.

5. Duromax XP4850EH

Product Description: The Duromax XP4850EH is another excellent choice during outages, load-shedding, and blackouts. It offers the most power out of generators that are considered to be more portable. It can work with both gasoline and propane.

Product Features:

  • Has a mighty four-stroke engine.
  • Can produce up to 4850 watts of power.
  • Air-cooled engine for increased airflow.
  • Utilizes a dual-fuel system.
  • Weighs 130 lbs.
  • It has wheels for increased mobility.


  • Impressive power output suitable for any home.
  • Can be moved around through its wheels.
  • No need for complex assembly.
  • Dual-Fuel system opens up more options.
  • Provides clean energy.


  • Might still be bulky for some users.
  • Noise levels are very high.
  • Continuous output may not be as long as other generators.

All things considered; this generator is the Mr. Dependable of emergency portable power generators. 


Thanks to this curated list from 10powerup, you can pick and choose the best portable power generators for any emergency. Be sure to check out in-depth reviews and weigh the pros and cons before deciding on a purchase. Let power outages harm you no more.

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Best Threading Machine Maintenance Tips



In the construction business, the Threading machines are fundamental to shape the pipe or some fittings. The machines are heavy duty and expensive. Most industry owners insure the devices after buying, but still, once it stops working, the insurance claim and other inspection issues take a lot of time. They may cause the cessation of work for more extended periods. That does not only mean the loss of the work hours, but the labor charge, factory rent, and the bills add up to make it a nightmare. But simple management tips and regular care may save you a lot of money and Distribuidor Greenlee. So, please scroll below to know some handy threading machine maintenance tips to keep your machine running better and longer.

Threading Machine Maintenance Tips

Before even the maintenance starts, make sure you buy the parts from a trustworthy brand like Greenlee.


Human runs on blood, and the machines run on clubs. Apply lots of lubricant in the feed screw, cutter roller. Cutter wheel, support bars( carriage), loops for smooth function. If any part doesn’t open up smoothly, find the stiff leg, and apply lubricants thoroughly. Most of the notorious parts to get stiff are the open lever, slide ink, cam plates, and other friction parts.

Replacement Of The Carbon Brush

The carbon brush is one of the essential parts of the threading machines. There are two carbon brushes, and when they wear out, the machine stops automatically. So, while changing, replace both the meetings simultaneously. It’ll ensure the smooth pipe cutting and engine function of the device. At first, remove all the oil from the tank, keep the machine upside down to eliminate all of it. Then pull both screws and the bottom cover. After exposing the base, loosen three bolts near the trochoid pump. Then remove the motor housing by sliding it from the main body. With a flat head, the screwdriver removes the old carbon brush cap and install the new ones. Check the brushes, and once you finish installing, then reverse the whole process to keep everything back. Switching off the machine before any repair or installation is a must. Never touch a live circuit to repair even with safety dresses on.

Changing Oil

It was changing the oil once a month keeps the machine smooth. At first, it may look like an extra expense. But the different productions and finer details you get from an oiled machine are worth the money. Before changing oil:

Wash the tanker thoroughly.

If there is any metal chips or edge of the cut tin, remove it carefully using a metal spatula.

Never use bare hands to clean and upgrade a machine.

Because the edges are very sharp and contaminated, it can cause serious infections. Remove the chip tray to expose the oil tanker. Once you wash and refill with new oil, reverse the process. Lock the chamber by bolting it down. Oil dripping can cause blunders in the Ridgid Mexico. Clean the carriage properly; if it’s not possible, then clean the support bar. Then wipe the machine surface with a clean, soft, and damp cloth. Be careful not to use any flammable chemical agent like gasoline, benzene, kerosene, etc., to clean the machine.

Remove the Dies by adjusting die heads. Remove the adjusting block from the fixing pin and turn the cam plate in a counter-clock manner. Feel the click, and it will allow you to displace all the dies and replace it in the same way backward.


Threading machines operating systems can be different depending on their generation and work type. All the maintenance tips mentioned above work more or less for every preliminary design but mostly pipe cutting threading.

