name a child

How to name a child?

The choice of a child’s name is influenced by family traditions, fashion trends, national and religious views, as well as political views of parents.

What to name a child – this question worries parents before it is born. Choosing a name for a child is a very responsible matter. It largely determines the fate of the person born. It is largely up to the parents to make her happy. The choice of a child’s name is influenced by family traditions, review, fashion trends, national and religious views, as well as political views of parents.

In some countries, such as Germany, parents will not be released from the maternity hospital until they have named the child: the child is given a special children’s passport with the name on it. In Russia, by law, a newborn must be registered with the registry office within a month of birth; otherwise, if there are disputes and disagreements between the parents over the child’s name, the guardianship authorities intervene and give them the right to name the child.

How to choose a name for a child? 

Here are some tips to help you choose a name for your boy or girl:

When choosing a name for a boy, keep in mind the fact that in the future, it may become a middle name. Do not forget about the Oedipus complex, and it turns out that the boys, who were named after his father, are harder to overcome. Sometimes they compete with their father all their lives and try to prove that they are not worse than the person after whom they were named.

Girls who are named after their mothers have less difficulty than boys, but the rivalry with their mother, especially in adolescence, can bring a lot of trouble to both the girl and the person whose name she bears. Think about it when choosing a name. I’m for a girl.

All names have some meaning. For convenience, humanity has abandoned the uniqueness of the first names (“Sharp Eye,” “Morning Dawn”). Do not be lazy to read the directory of names. From it, you can learn a lot of interesting things about names and decide on the choice. For example, without reading in the directory that Alexei is a “defender” and Peter is a “stone,” you can hardly guess.

As for the names of more distant relatives, there are the following folk rules:

• The child should not be named after deceased relatives, especially those who died suddenly, did not die of their own accord, or were seriously ill before dying.

• You should not name your child after a person who you think is unlucky.

• If the person in whose name you are going to name the baby is alive, it is best to ask him or her how he or she relates to his or her name, does not think that his or her life could have turned out differently if he or she has been named differently, or is he or she happy, does not object to the fact that your child will bear her name.

How to name a child by date of birth

To choose a name for a baby on holidays, usually look at the child’s birthday. The memory of several saints is celebrated every day of the church year. You can choose a name among those whose memory is celebrated on the eighth day of birth because the number eight means eternity, it is on this day in ancient times complained about the name.

How best to name a child in terms of numerology

Each name corresponds to its own number, which has unique characteristics. To calculate this number, write your favorite name, correlate each letter with the number to which each letter corresponds. Then add these numbers, then add the resulting 2 digits.


Name – Alex. Name number: 8 + 7 + 2 + 9 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8

What numbers mean?

Each number has its own meaning and explanation.

Of course, each numerologist interprets his number, but below are some versions of what each number means: 

  • Number 1 

Means a person full of energy and desire to act. It is very useful in situations of sudden and unexpected, much less – in planned situations. Contraindicated risky ventures and profitable businesses. It is best to perform the assigned tasks. Number 1 is associated with self-confidence, courage, and bravery. But the nature of these people is more imitative than creative. They should avoid reckless decisions.

  • Number 2 

Symbolizes a changeable nature, emotional anxiety, which can lead a person to complete prostration. The main thing for these people is not to worry about trifles, to avoid disputes and quarrels. Working together with friends and colleagues will bring you the best success.

  • Number 3 

Indicates talent, versatility, fun. It also implies a penchant for science, art, sports, in short, everything that serves as a vent for a person, his hobby.

  • Number 4 

Means success in scientific and technical fields, especially in industry. It is reliability and stability, gaining friends, achieving recognition. Such a person is useful in extreme situations when the best qualities of his character are revealed.

  • Number 5 

Gives spiritual freedom and independence. They value their experience more than outside advice. They love to travel and adventure, which pushes them to restlessness. Sometimes the number 5 indicates the philosophical composition of thinking, and sometimes happy surprises throughout life.

  • Number 6 

Predicts success in business. We can talk about the political activity or high-ranking government officials who are gaining popularity in society for their scientific or philosophical views. They quickly learn the truth that honesty is more fruitful than ambition, that honest efforts are not in vain.

  • Number 7

Hides the ability to direct talent in the field of science, in the world of art or philosophy, and even in religion. But the success of their activities largely depends on an in-depth analysis of what has already been achieved and on the actual planning of their future. Understanding other people, they often become leaders and teachers of the highest class. But if they decide to do business, then they themselves will need help.

  • Number 8 

Promotes activities in the field of significant, great deeds, foretelling, and material benefits. Successfully completing one task, these people immediately take on the next. Often the benefits and benefits, as well as material and social success, bring them forgotten teachings, abandoned businesses that have served their methods. But they must give up the little things and details, pass this work to others, and only deal with strategy.


It is desirable that both parents like the chosen name for the child. Otherwise, the child will definitely have a middle name at home. By the way, you can officially give the child a double name and write it on the birth certificate and passport, such as Anna-Victoria.

The most important thing when choosing a name is to think about the child and his interests. Remember that she will live with this name all her life.