How to Monetize Your Facebook Video with Facebook Ads?

It has been a year that Facebook has introduced ad breaks in Facebook videos featured or published over different pages. These are short breaks in between the videos during whichFacebook ads are being featured. At first, the audience was reluctant to accept the Facebook ads feature, but gradually people adopted it, and now, it has become an excellent technique to achieveFacebook monetization. In fact,Facebook pages are making 4-5 figures in revenue via ad breaks. 

Here’s a step by step guide to monetizing your Facebook video with Facebook ads.

Step 1. Check your Page’s Eligibility

In the very first place, you need to check your Facebook page’s eligibility criteria for Facebook monetization. To do so, navigate to the Join Ad Breaks Page. In the case of meeting the eligibility criteria for Facebook ads, your page will receive a message right away. 

However, if your page does not meet the eligibility criteria for Facebook ads break, then you’ll have to fulfillsome more additional requirements to qualify. 

Requirements for Facebook Monetization

To meet the criteria for facebook monetization, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

Your Facebook page must be compliant with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies, which are basically based on community standards, copyright enforcement, authenticity, and engagement.  

Residence in eligible countries (Where Facebook is allowed) and publishing content in permitted languages by Facebook is a must. 

The content to be monetized must be published on a business page that is public over facebook and must have at least 10,000 followers. In some regions, Facebook has minimized this limit up to 1000 followers. 

Reaching some or any milestonein the past 60 days is necessary; these milestones could be: 15,000 engagements, 180,000 minutes viewed across all the videos, or 30,000 1-minute views on 3-minute+ videos. 

The age criteria 18 years old or above. 

After meeting the eligibility criteria for Facebook ads break, you need to follow the stepwise strategic process for Facebook monetization!

Step.2: Get your Page Approved for Facebook Ad Breaks

To set up and manage Facebook ads break, go to Facebook Creator Studio, choose the page eligible for monetization, and then click the monetization tab. Give a careful read to the Facebook monetization terms and conditions and then accept!

Finally, you have to choose the mode of receiving earnings and select a payment account. Furthermore, you can allow automatic ads placement in your past published videos. 

After the finalization of the page setup, the process of approval is quite rapid. 

Step.3: Control the Appearance of Facebook Ads in your Video Content

Facebook allows you to control Facebook ads’ placement in your videos, and that’s quite an interesting feature! You can do this during monetization setup or later in monetization settings. Listed below are your options:

Enable Facebook settings to automatically place Facebook ads during a natural ad break, i.e., 1- to 2-second pause in your video content. (This option is highly recommended by professionals)

Control the placement of Facebook ads,and ad breaks manually. The Best Way to do is check the box,which stated the option for Facebook to adjust the ad breakpoint by 10 seconds. This also serves as an optimization for your viewers’ experience. 

Step. 4: Optimize yourFacebook Videos for Facebook Ad Breaks Monetization

If you are going for Page-level Monetization, then every video you publish on your Facebook Page will automatically be subjected to the content review process. The moment your video is published, it’s been taken under review process. However, you can still earn some money even if your video is under the review phase. 

When all of your videos are subjected for review, the best performing video or, say, higher velocity video would be reviewed first by Facebook, and its performance is determined by the number of views that the video gets within the first few minutes after its publishing. A video is considered or labeled as High velocity if it gets 25 views in the first 10 minutes. This process takes 48 hours, but it could be lesser than that too! 

After review, your videos would get a label, and you’d be notified if your video meets the criteria for Facebook monetization or not. If your video is labeled as “Limited/ No Monetization,” you can stillgo for a one-time appeal.

To meet the criteria for facebook monetization, you need to follow Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies and optimize your videos accordingly. The important features for a video to meet the criteria are:

Alignment of Video Content and Theme with page’s niche

Select a specific niche first and then center your video content to the niche. Then, make a specific theme and story styling for your videos. The aim is to ensure consistency and similarity in the overall content.

The Videos must be Original

If you want to stand out and cash your art, then originality is the key! Create 100% original content. If you are inspired by someone’s content and want to produce similar content, you must give credits to the original creator; this saves your image and strengthens your bond with popular content creators.

Think smart and act wisely by following this step-by-step guide to monetize your Facebook profile and establish an income stream! 

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