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How to Promote Your Business in Dubai (6 Tips)

In this time of struggle and sheer competition, promoting your business in Dubai to reach your target audience is not impossible but certainly not seamless. 

Even with a stronghold of 500 employees, your business may fail to mark an impression without adequate marketing. 

In traditional marketing, the ability to track every Dirham that you have spent for marketing is not accurate or possible. 

This is where Digital Marketing comes in. 

Be it through social media advertisement, Google Adwords campaign, or SEO with digital marketing, you can keep a track of every Dirham that you have spent.

But, how?

SEO, that’s it. 

SEO experts identify target market, audience, and customer. Then, tailored made advertisements and banners are placed on the sites where they frequently visit. 

Every user leaves a mark wherever they go over the internet. SEO experts collect those data and build a database for re-targeting and future marketing opportunities. 

According to the SEO experts in Dubai, to promote your business in an International market, cultural acclimatisation plays a major role. 

#1 Understand the Consumer Behaviour and Culture

Market analysis plays a major role in promoting your business in a new region. You need to learn the culture and customer’s behaviour to elucidate your business target. 

To promote your business in Dubai, you need to understand the culture of UAE. 

People of Dubai prioritize family goals over everything. Equality is minimal as they embrace hierarchy. They avoid risks, competition, and conflicts. They value religion and family heritage. 

Religious values have a significant impact on their decisions. Even their buying habits have segregation. For example, a male would make the final decision when it comes to luxury, but for any household related item, females have the final say. 

They are extremely conscious about product/service quality, and seek the best product for a minimum price. 

#2 Build a Visually Attractive Website

A visually attractive website is a salient feature to build your online presence. It intrigues visitors and encourages them to explore your website. An appealing website will have a conscious color scheme that resonates different feelings, a clean and creative design for seamless navigation, and optimal loading speed. 

A good website not only adds credibility to your business, but also leaves a positive impression on your visitors. 

#3 Promote Your Business on Social Media

On average, a person in Dubai spends 2.5 hours on social media. Facebook leads the race with 7.88 million active users, followed by YouTube, Instagram, and twitter. 

85% of users check a product’s feedback on social media platforms before making a purchase. So, social media is an excellent platform to reach the majority of the customers. 

Maintaining positive feedback for your product/services on Social media is a vigilant effort to earn the trust and bring in more customers. 

#4 Newsletters and Email Marketing

One of the simplest marketing strategies that has been helping millions of businesses to grow their customer base and maintain an amicable relationship. 

All you need to do is send newsletters through the mailing list which contains email addresses of regular and potential customers. You inform them about new offers, products, services, and any other relevant information. 

It’s an easy and effective way of promoting your business. 

#5 Promote Your Business on Google

A survey conducted by SEO experts in Dubai revealed that more than 75% users prefer Google over other search engines. So, Google is where the majority of your consumers are present. 

Through Search Engine Marketing, you can target consumers and improve your website’s visibility through paid search, organic search ranking, and contextual advertisement, such as Google ADWords and Google AdSense. 

#6 Search Engine Optimization

How did you find this page? You opened your browser, searched for “tips for promoting your business in Dubai” and clicked on the link that you found was at the top and most relevant to your search query. 

Have you wondered why our site link was displayed? Because of SEO. 

SEO, full form Search Engine Optimization is a technique for listing your website at the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), also called web directory. 

Which is why you need an SEO expert in Dubai who can study your website, analyze competitors, build data, and optimize your web page accordingly so that search engines can understand your page’s content seamlessly and promote your site for relevant search queries. 

Key Take-away

Creating a difference and delivering tailored results to the consumers is what an SEO expert can do for your business. They increase your brand’s visibility and drive more revenue to your business. 

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