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How to Make the Most of Your Summer After High School



For high school seniors, graduation is right around the corner. While it wasn’t the most conventional year on record (far from it), the milestone is still cause for celebration and back-patting.

Graduating high school is one of the most formative transitional experiences in a person’s life – a time when they bid goodbye to a life of relative structure and parental support and head out into the wide world. That first summer out of high school is when you notice the change most acutely.

What do you do in your first summer away from school? In this article, let’s list a few ways you can get ready for college, prepare for a career, learn independence and – importantly – kick back and enjoy your accomplishments.

Catch Up on Post-secondary Requirements

If you plan on attending post-secondary education, either at a college or university, but don’t yet meet the requirements for your preferred program, don’t sweat it. Just because you’ve already donned the cap and gown doesn’t mean you can’t retroactively get the high school credits you need.

For instance, many useful programs in business, social sciences and the humanities require (or are greatly helped by)MDM4U – Grade 12 Data Management. If you don’t have that credit under your belt, you can take the summer to enrol in an online class through a Ministry-inspected online high school.

You might be thinking, “Continue high school studies right after graduation?”. But online classes are flexible and self-paced, so you can still enjoy your summer as you catch up on requirements.

Learn Useful Life Skills

Whether you’re bound for a college dorm or an apartment of your own, you’ll no longer have parents around to cook and clean. Take the summer to learn essential life skills, like how to do a perfect load of laundry, how to keep a bathroom spotless and how to cook for yourself.

That latter endeavour can be a lot of fun. Now that you’re your very own personal chef, you can tweak your cooking to match your tastes. Experiment with new flavours and cooking techniques. Come September, you’ll be the most popular person in your dorm!

Work, Volunteer or Become a Mentee

Let’s say you are eschewing post-secondary education to jump into a career (or hoping to do both simultaneously). Take some time this summer to make connections. If you can, get an entry-level job in an industry that excites you. Contact mentors for advice on career paths. Or volunteer at charities that will bolster your job prospects. As mentioned above, take summer classes through an online high school to help you in your career.

Enjoy Your Free Time

Finally, amid all the preparations, remember to take some time and celebrate your accomplishments. Getting through high school was no easy feat. Even as you attend online high school courses, cook your own meals or volunteer, take some time to relax. Life may get hectic once the summer ends, so take a little time while you can!

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How to Do a Research Paper Outline Effectively




When it comes time to do a research paper outline, you may often ask yourself why you must go through with it. Some students prefer making an outline after the whole work is ready, others prefer to request “do my paper outline” assistance from other people when they have no idea what to write their paper about. But instructors insist on doing an outline before you start writing a research paper. And, they have reasons for that demand. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should write an outline before writing your work. Furthermore, we will provide you with a simple scheme for how to do your outline.

You Should Do an Outline for These Reasons

  • You know the next step. From time to time, you may stop writing as you do not know what to write about next. You doubt whether you should include any particular piece of information. Doing an outline will prevent you from wasting your time. You will know exactly what you need to reveal next, and you will follow your plan.
  • You avoid the nineties. While writing a research paper, sometimes you find out that some phenomena are closely related to each other. So, you can use one notion or theory or whatever plenty of times. In some cases, it is prudent to repeat the same information. But if you include this data in several paragraphs, you should instead do a separate paragraph for that information. For example, the notion ‘A’ affects ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’. And you put ‘A’ in each of the paragraphs ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’. If you wrote an outline beforehand, you would rather do a separate paragraph ‘A’, where you include the information for how ‘A’ affects ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’.
  • You remain consistent. A research paper is an extensive work. You will get such an enormous amount of facts that you can get confused with them. And doing an outline helps you to give information step by step without missing anything.

Levels of a Research Paper Outline

Level 1

  • Write headings. On this level, write only general titles. For example, you are doing research for the evolution of some term. At this level, your headings could be the defined periods of time (for example, 1500-1585, 1585-1650 and so on and so forth).
  • Use Roman numerals: I, II, III etc.

This level of outline simplifies doing other ones, but it shouldn’t be used as a final research paper outline.

