How to make an effective Vlog with 5 Simple Steps

Are you ready to give your brand an online boost?

If you’re a business manager, an owner of a marketing company, or just someone who likes sharing and creating content, You should think about using videos to share your story.

Vlogs are videos that you use to record your daily life and share your personal experiences. In turn, they can help you build an audience.

It’s certainly not an easy job to start video blogging. However, we say that it’s not too difficult.

Check out this guide for the best tips and tricks for Vlogs, beginning by defining what a vlog is and how you can create a vlog using Animoto’s easy editing tool for videos. You can increase your audience, revenue, and reach with video blogs. You can get free Youtube likes with SubPals.


What is a video?

A vlog is a type of video which documents an individual’s experiences in life and is usually posted on the internet. Based on the content the users decide to publish, a vlog could range from five minutes to one hour.

The term ‘vlog’ was coined by combining video and blogs. You can guess that the word ‘vlog’ refers to an online version of blogs. Vlogs, however, are more enjoyable, more entertaining, and are incredibly effective with viewers.

44 Percent of Internet users are avid viewers of vlogs.

Vlogs are different from other video content in that they follow the path of a creator as they present the story and experience to viewers. In the course of the video, the creator typically describes their experiences and connects personally with the viewers.


The reasons to invest in video blogging

Beginning a blogging journey could appear like both time and cash investment. It could be. However, it doesn’t need to be. The benefits far outweigh the challenges of starting a business.

  • It isn’t expensive. Costs for starting a vlogging channel could be as small or high as you’d like. The minimum you need for starting is a camera (your smartphone can do) and the vlog editor and time.
  • Video helps to build more enormous viewers. By creating authentic connections with your viewers, you can make the trust of your viewers and make connections.
  • Video is the most popular content format for Internet users. Recent data shows that YouTube has been ranked as the second-most popular website in the world.
  • Video content improves critical indicators. For instance, a recently conducted study found that video content has the greatest Return on Investment (return of investment) for marketing professionals advertising their businesses.
  • It’s profitable. The most successful YouTubers have a steady income of eight figures in a year. It might be yours!

How to make a video in just five steps

Vlogging can be as simple as five steps. And, based on your area of expertise, you can decide the degree of complexity you’d like to complete each step.

Many people are successful by using an amateur approach to video blogging. Some prefer to take a more professional approach. Whichever you choose, these five steps will help you learn how to create a vlog, even if you’ve not attempted it before.



Decide what kind of vlogger you’ll be, and then determine your specialization. Do you want to be a travel-related vlogger? A beauty expert? You can choose.

Find ideas from fellow creators to help you develop your style and establish your online brand. Set the tone for your content before filming and write your script. Plan to allow your vlog to succeed.



You can choose the amount of equipment you’d like to use depending on the style of your vlogging and content style; however, you’ll require some of these important items. Make sure you have a camera, microphone, tripod lighting kit, and Teleprompter. In addition, you’ll need a video editor like Animoto to make edits to your video.


3. Record and present

It’s all about presentation. Make sure your video is visually appealing, so choose the right background, show off your style, and prepare to entertain. Once you’re prepared to record, you must engage your viewers by sharing your story and personality.


4. Let’s Edit

After you’ve filmed your video, you’ll have to edit it to an entertaining format. Viewers likely find videos that are long and uncut boring. Be creative, trim your videos, arrange them, and edit them and text and music.

Be sure to keep the requirements for optimization of the platform you prefer to share your video on in your mind. For instance, if you’re posting your video on YouTube, think about a horizontal aspect ratio. A vertical balance is better for platforms like TikTok.


5. SHARE your strategies for success

After you’ve edited and recorded your video, it’s time to upload it to the internet. Please post it on YouTube or another video-sharing website. Make sure to establish an online presence so that your followers can follow your progress across other platforms. Also, keep track of your performance. This will allow you to increase your performance as you progress.

If you follow these five steps, you’ll become a confident blogger in just a few minutes.

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