How to Organize Your International Move

How to Organize Your International Move

Moving to a different location in your own city can be stressful enough, not to mention moving internationally. Overseas moves require a higher amount of preparation, paperwork and double-checking all around. While it may initially seem daunting to begin organizing a big international move, making sure you take care of a few key items beforehand will make your move much smoother.

1) Arrange Your Paperwork

Any move will require paperwork to be completed, but with an international move comes an abundance of other forms to fill out and keep track of. To keep you organized, consider purchasing a specific binder or folder with separated or even color-coded tabs. Divide your paperwork based on different subjects, such as finance, moving and customs. The most vital paperwork usually consists of your passport, visa, financial documents like bank statements and tax information, medical records and immunization records if required for the country you are moving to.

2) Make Sure You Have Access to Funds

Nothing can be scarier than arriving in a foreign country without access to bank funds. To ensure this does not happen, make certain that your banks know about the dates you will arrive in your new country. Most banks will allow you to set travel dates through your account on their respective website or mobile applications. If you plan to use your bank account from your home country for a lengthy time, make sure that you update the travel dates as you go, or else you may find yourself locked out of your account and having to call back home to solve the issue.

3) Budget for When You Arrive

Many believe in going with a set amount of cash to a new country without factoring in the actual cost of hotels, cars/taxis and food in said country. Before leaving, look up the average prices of these services and items to make sure you do not run short on money upon arrival. It also always helps to bring a little more than you decide on for emergency purposes.

4) Check Customs Requirements

Getting through customs tends to be a long process, as there are numerous documents to check and often items to declare with customs officials. Every country will vary in what they require arriving passengers to have in hand when meeting a customs official. Additionally, it’s important to consider what you will have to declare or what items need extra paperwork, such as medication prescriptions from your doctor.

5) Prepare For Your Healthcare

Accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime. Healthcare is essential for any kind of travel, let alone international travel that comes with a move. Before you leave, get copies of your medical, dental and eye insurance, as well as medical records and your medical history. These can become necessary if an emergency trip to a doctor or the hospital is needed when you are in the new country.

6) Decide on International Movers

Finally, you will have to consider international moving services and costs prior to your move. Like any other move, choosing an international moving company comes down to a few essential factors. It is important to consider reputation, abilities, reliability and cost estimates before settling on a choice. It’s always a good idea to scope out some companies on the Better Business Bureau to get an idea of how a company has dealt with other customers in the past.

It is recommended to leave as prepared and organized as possible to avoid any further stress when you arrive in a new country. Taking the steps mentioned above will ensure your trip is smoother all around.

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