How to Recover AutoCAD DWG File from Temporary Files

The venerable AutoCAD design application tends to create backup files while it’s in use, typically saving it in the Windows temporary folders. In case of an AutoCAD crash or incident of data corruption, you can take the help of DataNumen DWG Repair application to extract contents from these temporary files.

In the world of design and drafting software, there are very few applications that can hold a candle to the sophisticated AutoCAD application. Since the mid-eighties, this brilliant software has been the first choice for countless designers, architects, engineers, and design houses who trusted its rich feature set to create innovative designs. In fact, it’s the first software that many engineering students get to work with, in their learning journey. Over the years the application has added to its repertoire by adding class-leading features like integrating connectivity to cloud storage, new block palettes, viewport resizing, drawing history, introducing shared design views, and an array of performance enhancements from time to time. Now you can in fact access AutoCAD through a mobile app too. 

AutoCAD Keeps Saving the Work Data of an Open Project in Temporary Files 

If you are a regular user of the AutoCAD application, you might have noticed that the application creates backup files during its normal course of operation. For example, when you are working on a design piece, the application is going to create backup files, typically in the .sv$ extension to save the ongoing work. In case you improperly shut down the application or if it crashes, you have a chance of recovering this data from the temporary files. The application has a Recover option for handling such specific cases, however, the efficacy of the inbuilt tool remains in question. In many cases, you may not be able to recover the temporary files through the inbuilt tool. 

Recover AutoCAD Temporary Files with Sophisticated DataNumen DWG Repair Tool

In case you experience an AutoCAD crash or an improper shutdown and are unable to recover the autosave data in the normal course then the best way forward involves running a specialized recovery tool like DataNumen DWG Repair.  To start with you can just rename the autosave file extension into .dwg and then launch the DataNumen DWG Repair application. Under the Recover tab, just select the DWG file you wish to recover and click on the Start Recovery button. The application will recover the contents from the erstwhile temporary file and automatically output the recovered file. Once the recovery process is complete, just open the recovered file normally in AutoCAD to access the contents of the design file you were working on. 

Design Professionals and Engineers Should Always Keep a DWG Recovery Tool Handy

If you are a design professional working on the AutoCAD application, it makes sense for you to invest in a recovery application like DataNumen DWG Recovery. Since designers are likely to use AutoCAD for creating a whole array of designs that can range from blueprints to schematic designs, any chance of data loss is likely to cause a severe headache. Data corruption in DWG files and inaccessible autosave files can also create severe hassles for engineers who tend to even perform design calculations and scheduling with the AutoCAD application. Imagine a scenario where you have performed complex mathematic calculations and worked on area and mass properties and suddenly find all your data getting corrupted due to a system crash. In such a scenario, the DataNumen DWG Recovery can come to your rescue by extracting the contents from the compromised DWG files. 

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