How to Making MUT Coins with Improve the Players method

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When selling a player, you should consider the price of the card’s features. Enhancement methods include purchasing regular cards and appraising them mainly through the application of training and development cards. You can also try to find players with chemical styles, contracts, location cards, or any other consumables that can make them more valuable at the average price. Do this and sell them at the price they should be sold. The first thing in the enhancement method is to determine that in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, the improved card may have more players in need. After purchasing a Normal card, please use at least one of the following methods to improve it:

  1. Applying for a fitness card can improve your fitness level;
  2. Increase natural health by placing players on the bench or in reserves;
  3. Modify the player’s favorite position by applying for the training position card;
  4. Temporarily modify at least one attribute of the player by applying for the training card;
  5. Modify the player’s chemical style by applying for the chemical style card;
  6. Modify the manager’s league by applying the manager’s Player league card.

The cost of improvement should be at least 5% lower than the price increase you set for the card to make a profit.

When optimizing this method, one of the essential ideas for choosing cards you will improve.

The enhancement method will work better when done with a card with a high initial price. It’s not hard to imagine why. Players who bought 300k coins will not worry too much about spending extra 1k MUT Coins to get contract bonuses. Players who bought 1,000 coins will not double the cost of obtaining this improvement. If you want to make Madden 21 Coins through this method, please raise players who are always expensive. But optimization does not end there.

The adaptability improvement of adaptability players is a kind of poor economic performance of Madden 21 Ultimate Team. Although it is easy to make and even free in some cases, we recommend that you don’t spend too much time using it.


If you get a cheap training card, you can improve the player’s attributes before selling them.

However, since this effect only lasts for one game, most people are unwilling to pay a higher price for this type of player with improved cards.

The main target of this card is the wrong players who mistakenly believe that this effect will last forever.


The manager is responsible for the optimizations you can make concerning the contract. If you have enough managers in your club to increase the deal by 50%, then this means that the cost of improving your player card may be lower than the cost of the buyer. If this happens, since both parties are profiting, you can quickly sell players at a higher price.


Chemical style cards try to buy chemical style cards with higher pace improvement (3 points) at a lower price, apply them to players, and then sell them to anyone who wants to optimize their chemical performance. You can also try to find non-basic style players in the transfer market at the price of essential style players.


This approach may be the most profitable improvement because many people don’t know how to change the player’s preferred position. People who know how to do it don’t always have the patience to find the right card in an auction with a very inefficient filtration system. To optimize this method, you should choose whether it is the original method. In the first case, differentiation can bring you a lot of MUT Coins. If there is only one on the transfer list, you have no competition to set the desired price. If you don’t want to be so original, you can focus on the most frequently used positions. Try to find good players who are packaged and sold in the wrong Positions.

The enhancement method can bring you considerable benefits, but in addition to some work, you also need to master it well. To make good profits, you should have a moderate budget, and you should study the market well to understand what they are willing to provide for each improvement.

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