How to help your teenager deal with acne?

Almost all teenager gets acne. According to a survey, more than 85% of teenagers get acne. However, acne type and severity may differ from person to person according to their condition. This condition can occur due to clogged skin pores, painful pimples, and hard deep lumps. Acne condition can also transfer from parents genes. If one of your parents (mother or Dad) had acne, likely, you will too have.

During puberty hormonal changes in a teen can also lead to acne. However, the good news is, Top dermatologists in Mumbai claim that they can treat acne in teenagers without causing scars.

How to help your teens?

Take acne seriously

Telling your teen that the blackheads, pimples, and other blemishes might clear on their own can help them. Having acne for a long time can also lower their self-esteem. Kids with acne can also be bullied in their classrooms and playgrounds. The main thing is you treat acne before getting worsens.

Try to reduce stress

In teenagers, we have also witnessed that everything can become stressful especially if you are having acne. Reducing the stress of your child can also help them to remove acne. You need to keep your child busy in sports and other activities so they don’t get stress and lonely.

Remind your teens of acne treatments

To get rid of acne and scars you can remind your teens eventually to get acne treatment in Mumbai. According to a survey, when parents remind their kids of getting medication for acne treatment genuinely backfires. Reminder from parents is more effective in either way.

Parents can also prevent their kids to use certain things that can trigger acne. Such as they can prevent them from scratching their skin. This will lower the rate of bacterial spread.

Watch for depression

Having acne can depress your kid further. Studies also show that removing acne through proper treatment also lowers depression and relieves anxiety too. Depression can affect one’s life badly. If your kids suffer from depression or show below signs, this can increase or worsen their symptoms.

  • Los of interest in some activities once they enjoyed
  • Sadness lasts longer than a week
  • Tendency to avoid social activities

If you notice the above changes in your kid’s behavior, while having acne, it might be the perfect time to consult with your doctor immediately.

Let them meet the doctor alone

We witnessed that parents never let their children meet dermatologists alone. In this scenario, they can’t express their feelings and their situation. If you let them meet alone, the dermatologists will check them deeply without hesitation to properly diagnose the situation.

Stop them popping acne

Unwanted touching on affected skin can simply increase the symptoms. Teenagers believe popping a pimple is the fastest way to clear it out, but popping it can make things worsen. Every time you touch your pimple it will only help to spread infection.

Use of skin care products

Always make sure that your kids use skin care product that doesn’t trigger acne. The product should be

  • Won’t clog pores
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Oil-free

If the skin products your kid using are oil-free and clog-free, it will definitely help to clear acne and scar.

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