Level 2

  • Write subheadings. At this step, you should be more concrete. The main points that you are going to include can be subheadings. For example, you already have periods of time, and now you should write significant events or discoveries of this period.
  • Use Latin capital letters: A, B, C, etc.

You can do a research paper outline with two levels as the final outline. But you decide this on your own according to the lengths of your research.

Level 3

  • Write sentences or phrases. Perhaps each of your sections consists of several paragraphs. You should write a phase or a sentence that fits the whole paragraph. For example, you have periods of time on the first level, and events on the second level. One paragraph can include the reasons for those events, and the other paragraph, the consequences.
  • Use standard numbers: 1, 2, 3, etc.

The more detailed your outline is, the easier it will be to write your paper. However, take into account that you shouldn’t write a three-level outline for research that consists only of five pages. It is more reasonable to do such an outline for research that contains 15 or 20 pages.

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Save on Writing Courses WithCollege Paper Writing Service



There are various reasons that explain why students experience problems with their studies. One of them is the lack of ability to write academic papers that are of high quality. Writing plays a very important role in the entire academic study irrespective of the kind of study you are venturing into or the, the academic level or whatever the case is, writing is vital. The level you are good at writing the academic essays, their composition, writing of college paper and other tasks that associate to academics make a huge contribution to the overall grade that you are entitled to score. This is an indication that writing to students is very vital and is something that they can never dream of ignoring.

However much you might not be interested in writing in your career in future, while you are a student, in college, university or wherever tertiary institution you might have enrolled in, you are expected to have writing done to your level best.  You have to pay a lot of attention to it. If you want to be a competent student, you must have writing taken as a priority since this is the way towards your better grades. There are piles of assignments that are assigned by various lecturers from different units every day and these assignments matter a lot in the overall grade for a certain unit after you have taken the exam and the cats. If you do not want by any chance have the rest of the class go ahead of you, consider learning how to write passably a priority.

Reasons Students Experience Various Problems in Writing.

It unfortunate our education system is not keen on training writing skills. There is ignorance, which greatly costs those who are poor in writing. However, there are those with an aptitude to write. It is surprising to find students in school but trying to sourcing ways of perfect writing outside. Some will result in writing courses mainly on the internet and sometimes offline. They work to some point but have some faults.

A writing course is timing consuming. It might cost you hours and weeks. Students can hardly afford such since they are expected to improve right away. For students, time is money; I don’t know where they can fetch such time.

Secondly, worthwhile writing courses are expensive. Students have in stock their debts and the tuition fees; they cannot harbor that too. This way, sites are there to ensure that students are served at a pocket friendly manner.

What To Do In Such a Situation

In order to improve on your writing skills without spending a lifetime on it, you should consider one-course action. By this, I mean hiring a cheap essay writing agency like It will serve the purpose. Here, you spend very little, times less than what you would spend in a writing course, and get your paper worked on. Your energy is needed on only filling the order form, and you are good to go. We value your pocket since even writing research papers here is not costly.

Why Hire a Writing Service? One of the reasons here is that you tend to work quickly. Taking a course would cost you ages while you are messing with your current assignments. There is an assignment that needs specific knowledge of writing, and you need it; rather than messing around with it, assign it to college paper help;it’stheir job to offer help! Professional writers will have it done; deliver it to you, see how it is done, and save your time and energy

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How do Toppers Study for Competitive Exams?




Exams are one of the most important things in a student life.  We all are doing the best of preparation so that we can excel in the examination. However the preparation for the competitive exams are quite different as compared to the board or the school exams because here not only  you have to have the complete knowledge of the syllabus but you at the same time need to have the smart idea as to when will you be able to apply the concepts. Remember this point that a Topper’ does not know beforehand that he/she is going exalt in that particular exam.

See for me to excel in an exam it’s neither luck, it good effort and a dedicated and constituent hard work that can put you through this process. Your plan should be like the one where you know what you want to achieve and then accordingly you are putting in the systematic approach for that.

Let us try and formulate a learning plan that I think will guide you to do good and also the main point here my friend is that you should be dedicated to put in that extra mile so that you can have a good scoring mechanism in place.

