How To Properly Plan For Family Vacations Including Children

Traveling the world is not just for people without kids. After starting a family, continue with your plans and travel with your children. Family vacations can be free of stress and anxiety when you plan properly. Stay organized, and make a checklist for supplies. This trip is going to be a huge success.

Pre-Planning Stage

Pre-planning begins when everyone starts talking about where they would like to go on vacation. Make sure you include the kids in this discussion. What type of trip are you going to take? Perhaps you are planning a weekend trip nearby, or maybe you are putting together an overseas holiday vacation. When the kids are involved in the discussions, they are likely to be more engaged during vacation, too.


Be sure the lodging accommodations booked are centrally located. It makes all the difference in the world when you are close by the attractions you and your family want to visit. Not only do you save money this way, but you get to do more, too. Plus, the kids are less likely to get cranky about having to travel far away just to do something fun. Kids need to stay occupied as much as possible. Therefore, think in terms of what hotels have to offer for children, like game rooms. Take a look at Edinburgh accommodation and hotels.

The Kids

Kids get hungry, they are always bored, and they tire easily. Wearing them out will help you later, but it is certainly not going to do you any good while out and about. Keep the meals coming so the kids stay happy and in a good mood. Make sure they are occupied with activities while on the road, too. Additionally, make plenty of room on the itinerary for rest. You do not want tired and cranky kids in tow the next morning.

Kids are going to be excited about taking a family vacation. You want to be sure, however, that your kids get plenty of rest ahead of traveling to your destination. Younger kids might even need naps while on vacation. As for boredom, the best thing you can do is to pack games and other items that you know will keep them occupied. You can also load movies and shows on their tablets. 

When it comes to meals, you also need to plan ahead for snacks. Kids love their snacks, and the snacks will keep them from being hungry in between meals.

Kids & Flights

Depending on the length of the flight, you might want to bring certain comfort items for your children. Blankets, pillows, and books are a few good ideas. You want your children to be comfortable flying, and they might even get some sleep in while on the plane.

As your flight nears its destination, take the kids to the bathroom. Also, feed them a snack so that they do not get off the plane hungry. When flying with kids, try to schedule direct flights because that will make the trip much easier for everyone.

Kids & Cruises

Cruises make traveling with kids much easier because you are free to forget about certain hassles. That does not mean you let your guard down, however, as cruises do come with their own set of challenges. Your best bet is to focus on a child-friendly cruise. There will be other kids for your children to play with, and that will mean you get extra downtime.

Weekend Road Trips

Weekend road trips are perhaps the best idea for family fun without any hassles. You do not have to worry about packing space, which means you can bring all kinds of essentials and extras that you might have to leave behind when taking other kinds of trips. Furthermore, when on a road trip, you decide when to take pit stops and enjoy breaks. You can even organize your trip to where you stop at certain parks, beaches, etc. along the way.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to packing equipment vs equipment rentals, always rent. This helps keep the packing as light as possible and makes room for essential items. Remember, this goes for strollers, car seats, etc., too.

Upon arrival at the hotel, make sure you childproof the room if you have young kids.

Have you considered cooking dinners while on vacation? Dinner is your most expensive meal, so perhaps it would be better to dine out for lunch or breakfast. You could cook dinners at the hotel if you book a room with a full kitchen. Plus it keeps the kids at the hotel resting during a time when they love to get tired and cranky.

Take it slow, reward your kids when they are on their best behavior, and include them in your travel plans. Have a great family vacation!

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