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How to Make Money Fast in Times of Crisis



In terms of finances, the year 2020 has been extremely unpredictable across the globe. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led to a global economic crisis that has severely impacted the economic status of people from all countries who are struggling to put food on their table.

Some people have been furloughed from their jobs, and are surviving on government grants. Others have seen their businesses close down and jobs dry up as the economy has been brought to a screeching halt.

If you’re in a bind financially, you need to find a way to generate some cash that will meet your immediate needs. While the current economic climate has caused job opportunities to be limited, there are alternative methods to generate income quickly.

For example, you can sell or dispose of various items you may not use frequently. These items can fetch a decent amount if they are sold through appropriate channels. To find out more, read on!

What Can You Sell To Make Money?

There can be numerous items or products in your possession that can recoup a significant portion of their initial cost, and some can even appreciate in value.

A few examples of such items are designer handbags, watches, and jewellery items. Depending on the brand and item’s model and condition, these luxury items can be sold at a premium price.

In some ways, you can view these extravagant purchases as investments or assets that can be sold in times of need to obtain some cash quickly.

Alternatively, if you own gold or other precious metals, these assets can prove to be fantastic investment choices as well.

Where Should You Sell These Items?

The catch with luxury items is that you have to sell them through the right channels if you want an adequate return on your initial investment.

It can be tempting to just create an ad on eBay, especially if you think your item is worth a lot of money. You might even be anticipating a bidding war for your item.

In reality, online exchange platforms like eBay are too commercial to sell your luxury items. There is increased competition due to an abundance of options, and the potential to be scammed is always there.

What you could opt for instead is a reliable pawnbroker.

Why Are Professional Buyers the Best Choice?

When it comes to selling luxury goods, professional buyers such as online pawnbrokers or pawn shops are a viable choice, especially in times of crisis. First of all, experienced buyers frequently deal with luxury items, and their business processes are designed to facilitate easy transactions with the customer.

They Have Experienced Appraisers – They also employ professional appraisers that can determine the true value of your various items, such as Rolex watches or Gucci handbags. This will help you recoup a better value for your items and their worth will be reflected in the selling price.

They Ensure Quick Sale – If you’re willing to sell your prized possessions or luxury items, you probably need the cash quickly and have no other avenues to obtain that amount. Professional buyers are aware of your requirements and cater their services to serve your immediate needs.

Buy-Back Option – The online platforms operated by professional buyers offer a streamlined process that provides you with a lump sum cash payment. If you grow sentimental over the sold item, the pawnbrokers offer a buy-back option as well.

If you need to sell off your designer items to make some money quickly, pawnshops could be a feasible option. However, it can be challenging to find one that’s still open due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic.

Luckily, some pawnbrokers have utilised online platforms to keep their businesses running during these trying times, which allows you to dispose of your items and make some cash in a crisis. Good luck!

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5 Advices From Seasoned Investors On Opening Demat Account



Before doing anything, getting the necessary information about it is extremely important. This certainly holds true for opening a Demat Account. If you are not aware of the certain aspects of this account, then it may create problems for you later.

Knowing what the seasoned investors think about opening a Demat Account can help you take the right course of action. These investors have remained in the field of investment for a long period of time and hence can be easily designated as an expert. Their advice can not only help you in knowing how to open Demat Account but they can even help you see different factors which are quite important but generally go unnoticed.

These are the five things which the expert investors recommend you to keep in mind before opening a Demat Account.

Depository And Depository Participant

Even before knowing how to open Demat Account, it is important for you to know what depository and Depository Participants mean.

A depository is an agency in which an investor opens a Demat Account. Banks or any such financial institution can serve as depositories. An investor must, before opening a Demat Account, check that a depository is signed under a recognised regulatory body. There are only two bodies under which depositories can be registered:

  • National Securities Depository Participant (NSDL)
  • Central Depositories Securities Limited (CDSL)

A Depository Participant or DP acts as an agent or intermediary between you and the depository with which you are going to open a Demat Account. As they are the representatives of the depository, it is not possible to open a Demat Account with them.

How To Open Demat Account

The first and most important thing which the experts recommend is to know precisely how to open Demat Account. Many people think that opening a Demat Account is a cumbersome process and takes a lot of time and effort to open it. This, however, is not true at all.