  1.  See the main thing here is that you need to stay focused that’s the key. You should always find out ways that can keep you always motivated and full of zeal.
  2. Do not study continuously. This makes the study monotonous and boring. The result you will retain less. Instead study for shorter hours and take a few breaks in between that will make you happy.
  3.  Plan well in advance as to which are the topics that you want to study for a particular day that will make your things easy.
  4. Always set deadlines this will motivate you to finish the task in the limited frame of time. Thus helping you in retime management.
  5. Please be confident of what you are studying. Do not ponder of too many materials as chances are that you will get confused. Always try and understand the concept and then try the other alternatives and apply so you will be able to retain more.
  6. Take a comfortable environment to study. This is very important because if you don’t have a place that has enough light and ventilation and eventually you will get tired. This will affect your preparations big time. So maintain a calm and quite environment where you can concentrate well.
  7. Please this is a request when you make a time table stick to it. This will help you to give importance to each and every topic. Chalk out your weaker and the stronger areas so that you know where and how to focus.
  8. They take good care of their health this is the time that you eat healthy and balanced diet. This will keep your mood upright and you will be able to concentrate more

They always try to do the things differently. Even before the teacher takes up the topic at the class, they would try to read them by themselves so that next time they are in a position to clear their doubts. Do this exercise; this will really improve your confidence.
Now, the one thing that being students we all should focus is to be exam ready. Make the note of the important dates of the exams. Visit the venue one day prior to the exams you save yourselves of the last minute hassle. Take a printout of the admit card. 

Do not take stress, believe in yourselves this is the best preparation that you can do and you will definitely do well.

All the best!!

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How to Memorize the Quran? – Tips & Dedications with Detailed Overview




Memorize the Quran

Quran is renowned religious and spiritual writings of Islam and it has a very strong impact on Muslims’ lives and beliefs. It is the firm belief of Muslims that the Quran is verbally revealed by the angel Gabriel from Almighty Allah and the phrases written in this is a guide of divinity and help one on how one should be directed to life. It is the holy desire of every Muslim to memorize the Quran to communicate with Almighty Allah in the prayers which they perform 5 times a day. A number of Muslims find difficulties while memorizing this book and they become concerned that how to memorize the Quran?

Muslims believe that humanity is completely defined in this Holy book and it has divine guidance and direction about how to treat every aspect of life and living organisms. Holy Quran comprises 114 chapters, formally known as sura and every Surah is formed from various verses, popularly known as ayat. There are many translations of this book globally, but Quran is originally an Arabic language Book and if you are one of those who wish to memorize it, here are various tips and suggestions for your ultimate guide to memorizing Quran in classic “Fusha Arabic”.

A Helpful Method from Medina – The City of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Dr Abdul Muhsin Al Qasim, the Imam and Khatib the Prophet Mosque— Masjid al-Nabawiyy, has described very phenomenal methods to consider while learning and memorizing the Holy Quran. Undoubtedly, this method is quite exceptionally good to magnify the strength of Quran memorization and its solidity (deep-rootedness). This method will help you get the utmost speed of memorizing and completing the Quran. In case you love to memorize Quran, you MUST try this.

Let’s assume any Surah of the Quran to Memorize. Please consider the following strategy

  1. Read verse no. 1 of that Surah twenty times
  2.  Read verse no. 2 of that Surah twenty times
  3. Read verse no. 3 of that Surah twenty times
  4. Read verse no. 4 of that Surah twenty times
  5. Repeat step no. 1-4 altogether, to link all verses simultaneously, 20 times.
  6. Read verse no. 5 of that Surah twenty times
  7. Read verse no. 6 of that Surah twenty times
  8. Read verse no. 7 of that Surah twenty times
  9. Read verse no. 8 of that Surah twenty times
  10. Read from verse no. 5-8, 20 times to consolidate them.
  11. Read from the first verse to the eighth verse 20 times to excellently dip into the first page.

