Not everyone is perfect at everything. Everyone is afraid of doing a thing or two. For some people, it’s a lizard, or for some people, it’s public speaking or meeting new people. And then some are afraid of writing. Suppose you are also struggling with this fear. You know how daunting it is to stare at a blinking cursor or tap your pen on paper while thinking when you are out of words. Even for some, writing is not the scariest; what will happen after publishing the paper is.

The phobia of writing – involves fear and avoidance of writing an assigned essay or submitting the essay. In addition to late submission penalties, the avoidance can lead to last-minute writing with attendant stress, low marks, and poor quality. This aversion is more typical than you might think.


The causes can be similar to any other type of phobia that everyone generally has. But main causes can set unrealistically high goals for yourself and pressure yourself to achieve perfectionism—low self-efficacy for waiting in general and or for the specific essay and low levels of self-control. Avoidance can give you short-term relaxation by reducing anxiety. And avoidance with the panicky last minute can give you an ego-saving excuse for low grades.

Generally, when most writers think about writing, it makes them stressed and tense; they feel that they can’t do it for some reasons and much more. But these thoughts pop up when you procrastinate when had time to write.

Not wronging you, this is the real fear that can analyze you and stop you from creativity and productivity; here, we will discuss some factors which can be employed to overcome your fear of writing. Let’s get started!


  • Shift your goal to something realistic and achievable, and valuable, like doing your best under the circumstances and doing your best and end your avoidance of writing an essay. Put aside your goals of being perfect and focusing on being original and authentic. Practice can make you perfect on it. Get yourself, someone, to check your writing. If you don’t find it, no worries; by continuous practice, your brain is trained to (Kathi Wyldeck,2008).
  • Discuss your fears with someone whom you think can motivate you. Bringing your fears out in the open will always help you get through with them. 
  • When asked again and again what they want from students, only one thing can be heard. ‘Answer the question’ (Alan barker, 2013). Perhaps some students find it difficult t answer the question, whether they don’t understand it or do not know how to structure your answer. The last thing anyone wants is to be appreciated for your months of hard work. Get a clear explanation from your teacher or do your research to get the actual answer to your statement.  
  • Set some short-term goals for yourself, so you don’t feel panicked. Tell yourself your next goal that helps you keep motivated. Plan to make a draft for yourself that you can improve later. Positive thoughts can often lead to positive behavior. 
  • Challenge your self-defeating thoughts that you can’t do anything. You obviously can do anything you want. Instead of getting these thoughts, try to understand the actual question and look for its past evidence. If you still feel stuck somewhere, get yourself help. You can get whatever help you want online, either an MBA essay or a marketing essay help.
  • Try to be precise with your thesis and your statement. When you cannot write some meaningful and precise thesis statement, you have no expertise in writing a full-length essay and thesis (thesiswritinghelp, 2022)
  • Some students also put themselves to a point where they want to buy their argumentative or buy narrative essay to ease their task. It can also be a suitable idea to get the task done because you do not have much time to sit and waste. But for that, you will need to do good research about the quality of writing they are providing and the experience of their writers. 
  • Think of the times when you accomplished your academic goals in your initial years. Or another fear that you have overcome till this year. Think of all the individuals that you admire for achieving your dreams. This can be the best way to keep yourself motivated. 
  • Brainstorming with your partner and friend is useful. It provides twice the ‘firepower’ (Gabriel Arquilevich, 1999). There can be a lot of ways to do this. You can share a room with your friends r mates, share your ideas, and write simultaneously. Each of you can brainstorm on same ideas separately and discuss them later. In this way, you will get different and brighter insights on a topic. 
  • Change your writing situations and methods—for example, some old-school ways f noting things. Get your favorite notebook with your favorite pen at the coziest corner of your house or room, which boosts your creativity. The procedure change might give you a new perspective or change of expectation. 


Get over your thoughts of being a perfectionist. Be original and be on your way to score your dream grades, as there is more to gain by writing than any other activity. Learn to express your thoughts in words, be bold and become an exceptional writer. It can also be one of the most crucial skills to get a good job because it represents your way of communication. Therefore, it is essential to train yourself to gracefully pour your thoughts onto the paper.


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