How to Make Kratom Tea

How to Make Kratom Tea: Everything You Need to Have

Since its discovery, people across the world have been raving about the benefits of kratom, especially in tea form.

Unlike many herbal teas, drinkers of kratom tea enjoy elevated levels of relaxation and pain relief when consumed in large quantities. Even little cups can help to energize you and prepare you for the day!

But, kratom can be tricky to work with. 

Don’t fear! We’ve compiled the perfect recipe on how to make kratom tea so you can safely consume this delicious and nutritious beverage. 

How to Make Kratom Tea

First and foremost, you’ll need to grab some kratom. 

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To make your kratom tea, we recommend starting with one or two grams of powder per cup of tea. Because the effects will vary from person to person, you should always start with lower doses as a beginner. 


  • 1 teaspoon of your favorite Kratom powder
  • 3 cups of water
  • honey, sugar, lemon, or another of your favorite tea sweeteners
  • 2 bags of another favorite herbal tea (optional)

Kratom Tea Recipe

First, boil water in a medium-size teapot or kettle. If you don’t have one, a normal cooking pot will do. 

The amount of water you use can vary, but remember that more water will dilute the flavor (it will not change the effects). 

Add kratom powder and simmer for fifteen minutes.  

Because kratom tends to have a slightly bitter taste, you can choose to steep one of your other favorite oolong or herbal teas with the kratom during this step. The flavors mix wonderfully and you still maintain all of the relaxing benefits!

Once it’s done simmering and the kratom powder has settled at the bottom of the pot, pour the tea over a strainer, coffee filter, or cheesecloth.  


You’re now ready to serve!

Sweeten up your kratom tea with a few sugar cubes or squeeze in a lemon slice a drink away.

If you best enjoy your tea cold, refrigerate it overnight and serve over a few cubes of ice in the morning for a refreshing drink that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to start the day!

Ready for a Refill?

We can’t get enough of this kratom tea recipe, and soon you’ll be hooked, too! 

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