How to Make Your Yard the Perfect Place to Hangout

Although the warmer seasons are still a few months away, there’s no time like the present to start planning how to make your backyard your favourite place to kick back and relax at home. Since current times are calling for us to stay safe and socially distant, it’s more important now than ever to make our homes as pleasant as possible from the inside out.

For all who agree that there’s nothing better than enjoying fresh air outside, take advantage of this quick guide on how to upgrade your yard into the most epic place to chill out and spend time.

Make the Grass Greener on Your Side

Contrary to the popular phrase, the grass shouldn’t always be greener on the other side. Afterall, how can anyone enjoy spending time outside with brown, dead grass crunching under their feet. Make the grass in your yard so healthy and green that you won’t be able to resist kicking off your shoes to walk around. Surely some of you must be wondering how to revive brown grass to its former green glory.

There are two important elements to growing green grass in your yard, which are:

  • First is to find out what’s killing the grass, like animal urine, underwatering or overwatering
  • Second, after dealing with the culprit killing the grass, put the watering schedule on autopilot

In general, lawns should be watered a few times a week so installing an underground system with EZ Lawn Sprinklers is the perfect way to put properly watering your grass on autopilot. With grass maintenance off your chore list, spend that time saved laying in your yard to watch the clouds instead.

Install a Backyard Firepit

The perfect way to enjoy your backyard on a chilly day or after the sun begins to set is to get some fresh wood logs roasting in a backyard fire pit. There are tons of different styles to consider and even the option to try your hand at a DIY firepit to really heat things up in your backyard. Installing a firepit opens a new realm of ways to enjoy spending time outside, such as:

  • Ending a long day with a choice drink, or two, by the fire
  • Sit around the fire to catch up with those you live with or a safe amount of company
  • Roast hotdogs or toast marshmallows over the open flames  

One thing is for sure, installing a backyard firepit will make you want to be outside any time of day or night.

String Up Some Lights

So long are the days when a dark sky meant it was time to go inside, because it’s time to light up your backyard in the most stylish way. Transform your yard by putting up some string lights to brighten your outdoor space so you can enjoy evening activities, such as:

  • Dinner and drinks under the stars
  • An evening or late-night swim
  • Simply kicking back to relax in the fresh night air

Now all that’s left to do is put these tips to good use and make your yard the perfect place to hang out!

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