How to put an image in a layer mask?

If you are new to photo editing and want to learn how to put an image in a layer mask, this guide is for you. Any image or graphic can be used to copy a layer mask with only a few simple steps.

This article will take you through the complete step of putting an image in a layer mask. We will guide you to a great outcome with your picture.

What Is a Layer Mask and Its Purpose?

A layer mask is used for hiding a portion of a layer through the reverse technique. It provides more editing features than permanently wiping or deleting a layer section. Layer masking can create image composites, chop out elements for reuse in other projects, and limit alterations to a portion of a layer.

A layer mask can be colored black, white, or grey. Drawing on the layer mask is one technique to accomplish this. 

A layer mask with black on it hides the Mask’s containing layer, allowing you to view what’s beneath it. On the other hand, the gray color on a layer mask hides the mask layer partially. The layer that holds the Mask is shown by white on a layer mask.

When you “mask” an image in photo editing, you’re limiting the visibility of a particular layer or adjustment. It also provides flexibility to a specific area of your picture while keeping the rest unaffected. You could use a mask, for example, to highlight your object while keeping the background. 

Simply said, masking adjustments allow you to fine-tune where and how image editing alterations occur.

5 Simple Steps to Putting an Image in a Layer Mask

Putting an image in a layer mask is a fairly simple process. Follow these 5 steps to complete the process using Photoshop editor easily.

Step 1

The first step in the process is creating a layer adjustment. Once you create the adjusted layer, you will need to select the layer mask you want to do in your image. If you click on the mask option in the photo editor tool, you can easily select the preferred layer mask.

Step 2

Once you have selected the layer mask, it is time to select the image. You will find an image tab in the editor tool. Under that tab, find the “Apply Image” option and select it. Ensure that the layer mask option is selected while clicking on the “Apply Image” option.

Step 3

It is now time to choose your layer mask for the image. You will find several layers to apply to the Mask. Select your preferred one and move to the next step.

Step 4

In this step, you will need to choose a proper blending mode. The blending mode allows your layer to react properly to the image layer underneath the one you applied.

Step 5

Now you need to make the necessary adjustments to the layer mask you applied to the image. You can use a white or black brush or Cmd/CTRL to apply a Curves Adjustment to the Mask directly. 

The outcome of pressing Cmd/CTRL to show or conceal the Gradient Map Adjustment effect. Keep in mind that black hides and white discloses.


So, now you know how to put an image in a layer mask using the Photoshop tool. The 5 simple steps are easy to execute. All you need now is the tool itself, and get started with the picture you want to edit and apply the layer mask on.

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