Given below are the details which will neatly provide you with the step by step process on how to open Demat Account:

  1. Select the Depository Participant through whom you would like to open a Demat Account.
  2. Along with an application form, submit photocopies of important documents including PAN card and Aadhar card for KYC.
  3. Read the terms and conditions pertaining to the Demat Account before signing it.
  4. Your documents will be sent for verification and approval.
  5. Once the approval process is completed, you will be getting a unique beneficiary owner ID (BO-ID), which will be important to access your Demat Account.

Simple though the process is, experts suggest that it is important to keep the required documents handy and that the details should be entered carefully. But what they most stress upon is the necessity of reading the terms and conditions of the Demat Account. You can avoid great inconvenience if you go through this document with the utmost diligence.

Charges Involved

It often happens that people go for a DP who offers a free Demat Account thinking it will not cost them a single penny. This misunderstanding, the experts say, is the most common trap in which beginners fall while applying for a Demat Account.

The free Demat Account is nothing more than a regular Demat Account with only waivers on the Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC), that too for the first year only. It might seem that it is better to go for a DP which at least provides some sort of waivers. But you should first compare the different charges you will incur from different DPs before coming to a decision. These charges are as follows:

  • Account Opening Charge
  • Annual Maintenance Charge
  • Custodian Charge
  • Dematerialization Charge
  • Postal Charge

There is no point in getting a DP who offers a discount on AMC but recovers it from a high dematerialization charge.

Customer Service

It is not just the quality of the product but the post-sale service it entails which manifests its supreme quality. Seasonal investors say the same thing about Demat Account. Many DPs will try to lure you with great offers but the rather important point is how good their customer support service is.

Good customer service can help you easily resolve the problems faced in the Demat Account.

A customer service number which is always found either busy or unreachable serves no purpose. Therefore, you should always go for a Demat Account whose provider ensures you a quality customer support service.

Demat Account In Case You Settle Abroad

Even if you know how to open Demat Account it might come as a surprise that it is possible for you to become an NRI and still enjoy the benefits of Demat Account. For this, you will just have to open a Repatriable Demat Account. With this option, you can easily transfer your shares abroad.

So if you were planning to open a Demat Account but dropped the idea by thinking it is meant only for the residents of India, knowing about repatriable Demat Account can be of much use to you.

Being well versed in something as simple as how to open Demat Account to a little more complex procedure of the Repatriable Demat Account is important. Once you have figured these things out, you are good to go for a Demat Account.

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Things a First Time Car Buyer Needs to Know




Things a First Time Car Buyer Needs to Know

Buying your first car is a big milestone in life.  You can already envision the moment when you get the keys to your very own vehicle — a mixture of triumph, excitement and satisfaction. But first you have to clear some hurdles standing between you and your dream set of wheels.

Namely, you still have to navigate the car buying process from start to finish. Doing your research ahead of time can not only help you do so with confidence and a clear mind, but also can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars along the way by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Here are some things a first-time car buyer needs to know before even visiting a dealership.

Make a Budget Before Shopping Around

It’s a tale as old as time: Your eyes lock on the most beautiful vehicle you’ve ever seen, and the rest is history. The issue? Your monthly payments end up being more than your budget can comfortably support. This is the problem with trying to fit your budget to a certain vehicle rather than vice versa.

Make a detailed budget outlining your income versus your monthly expenditures. Calculate exactly how much you can consistently devote to a car payment and how much you can afford to put down.

As CNN Money recommends, you should anticipate spending 10 to 15 percent of your total monthly budget on vehicle expenses — including loan repayment, repairs and insurance premiums. Any vehicle that eats up more of your budget than that is generally too costly.

Outline Your Needs from a Vehicle

Another way to fight impulsive car-buying decisions is by walking in with a firm idea of your ideal models rather than letting your eyes wander on the dealership lot.

Here are some key questions to ask when honestly assessing your vehicle needs, according to Edmunds:

  • How many people will be riding in the car?
  • How important is fuel economy for your commute?
  • Do you live in a climate necessitating all-wheel drive?
  • What safety features are important to you?
  • How much cargo do you need to carry?
  • What entertainment and comfort features do you want/need?

