How to Recover Corrupt or Damaged Photoshop PSD Files

When it comes to creating creative design images, there is hardly any software that can hold a candle to Adobe Photoshop. However, the design files, which are stored in PSD format remain vulnerable to incidents of data corruption. In this article, we look at effectively recovering your precious Photoshop design files with the help of the DataNumen PSD Repair application.

The Adobe Photoshop application is by far the most popular graphics editor software on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of designers across the world rely on this venerable tool to create their designs. From creating spectacular vector graphics to improving exquisite effects in images, Photoshop can do this and much more. The designs you create in Photoshop are typically saved in the PSD format. If you need to make any changes in an existing design, it is critical to have access to the PSD file. However, as with every kind of data files, PSD files also remain vulnerable to incidents of data corruption. 

Key Causes Behind Corruption of Photoshop PSD Files

Over years, there have been frequent complaints from a section of Photoshop users that PSD files tend to get corrupted in some cases when the application program crashes or hangs up. Given the fact that Photoshop is a resource-heavy application, it has a propensity to hang up in low-end machines and older operating systems. Also if you are working on a large media file, chances of data corruption due to improper closure of application or sudden power outage exists. At times incidents of Photoshop corruption are also noticed when designers source PSD images from untrusted sources. Also, the media carrying the PSD files can be faulty or contain bad sectors. Such incidents are more common if you are accessing PSD files stored in a removable media drive. At times Photoshop images become victims of a virus attack that targeted your system. There is also the possibility of malware coming through compromised plugin or extensions and end up compromising PSD data files. 

Rely on the Class Leading DataNumen PSD Repair Application to Recover Corrupted Photoshop Files

Irrespective of how your PSD files got corrupted, your best bet for recovering those files lies in running the powerful DataNumen PSD Repair application. The application can extract all content elements present in PSD files with effortless ease. This includes restoring color palates, all image layers. It has the capacity to recover compressed images and PSD images with a depth ranging up to 32 bits/channel. The application supports nearly every iteration of Adobe Photoshop in use today and can also recover PDD format files. 

A Must-Have Tool for Graphic Designers

If you make your living creating designs or work in a design firm, it would be prudent for you to consider buying the DataNumen PSD Repair utility to deal with emergency situations. A serious system crash or a debilitating virus attack has the potential to compromise all your design data. Imagine losing years of valuable design work, the cost of which can be incalculable. However, with this powerful utility in place, you can always look forward to recovering corrupted PSD files without burning a fortune. The tool also offers a highly functional batch recovery mode which allows you to recover a whole bunch of compromised PSD design files in one go. Design firms can also consider buying volume licenses to secure Photoshop data across multiple design systems. 

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