Make sure to continue much likely for every page of the Surah of Quran. Stick firmly to this strategy and this will make you remember the Quran with amazing speed and mental strength. As you know, in every aspect, the more you give it, the better you get, but the excess of everything leads to disasters. You must not cross the limit of memorizing the Quran unless you become very proficient gradually with the passage of time otherwise it will cause your mental health and you will start forgetting the previous Sura’s while memorizing ahead. You must focus on your daily limit and should not exceed your daily portion above and beyond one-eighth of a chapter.

Ahmad and Abu Dawud narrated from Aws b. Hudhayfa, may Allah be well pleased with him, who said: ‘We came to the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, as part of the delegation of Thaqif.’ He said: ‘The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, would come to us every night after ‘isha and speak to us.’ He said: ‘One night he was late from (coming to see us at) the time he would come to us.’ We said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, you have come to us late tonight.’ He said: ‘I had my portion of the Qur’an to read and I did not want to come until I had finished it.’

Some Major Rules to Follow While Memorizing the Quran

  • It is very essential to choose a proficient and qualified “Fusha Arabic” teacher to rectify and manage your memorization. The teacher will help you learn and memorize the Quran with correct recitation.
  • You must try to memorize two (sides of a) pages of the Quran every day, one after Fajr Prayer and one after Asr or Maghrib Prayer. Following this method, it is a very high opportunity to memorize the Quran in one calendar year.
  • You should start memorizing the Quran from the last Surah (Surah Naas) to the first one (Surah Fatiha). It is easier to memorize in this way, and after your memorization of the Qur’an, your continuous revision should be from Surah Baqarah to Sura Naas.
  • You should have one personal printed copy of the Quran while memorizing it. It helps you stick with your personally evaluated strategy of memorization and the quickness of remembering the places of the verses and the ending of pages.
  • You must need to revise the Quran regularly to avoid losing your memorization. This is considered very is Islam to memorize the Quran once and then forgetting due to laziness of revision. And this becomes very difficult with trials because Shaytan tries his best to discourage you from memorizing the Qur’an. SO, Never turn down and continue memorizing because it is a treasure not given to just anyone.


To learn and memorize the Quran with utmost desire, it needs collective efforts of learners, their family members and their teacher. If a child has the desire to “How to memorize the Quran?” The parents must need to find a perfect teacher for that individual. Moreover, the parents should also regulate and investigate the daily studies of their children. In this modern era, a number of online “Fusha Arabic” teachers are available to let the lads learn and memorize Quran with efficiency. May Allah bless you and everyone around with this great bounty and may the light of the Qur’an illuminate your path always.

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How Classroom Struggle EDU Site Helping Students ?



Classroom struggle is very much common among the students everywhere. There are a number of reasons that led the struggle to happen to the students.

 Here we have pointed out some of the most relevant classroom struggles faced by the students of every educational organization along with their relative suggestions to resolve. 

Question & Answering

Finding right answer to a particular question is one of toughest part a student face in his or her early schooling times.

However, at ClassroomStruggle you can find all answers to the questions asked by students.

Not only subject based solutions but they also cover Q&S from other online classes like defensive driving course & more.

Doubt on the course or class 

Students often find it difficult to understand the classes or the courses covered in the class. This is because classes are taken with a number of students at the same time, teachers or professors cannot make them understand separately and hence doubt remains in their mind.


Students can ask the teachers about their queries after the completion of the class and let the teachers resolve them sooner and easier.  

Queries regarding examinations or syllabus 

Even regarding examinations, or syllabus, students often suffer a lot. The struggle is related to the dates, courses to cover, surprise tests, etc. Most of the institutions arrange surprise tests for the students to check out their skills and on the marks gathered on these tests they take major decisions. 


The students need to be on the updated teaching modules and mark up with the teaching done in the class. You can also ask your queries to the concerned teachers then and there and make it clear to understand. 

There are many other classroom struggles involved in students’ lives. Get the detailed insights and their relative resolving suggestions only from their web portal.

This is particularly designed to facilitate the teachers with various curriculum and teaching resources and the students to resolve their problems that happen in the classroom. Visit their website today! 

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