Start with the non-negotiable needs, like how much passenger and cargo space you realistically need. Then move onto your wants — those features you’d appreciate but could sacrifice if need be.

Look at Total Price, Not Monthly Payments

A word of advice to the first-time car buyer: Look at total price rather than monthly payments. Why? Because dealerships might be able to get payments on a certain vehicle to fit your monthly budget — by extending the term of your loan as long as 72 or 84 months. So, though the payment seems affordable, you’ll be paying more much longer and will end up spending much more in interest over the life of the long loan.

Here’s an example from Autotrader: Paying $400 monthly for 60 months comes out to $24,000. But paying $400 monthly for 72 months comes out to $28,800. For 84 months, the same payment would cost you $33,600. The monthly payments appear the same at first glance, but the total costs end up being much different. 

Consider All Your Financing Options

Did you know you don’t have to apply for a loan through the dealership? It’s oftentimes convenient, but you can absolutely get preapproved from other banks, credit unions or online lending companies before even stepping onto a lot. Shop around so you know what interest rate you can secure based on your credit history. This way, you’ll walk in holding the cards rather than operating at the mercy of the dealership.

Knowledge is power as a first-time car buyer, so do your research ahead of time to position yourself for success. Good luck!

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Integrated Learning System – The New Kid on the Education Block




When you hear ‘A home away from home’, what comes to your mind? For most of us, it meant our schools because a considerably large part of our day used to be spent in schools. Also, school is where the foundation of the character of a child is laid, and it has an immense impact on the overall development of a child. School plays a great role in moulding the personality of a child.

But, coronavirus’ entry in the world meant schools getting shut indefinitely. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge wake-up call to the age-old education institutions and their pedagogical systems. They had become stagnant and were still following traditional systems of learning. This time, even they have stepped up to incorporate new teaching methods into their curriculum. They have understood the importance of digital classes. This is when Integrated Learning Systems for schools come into the picture.

Integrated Learning Systems

What is it?

Integrated Learning systems are the tech systems that device the integration of offline-online learning strategies to provide a seamless learning experience. They combine hardware and software solutions together to deliver educational content. This system has an array of assessment and management tools that measure, monitor and maintain the effective delivery of content. 

They focus on each person’s unique learning experience. It does away with the traditional method of sitting at a desk and taking notes in a notebook with a pen. The students are free to learn in a way that suits them. They can take interactive quizzes, create multimedia portfolios, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. They enter a whole new virtual world.

Why is everyone talking about ILS?

All the schools that want to upgrade themselves are talking about the new kid on the education block – Integrated learning systems. Platforms such as Integrated Learning Systems in schools have prioritised offering teacher-student engagement metrics for a better online learning experience. Realise the unique virtual classroom experience with these new solutions. Integrated learning systems are quintessential for learning in today’s age.

The schools have realised that videos, power points, graphics, podcasts, images, comics and other things are essential visual tools to enhance understanding and information retention capabilities.

Why is multimedia given more weightage in the learning sector these days?

The answer might sound like a cliché, but it’s true. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. So, with multimedia learning, instead of theory, students’ imagination gets better as they can see a topic in action in front of their eyes. This makes lesson delivery very useful, and the pupils understand the topic better.

Many reports highlight the digital classes’ trends; all signs seem to point toward the digital classes industry growing more robust in the future. As technology develops and innovation forays into the education sector, these trends will emerge stronger and help create a more comprehensive, inclusive and engaging learning environment.

Why your school needs an efficient ILS?

With their overall product offerings, the Integrated Learning Systems help schools maintain their high education standards and provide a 100% Complete School Experience. They bring in new features in the pedagogy of schools which changes the ways of assessments and progress of academics.

Also, by cutting down the costs of running a school overall, the extra funds can be allocated to enhance the learning experience further. Or, it could be used to provide scholarships in the form of fee concession to meritorious students. This will make education affordable for those parents and students whose aspirations are high but don’t have the means to attend a good school.

The position of Integrated Learning Systems has strengthened in the market because, with COVID-19 outbreak, the schools had to immediately switch to the online mode of learning via digital classes. The schools who already had a promising Integrated Learning System in place were able to finish the year’s curriculum without any bottlenecks because they already had the structured learning system in place.