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Convert Your PDF Files Into Different Formats Using PDFBear



PDF to PNG converter online

Converting files to PDF is one of the easiest conversions that you can do. However, reversing the conversion is not as easy. What if you need a PDF file in Excel? What if you need a specific image from your PDF? While creating a new file out of scratch may be a sound solution, let us offer you a better one. PDFBear is an all-around PDF tool that can help you convert files to PDF and vice versa. That is right! This tool has you covered when it comes to any file conversion from PDF. Here are the different tools that you can use.


Sometimes, other people prefer to have a copy of a file in an image format. This is especially true for those who like to access files using their mobile phones. While PDF readers are not built-in to all phone models, any mobile user can access photos through their gallery application. If you want a PDF to PNG converter online tool, then PDFBear is the one for you. All you need is to follow these instructions to convert your files successfully.

Step 1

Look for the PDF to PNG tool in the PDFBear server.

Step 2

Upload the file that you want to convert into an image. The online tool will give you an option, whether you want to convert the whole PDF pages into images, or only the scanned images from the file.

Step 3

Once you are done choosing the option that you prefer, all that is left for you to do is wait for PDFBear to finish its job. This process should only take less than a minute.

Step 4

Download the ZIP file to your device. You can also upload it to your Cloud accounts.

PDF to Excel

This is an underrated tool, yet it is going to be one of your instant favorites. Yes, this online tool can scan the tables from your PDF file and will accurately place your data in the correct column. Thanks to Solid Documents, which is the official partner of PDFBear, you won’t have to spend too much time retyping your files into a new spreadsheet. Here is the step by step procedure.

Step 1

Look for the PDF to Excel tool. Wait for the server to load.

Step 2

Upload the file that you want to turn into an Excel file. The upload time will depend on the speed of your internet and how heavy your file is.

Step 3

The waiting game begins. PDFBear is partnered with one of the best productivity software in the world. That is why the accuracy of your data when transferred into the Excel sheet is ensured.

Step 4

Download your new file. PDFBear makes sure that the quality of your original file will not change at all.

PDF to Word

Out of over 20 tools featured in PDFBear, this one is a crowd favorite. If you have ever encountered a situation where you need to edit a PDF file for some minor changes, then you don’t have to worry about how to do this. As mentioned, PDFBear can accurately scan all the words from your PDF file into your Word file. As a bonus, PDFBearalso has Optical Character Recognition or OCR. So even if your file is in another language, this online tool should be able to process it without any problems. Here are the steps that you should follow.

Step 1

Choose the PDF to Word converter tool. It should be located in the top area of the screen.

Step 2

Choose the file that you want to convert into Word. While it is true that PDF files are meant to be uneditable, software developers created PDFBear to make administrative tasks easier.

Step 3

Once the file is uploaded, wait for the converter tool to process the new file. You won’t have to click on anything else.

Step 4

Download your new Word file. Make sure to review all the data. Worst case scenario, you will only have to do minor edits with your new file.


Need to make a Powerpoint presentation in seconds? We think you already know the answer to this dilemma. That is right! PDFBear can also turn your files into a slideshow presentation. No need to spend hours transferring the same data into different slides. It is one of PDFBear’s unique tools that you can use for free. Follow these simple steps for the conversion.

Step 1

Look for the PDF to PPT converter, then upload the file that you want to turn into a slideshow presentation.

Step 2

Wait for your file to upload. This process should be done in under a minute.

Step 3

PDFBear will automatically start the conversion process once the file is on the server.

Step 4

Download your new file. See how simple it is? You can still further edit the Powerpoint presentation, in case you want to add some animations and pictures.

PDF files can be edited thanks to this amazing tool!

Gone are the days where everyone was having a hard time editing a PDF file. Though this was a far-fetched idea before, software developers have found a way to make PDF tasks easier for us. Aside from converting PDF files into different file formats, you can also check out other PDFBear tools when you visit the website. Everything on the server is free to use. So what are you waiting for? Start converting your files today with PDFBear!

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