How To Improve Employee Efficiency and Performance

Your employees are the biggest investment you’ll make as a small business owner. Indeed, the people you hire will become the face and lifeblood of your organization. That’s why it’s important to ensure they have an environment in which they can thrive and reach their potential.

As time rolls on, company culture becomes increasingly important to the success of businesses. Fostering productivity means providing your team with the right tools and atmosphere to do their best work. Continue reading to get some tips to help improve employee productivity.

Embrace workplace wellness.

Employee health is a growing concern for small businesses and large firms across the United States. It turns out that unhealthy team members aren’t the most productive. One of the best ways to ensure workplace wellness in your company is to make it part of the culture.

By instituting a company wellness program, you can foster an environment where employees make healthier choices. By offering financial incentives for improved health outcomes, you can increase the wellness of your team members. is a workplace wellness program that uses the latest technology and mobile apps to monitor health and track the progress of members of your wellness program. Large employers and small businesses use these programs for workforce management and health risk assessment, allowing them to put people in positions that match their level of fitness, cutting injuries and absenteeism.

Workplace wellness includes mental health as well. COVID-19 has shown us mental health is as important to someone’s health status as their blood pressure or heart rate. Embracing mental wellness and creating a work environment conducive to peace of mind will help your enterprise see gains in employee productivity.

Let your customer support staff work from home.

Another thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that certain jobs are better done from home, and customer support is one of them. Customer support teams that work from home experience less turnover. The key is providing them with the right cloud based call center software.

Bright Pattern’s virtual call center and contact center software enables companies to handle high volumes of incoming calls and automate outbound calls using interactive voice response (IVR) technology. IVR boasts natural language voice recognition, ensuring the integrity of customer interactions with the automated system.

Another great thing about having a remote call center is that it’s much more affordable than an on-premise call center. All your employees need is an internet connection, a laptop, and access to your company’s CRM to provide quality customer service.

Provide performance bonuses.

Sometimes, the best way to enhance team member productivity is to provide incentives for commendable performance. Winning performance bonuses is about more than money for employees. It’s also proof of excellence. One way to think of a performance bonus is as a trophy. You’re both acknowledging and rewarding an employee’s exceptional contribution to your company.

Certainly, your supervisors can advise you on who your most productive employees are, but OKR software is the best way to track performance across your organization. OKR software uses analytics to deliver performance metrics that paint an objective view of an employee’s performance.

Encourage employee input.

Whenever you’re considering implementing significant changes to your operations or company infrastructure, you should consult the people these changes will affect most. Your team members know your business as well as you do and can give you insights you couldn’t get elsewhere. By including them in any discussions regarding the direction of the company, you build trust between them and the company and show them you respect and value their opinions.

The employee experience is integral to creating the ideal customer experience. Creating the ideal conditions for your employees will help boost productivity and revenue.

Some ways you can make life better for your employees are embracing workplace wellness, letting your customer support staff work remotely, encouraging employee input, and rewarding bonuses. After all, if you want to get the best from your employees, you have to get them the tools and incentives.

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