How to know that it is time to change your kitchen appliances?

While you may have revamped your whole kitchen recently, the kitchen appliances may not maintain that shine for a long while. These appliances are used extensively and daily, for example, your cooktop, the dishwasher, or microwave. Regular repair or even replacements are crucial for their proper functioning.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you wake up in the morning, ready to take on the day, and find out that your stove is not working. It could be even worse if you end up finding that your refrigerator broke down in the middle of the night and all the food has become a waste. It would be very late to do anything other than call an expert for repairs or buy a new one in such a case.

To avoid a situation like this, keep in mind the following tips:

Functional life

All electronic appliances have a functional period in which they perform efficiently. Let us understand this through an example; a dishwasher is a common kitchen appliance in most houses. They are used almost daily and go through constant wear and tear. Their continuous use makes it essential to get them regularly repaired.

The average life span of a microwave is nine years, while for an oven, it is around 13 years. After this period, it is advisable to replace the product rather than spend a hefty amount on repairs.

Technological changes

Technology is regularly changing, which makes your electronic appliances obsolete. When you’ve been using the same electronics for a long, you tend to miss out on all the new features you could experience in the same appliance. It is advisable to upgrade to a unique model if you want to enjoy all the new features.

Deciding between repairs or replacement

If a kitchen appliance breaks down, you would have two options to replace it or to get it repaired. This decision is not an easy one and seldom requires pondering upon it. You have to consider all the costs involved in both cases and decide upon them according to your budget. Other factors like life span, usage, or warranty period have to be considered for the decision.

But even after meticulous inspection, you may not be able to figure out what to do. In that case, many well-established companies have guides to help you decide.

Energy efficiency

Every year, advanced models of the same appliances are rolled out, which eventually leads to a more eco-friendly environment and, more importantly, energy efficiency. Energy-efficient appliances use less electricity to perform the same function as their counterparts. Opting for these would help you save money in the long run. Thus investing in energy-efficient models would be a prudent choice than spending on repairs.

Kitchen aesthetic

If an appliance doesn’t just fit into your kitchen aesthetic, you might want to replace it. An appliance should not look out of place in your kitchen if you want your kitchen to maintain a sleek, sophisticated look. Therefore, if your budget allows it, you should opt for replacement.

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