A good ILS also allows managers, mentors and teachers to monitor their learner’s progress, and it has a well-connected feedback system that helps them understand the subject matter in a better way. These ILS systems also provide access to progress dashboards and reporting features to help the stakeholders monitor their own and others’ progress.

This helps increase engagement and retention as the learners can watch their progress grow in real-time as they submit their assignments. Teachers can also monitor their students’ progress at the touch of a button and offer any learners support based on their progress report.

Latest Integrated Learning Systems have built-in reporting suites and dashboards which enable the stakeholders to generate a whole host of reports whenever they want to. The software syncs the data together to create robust reports. Research suggests that about 85% of users feel using an Integrated Learning System significantly increases their productivity, transparency and efficiency across the school.

It provides you with an all-in-one learning software. Therefore, the users can access all the training tools they need at the click of the mouse button. They provide a unique integrated note-making feature that makes sure that the students don’t miss out on any information from their digital classes. A good ILS aims to provide the most efficient, accessible, and effective online learning to all students and online teaching experience to all the teachers.


Integrated Learning Systems should become an integral part of educational institutions across the country for all the good reasons that we have discussed. The pupils that use an ILS are more engaged in their lesson plans and training. They achieve more in less time, thereby increasing the returns on investment. This is a piece of great news for all the schools because every school wants its students to excel at academics.

Your school needs to adopt an integrated online-offline learning strategy to provide a seamless learning experience to your students. Incorporate the right Integrated Learning System in your school and let your digital classes be a growing and intriguing experience. Let your students explore their interests and take advantage of the whole new world online learning offers. These systems have stepped in at the right time with services that can enable blended learning now and post-pandemic. Don’t hesitate to sign up.

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What is the Global Market and how it is affected by Covid-19



A digital multimeter is a test tool used to measure two or more electrical values. It is a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the electronic industries. The Global Digital Multimeter Market is an extensive research that provides information on market size, trends, growth, cost structure, capacity, revenue, and forecasts. The Digital Multimeter Market Worldwide Research Report covers ten major regions, thirty countries, and their key products. It provides extensive insight on the trends, potential, and niche segments exhibiting favorable growth by, following key product positioning and monitoring of the top competitors within the market framework, indicating market opportunities.  In addition to the countries and products the Digital Multimeter Market Worldwide Research Report follows, it also addresses the impacts of COVID-19 on the market and predicted forecast for the years to come.

Since the Corona Virus outbreak in December 2019, the disease has spread to over 90 countries around the globe prompting the World Health Organization to declare it a public health emergency. There three ways in which COVID-19 badly effect on the Global market, 01- Directly affected on the demand and productions of products, 02- Distributor and supply is also affected due to lockdown, 03- Financial influences on the organization(firm) and financial markets. Over 40 countries declared states of an emergency causing a slow of the supply chain, stock market volatility, business confidence, increased panic, and increased uncertainty. COVID-19 has affected the digital multimeter market worldwide in many ways, some of which include flight cancellations, travel bans, quarantine, business closures, and restrictions. The production process, major issues, and solutions to mitigate the development of risk in order to predict forecasts.

China is the largest consumption country with a sales market share of nearly 34.25% in 2017. The second region biggest in consumption of the digital multimeter market is North America with a sales market share of 20.56% in 2017. Although COVID-19 has greatly affected the digital multimeter market, due to the adoption of strategies to counter the effects of COVID-19 by key players the 2021 market is steadily rising. Through assessing the market size, growth, future possibilities, and key players in the market there is an anticipated rise between 2021 through 2025. The market size is projected to reach USD 1627.5 million by 2026, from USD 1235.5 million in 2020. Overall, on a global scale, we have done an excellent job of absorbing the economic impacts of COVID-19 and adapting to them in order to ensure a healthy economic future.

