How to Prepare PGT English for HTET 2020 Exam?

Conducted by the Board of Secondary Education Haryana [BSEH], the HTET 2020 is a highly coveted state teacher recruitment examination in the country. Candidates are selected for posts of Primary Teacher [PT], Trained Graduate Test [TGT] and post-Graduate Test [PGT across Haryana state schools. It is slated for November 21st and 22nd 2020. It is carried out in three stages, namely, Written Test [weightage 80%], Interview [12% weightage] and Experience [8% weightage].

In this article, we shall focus only on HTET PGT English section and provide you with the best HTET Preparation Tips on how to crack HTET 2020 exam.

How to Crack the HTET exam: Pattern

The HTET 2020 exam is an offline test with 150 MCQs. There are three divisions mainly, PT [Class 1-5], TGT [Class 6-8] and PGT [Class 9-12] and each has slightly different exam syllabus. Negative marking does not apply to incorrect answers. Total time allotted is 2 hours 30 minutes. The below-mentioned table makes it clearer.

HTET 2020 SectionsQuestionsMarks
Child Development and Pedagogy3030
Mathematics [Or Optional Subjects for TGT (Level 2)]*3030
Environmental Studies [Or Optional Subjects for PGT (Level 3)]*3030
Language [Hindi]1515
Language [English]1515
General Studies [Quantitative Aptitude]1010
General Studies [Reasoning Ability]1010
General Studies [Haryana GK]1010

* TGT [Level 2] and PGT [Level 3] candidates will have to appear for Science/Social Science/Other subjects in place of both EVS and Mathematics, i.e. of 60 marks in total.

How to Crack the HTET exam: English Question paper Tips

Here are a few HTET PGT English preparation tips that will surely be of help during your study.

  • Major Topics: Given below is a list of important topics that fall under the syllabus of HTET PGT English.
Reading ComprehensionEnglish Grammar and Verbal Ability
How Children use it as a toolFunction of Language
Teaching-learning materialsChallenges of Teaching Language
Pedagogy of Language DevelopmentRole of Listening and Speaking
Language Teaching principlesLanguage Skills
Critical Perspective on the Role of grammar in learning a language for communicating ideas verbally and in written formEvaluating Language Comprehension and Proficiency: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
Remedial Teaching 
  • Underlying Strategy: The 15 questions on the English Language section carries a total of 15 marks. Thus, as a good preparation tactic, you must aim for anywhere around 11-13 questions correct. As the section is typically quite complex and time-intensive with grammar and verbal ability along with the knowledge of language teaching materials and language teaching skills thoroughly tested. You must look at the questions from a language teacher’s perspective to get the best out of it.
  • Reading Comprehension: A passage is an ever-present question containing a few questions on its interpretation. It can be borrowed from disciplines of literature, arts and humanities, amongst others. Try to identify the main elements of the passage, namely, Passage’s Theme, Author’s Idea, arguments and counter-arguments and conclusion. The passage can be written in a rhetorical, descriptive, narrative or conversational tone and you must gauge its type as it has a bearing on the kind of questions asked. The author may or may not agree with the topic of the passage.

Further, you can employ two reading approaches, that is, a top-down approach wherein you read the entire passage and then answer the questions and the bottom-up approach wherein you read the questions first and then reference it with the information in the passage.

  • Teaching Portion: About 8-9 marks on the HTET English Question paper pertain to the teaching portion comprising of language teaching materials, language teaching skills, evaluating language proficiency and so on. One of the best HTET Preparation tips is to think like a teacher and try to understand that would affect the teaching of English language in a classroom environment along withthe challenges of evaluation, special children needs and so on.
  • Creative Learning Techniques: With such a vast amount of information for you to digest, using techniques such as puzzles, quizzes, brainstorming, concept mapping, flow charts, mind maps, etc. This boosts your retention and recall skills as well as strengthens your ability to handle multiple concepts at a time and make patterns. This is one of the most popular HTET Preparation tips.
  • Preparation: In a phased manner, your preparation should be based on your strong and weak areas. As a suggestion, if you have time, in the starting period of your preparation, solve subjective questions from B.Ed or NET exams. This will give you a holistic idea about the nature and type of knowledge you are expected to have. Further, along with timed mock tests, keep practising short topic-based tests on comprehension, grammar and teaching aptitude.
  • Vocabulary: Synonyms, antonyms, idioms one-word substitution questions are important of the HTET English Question paper. One of the best HTET Preparation tips is to make 15-20 words list of beginning, intermediate and advanced level and go through it each day.
  • Time management: You have 150 minutes in total and that gives you only 15 minutes for the HTET English Question paper section’s 15 questions. Considering that the section is typically quite time intensive, you are bound to be under a bit of pressure. As an answering tactic, you can either begin with the Reading Comprehension or come to it at the end. Whatever way you choose, practice it during your mock tests and be confident in whatever way you choose.
  • Important English Preparation Books: ‘Objective General English’ by S.P. Bakshi, Objective English for Competitive Examinations by McGraw-Hill Publications, Wren & Martin’s ‘English Language & Comprehension’, ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis.

There is no right answer to the ‘how to crack HTET exam ?’ question but every answer is dependent on your dedication, conviction and perseverance you show during preparation and in the exam hall. Be confident, trust your abilities and don’t worry about the outcome. Keep in touch with our education blogs.

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