How to Launch a Gojek Clone App? Complete Process, Features, and Cost

Hey! The birth of on-demand services has compelled people to snub traditional services, which has further progressed the growth of such online services. So, business owners who have previously been stuck with traditional services are now crawling towards online services. 

Ultimately, entrepreneurs, who have understood the pulse of on-demand services, started their venture. This write-up will be a comprehensive narration of Gojek clone app development, which is a relevant and efficient app solution for multi-services app development. The next 5 minutes will be valuable for you as you will pass through the nitty-gritty of creating a multiple services application.

Potential benefits of launching an app like Gojek

Gojek is a standalone multi-services application that has been challenging other multi-services apps from the time of its inception in Indonesia. Over the years, Gojek has been on the top of the multi-service marketplace, thereby attaining competitive benefits. 

Below, we will witness the benefits of developing a multi-service app like Gojek that is applicable to your business, customers, and a community of sellers/service providers.

  • A multi-services app lets users meet all their requirements in a single application, which is considered to be the foremost benefit. Since the app flaunts a mammoth variety of on-demand services, the user engagement rate will size up rapidly.
  • From the revenue point of view, a multi-service business is a lucrative one. When you provide more than one service, your revenue from commission rate will automatically surge up. If an app flaunts a massive user base, then advertisers will start crowding towards your app to sell ads, thereby you can increase your revenue from advertising charges
  • A diverse group of local service providers and seller communities get clear exposure to their brands across a vast user community.
  • For users, a multi-services app is feasible in every way. Commencing from the number of services they can avail themselves of to the number of payment options available, to on-time delivery. 
  • Finally, multi-services apps have created a tremendous amount of job opportunities for delivery drivers. Apps like Gojek facilitate delivery drivers to carry out deliveries for different services as per their availability. For instance, a taxi driver is idle at a given time and wishes to carry out any other delivery service like grocery/food, etc., then the driver can go ahead with that delivery.

The limitless benefits proffered by the multi-services model make it a preferable business idea for entrepreneurs like you. We will drill down further to perceive the stages to adopt for developing a multi-services app like Gojek.

Elucidation on the stages to adopt for starting a multi-services business

  • Identify potential customers

The growing number of multi-services apps will be challenging for beginners like you. Yet you can outwit those challenges with a broad understanding of your potential customers. While targeting potential customers, you will identify two types of customers. The first type is where customers will be new to a multi-service app and the second type is where customers will already be using a multi-service app.

You need to prepare separate marketing campaigns for each of these types. For the first type of customer, you have to explain the benefits of using a multi-services app elaborately. And for the second type of customer, you need to identify the demerits/pain points of their existing app and then explain how you have addressed them in your app.

  • Identify the potential competitors

Once you have identified the categories of potential customers and their needs, it’s time to shift your focus to identify potential competitors. Before everything, you must choose a target region that works well for your budding business. The region you choose to deploy your business should show demand from customers as well as there shouldn’t be any major players. Got it?

Suppose you deploy your business in the competition-rich Southeast Asian market, then your business will definitely be abandoned as the market is dominated by Gojek and Grab. Generally, when there is a top player in the market, customers will not show interest to try out a recently-launched business service.

  • Expose your unique selling points

A chief metric that differentiates your multi-service business from your potential competitors is the set of unique selling points. Your business offerings should be advantageous for your stakeholders, which will help your business stand out from the competition.

Crucial things to consider while framing unique selling points for your business includes the number of services, amenities provided for delivery persons, and the features as well as the UI of the app.

For example, if your competitors offer 10 on-demand services, you can provide additional services in your app, provided the additionally added services must be useful for customers. Likewise, by giving flexibility to delivery drivers in terms of order acceptance and working hours, you can outwit your competitors.

  • Start off your app development

Now, you have enough inputs for developing your multi-services app constituting the expectation of users, unique selling points, etc. Now, you are left with actuating these inputs in the form of an application.

Developing a multi-services application is an intricate process. The more the number of services you want to add to the app, the more the development process will become complex. And hence, the time required to complete the development and different phases of testing will be high.

If you want a high-standard application and at the same time, cut short the time involved in the development, then the Gojek clone is the savior. 

The above-mentioned Gojek clone is a pre-made script that encompasses all the requisite features and provisions for scaling up the app. In this ready-made Gojek clone script, you will be adding a stack of additional features if your business calls for them. With this, the stages to adopt for starting your multi-services business come to a close. What’s next? Scroll down to know.

Set of modern features for your multi-services app

  • Social media signup

One of the modern features that allow customers to sign up for your app in no time is the social media signup. Otherwise, customers can also use their email address or mobile number to register on the app.

  • Booking scheduler

Customers can choose the date and time for getting any on-demand service before confirming their bookings. They can even reschedule their bookings at any time before the due date.

  • GPS-enabled tracker

For easily tracking the location of orders, customers are provided with an in-app GPS-enabled tracker.

  • Route optimizer

Finding out the shortest route manually is difficult. Hence, a feature called route optimizer is incorporated into the app for helping delivery drivers in identifying the shortest route.

  • Multi language support

For better experience and to cover global audiences, the app should support different languages.

  •  Payment options

The preference for online payments is increasing among customers. So, integrate additional payment options into your app irrespective of the common ones.

Cost estimation for a standard multi-services app development

The app development company will release a quote for your app development project based on some factors. They are

  • The platform you choose for releasing your app (Android/iOS)
  • The stack of technology incorporated 
  • The number of features added
  • The location from where you hire your developer

In order to launch your Gojek like app instantly, choose a reputed white-label app development company like Appdupe. Get their ready-made Gojek clone to create a sturdy and efficient multi services app.

Summing up, that’s a detailed summary of Gojek clone app development. Keep upgrading your business offerings as per the trends that arise. Good luck!

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