Many businesses were closed and lost as a result of restrictions and quarantines implemented as a result of COVID-19. This also resulted in large unemployment statistics throughout the nation due to the loss of many businesses. Many countries opted for stimulus checks in order to try to maintain the financial consequences of COVID-19 on the economy. Many states in the United States have moved into more advanced stages of COVID-19 restrictions allowing the opening of many businesses under certain restrictions such as wearing masks and checking temperatures. In other parts of the world, countries like Taiwan, Singapore, and New Zealand were so effective in quickly responding to the pandemic and implementing strong restrictions, which they are relatively back to normal in terms of economic health. Due to the global response of COVID-19 and adaptations mandated by countries, the worldwide digital multimeter market seems to be relatively healthy and heading in a positive trend in 2021. If this trend continues we’re expected to see market size increasing all the way into 2025. This pandemic was a devastating and unexpected blow to the social and economic workings of the global market but has served as a perfect example of human adaptation and perseverance.

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Key Trends in Office Design



Key Trends in Office Design

The trend for renovation has been continuously changing or evolving with time. Before, the classic office came with uniform cubicles that provided the necessary privacy to the employees. But that design feels a bit claustrophobic, as it might hinder your ability to collaborate with others. Then came the completely open workspaces that gave you that much-needed room without feeling claustrophobic but blurred the line between social and personal life. There is no relief from constant chatter or the much-needed quietness to complete your work in privacy.

Modern office designs tend to incorporate the best elements of both styles. Providing the employees a comfortable environment that is warm, welcoming, and sophisticated in design helps them be more efficient and thrive. A design like that provides flexibility and gives a positive vibe to its occupants.

Modern Key Trends in Office Design:

Embrace The Latest Technology:

Laptops and modern desktops do not occupy as much space as those clunky old computers did. How long ago did you use that old monitor? The new office layout has to be designed to give the maximum room to the working staff without hindering any modern technology. The furniture that is used is also technology friendly nowadays.

Enliven The Work Space:

Gone are the days where you have to sit in the same, drab white square boxes with short lightning. Today, many designers prefer to enliven the atmosphere by adding colors and trendy, comfortable furniture. Add in some decoration and art, and you get an open, welcoming environment that does not makes you feel closed in or claustrophobic.

Light up the Place Naturally:

Nowadays, many companies prefer to build open workspaces filled with natural light instead of harsh, artificial lightning. This gives off a relatively relaxed and happy environment.

Fill it With Green:

Filling up your workplace can have a very soothing effect on you. Plants’ addition is more helpful if the office building is located in a very densely populated city surrounded by tall buildings from all sides.

Add Flexibility in the Space:

Instead of thinking about how many desks you can fit on a floor per person, companies think about how much flexibility they can add while giving an employee a workspace. Every person can have a different type of place for their work. Depending upon the nature of their work, they can easily change their location. This trend is also helpful for a continuously growing staff or rapid downsizing. There is also the fact that the office should be designed to adapt to any changes that might occur.

Installing Private Spaces:

Many people have complained about the noisy environment in the office where they easily get distracted. Modern workplaces install the individual workplace for the employees to work without listening to phone calls and constant chatter of other people. Many businesses consider the idea of ‘privacy pods’ that block out all the directions without completely removing the private work station but instead can be used with them.

Providing Communal Spaces:

Not every project has to be done alone in privacy. Many types of work require the staff to bounce off the ideas from each other. Gone are the days when you have to work independently. A modern office comes with open spaces like communal areas, conference rooms, or lounges where you can hold discussions, debate with each other, or hold meetings to discuss a project’s specifics.

Use of Furniture:

The furniture in the office used nowadays is supposed to be more tech-friendly. Not only that, but it also has to be comfortable. Along with comfy chairs and stools, the desks also need to be on an adjustable height so that a person can work in both sitting and standing positions. The reason for this is that studies suggest that sitting all day can be very harmful to the human body. Then there is the look of the office that has to be considered too. Use of the trendy and comfortable furniture can make a great impression on an outsider.

Keeping the Human Comfort and Health in Mind:

Productivity can only increase when your employees are happy. And they can only be satisfied when they are provided with basic comforts and a positive work environment. The new designs would need to incorporate techniques and safety measures that working staff might need in the mid and post-pandemic world. A real example of this is making sanitization easier and incorporation of proper distance between everyone.

How can Casco Design Studio help you?

Casco Design Studio is a leading organization that provides you with top designers and innovative design plans. If you want to provide your employees with a warm, open work environment, you can contact us. We will give you with a customized design that adds modern but playful touches to the workplace.

You can contact us through our official website.

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