How to move inexpensively in Montreal

How much does a move in Montreal cost and how to move inexpensively?

First of all, there are different opinions about cheap moving services in Montreal.

Then some recommend hiring a cheap mover, others advise moving alone. Finally, in order to organize a cheaper move, you must take into account certain criteria. For example:

  • Estimate the volume to move
  • Separate yourself from things you haven’t used for a while
  • Collect free boxes
  • Compare several moving offers
  • Move during the week
  • Don’t move in the summer or on weekends
  • Don’t go at the last minute
  • Rent or borrow a truck at a lower cost
  • Borrow whatever you can
  • Benefit from financial assistance to relocate
  • Enlist the help of friends
  • How to move inexpensively in Montreal and Quebec
  • Benefit from indemnities

In fact, a special removal allowance may be granted to social assistance or social solidarity provider for reasons of health, sanitation, or separation. It can go up to $ 200. But please note that before submitting your service request, you must add certain supporting documents. Such as a report attesting to the unsanitary condition of the accommodation or a medical report in the event of a move for health reasons. Then if you want to know the exact amount of the benefit, go to the site and you will find everything you need. for info about montreal moving please stay with the article.

Financial assistance for the move

You may be entitled to financial assistance depending on your situation. Indeed, if you are retired, you can check with the pension fund if help is possible in your case. You can also ask your employer to finance your move in the event of a professional move.

Moving assistance for newcomers

On another note, are you a newcomer to Canada? So know that some organizations in Montreal have the mission to help you. Particularly in the reception plan, integration, access to employment, etc.

For all these reasons, the ALPA organization will offer you support and assistance for settling in the region. It is the same with PROMIS or LE COLLECTIF. All you have to do is learn more to see what works best for you.

Get help preparing for the move

It must be recognized that the citizens of Montreal can benefit from the help of organizations in the process of preparing a move. Finally, these services can be free or at a reduced rate and include help with the preparation of boxes, small repairs in the apartment.

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