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Religion is what gives you a   personal space, a divine feeling and two way communication with superpower who is worthy of praise and worship. Among 4300 existing religions in world, it is only Islam which has earned privilege to influence billion of world population. There are 24.1% practicing Muslim followers across globe. Furthermore, this is the only religion which exists in its most authentic form, and a true knowledge of it has been delivered to us in the safest form through valid means. Most reliable of which is   life of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W (The last messenger of Allah Almighty upon which, Last Holy book, Quran was revealed).Now, the question which pops up in your mind, could be; Why was there such need? And Why Should You Learn the Holy Quran with Translation

This blog has been divided in three parts for answering them well.                                                 

  • Understanding
  • Read Quran with translation but why
  • Implementation phase; a guided approach


  Questions stated above are our subject matter and will be answered onwards. Just as we buy new machinery (Example ; microwave ) you do need  to  have a sound knowledge of its proper working  , the pros and cons , the Do’s and Don’ts to maximize your benefit from your appliance You get it following its manual, human being itself is not less or more than it, We do need a manual , a track  in right direction to be followed ,benefiting us not just in this world but also  hereafter. For Muslim ummah ,its Holy Quran. Ever since beginning, Islam started spreading  its  was highly recommended to make Quran learning with a mandatory part of  life, the dire need of  which is now in the current era.

This is being reflected from the first revelation of Holy Quran (Surah e Alaq ,  verse 1-5). The verse one said “IQRA” , meaning “ Read”. This imparts us to learn the Quran with translation for our enlightenment.

Just as Allah, the initial A, Alif is like a straight line, on one end of which its Allah and on other, it’s you and me. So is the Holy Book, Quran being reflected as a divinely rope being transcended as from sky to earth.

For absorbing the message of a communicator in the best possible ways, we do need to understand its meaning in the context of its origin. As Arabic, the Quranic language is  neither our first, nor second language second for most ; thus for quenching the spiritual thirst   and better our ourselves both being as an individual ,and a Muslim ; we do need to know its translation in our language to grasp its meaning well. As without translation its mere text reading , though   every harf  in the whole word blesses us  ten guaranteed virtuous , but this not only the aspect it was meant for.

2.Read Quran with translation but why

Enlisted below, are pointers why you should learn the Quran with translation.

  • Getting to know your creator message well
  • How would life hereafter be
  • Preaching after learning
  • Heart Purification
  • Understanding your existence purpose
  • Improved Salah
  • Key for success

Learning the Quran with translation will help you in these and many more. This is a whole sea of knowledge; in which once you are in, can’t separate yourselves

3.Implementation Phase  , a guided approach

For moving towards  solution on implementation phase , if we   dig deeper , to know ; where to start from , how to influence people ,  which  age group to target and which approach and mode to adopt in accordance with market trends; we have enlisted below crystal  answers

  • Online Quran classes

For creating a significant and noticeable impact in society we do need to keep a track of market requirements, research and analyze which teaching moods are trending in which area. Later choose and modify what suits you for your specific subject matter and work accordingly. The digitization has casted deeper impacts on Quranic teaching adaptations as well. People now prefer online learning, contrary to on- site academies and home based teachings because of busy tightly packed schedules. Online Quran classes are far so forth an appropriate practical approach to all wrongs!. These online classes not merely give you access to course study material , detailed discussion with your online Quran teacher, but also an opportunity to meet with fellows , across the globe, giving you an edge to learn and grow all together.

  • Online Classes for kids

For ensuring , the input to bore fruitful outcomes; there is a need to understand fact, it’s not your pace in online Quran classes which matters more but the guided right direction in light of facts  figures  and analysis. Today’s kids are our next generation, and it is our due responsibility to do groom them spiritually apart them physical and mental growth. Kids are more passionate and capable, having a good learning capacity. Online Quran classes designed for kids would prove to be a benchmark in their lives and they will have a chance to benefit greatly from it.

  • Online Quran Teachers

For making the online Quran Classes a worth effort, the next mandatory requisite is specialized and experienced teachers with a sound hands-on dexterity. They are required to teach in accordance with their target age group, their pre-existing knowledge. Plan course considering, why students joined Quran for kids and what are their expectations from it. Online Quran teachers share knowledge and experiences by best possible means. For kids, they will prefer to teach them in attractive digestible chunks, easy to comprehend, absorb and memorize. Following approaches may help online Quran classes in course outline finalization.

  • Competitions with prizes for runner ups
  • Islamic Video Games
  • Video classes to make classes more interactive and lively
  • Daily Tasks
  • Best Student award for kid by end

In Conclusion:

If we are looking for peace in lives, by being dispatched from Islam, it not possible. Islam is the complete code of conduct. Kids have the purest heart which if   told the difference the right and wrong can shed the dark deep clouds of despair. All they need is the authentic and verified knowledge by proper means in an easily understandable way. They are our assets, future of state and world. It’s our responsibility what we make them and how we train them.

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