How to Handle Tenant Disputes

How to Handle Tenant Disputes

Tenant problems are very stressful to deal with for any party involved. For this reason, it is better to brace yourself for several disputes that will come your way. Being prepared is important to help you deal with them calmly without involving a third party. If a quarrel arises because of things like repairs, rent increases, and security deposits, you can always find a way to resolve them. Before involving the courts, several ways can be used to resolve any tenant dispute. Moreover, you can include an outline of resolving a dispute in the rental agreement. Below are a few guidelines that will help you handle your tenants.

Know the Laws

The most important thing is to make yourself familiar with landlord-tenant laws. This is a preventative measure to reduce the number of disputes. Most conflicts arise because one party is not familiar with the rules agreed upon; hence, understanding them will make work easier for you.

Keep Records

Keep records of all complaints and frustrations brought to you by the tenants. It’s also important to keep notes of your conversations. This will help you know where the problem lies and assist you in solving issues better.

Know How to React

Another critical factor is understanding yourself and knowing when and how to react. You need to manage your anger and control your emotions. Allow the tenants to express themselves in whichever way they see fit. You can invite a third party into the situation if it escalates beyond control.

How to Solve Disagreements

It is essential to talk to tenants openly by keeping in touch. Communication is a crucial aspect of preventing and solving problems. This allows you to discuss the matter comprehensively and come up with a satisfactory solution.

Try to solve all issues face to face. Other mediums of communication, such as letters, emails, and phone calls, are not as effective as meeting one-on-one. Physical meetings show that you are confident in handling the situation. It will also take less time to settle the matter.

If disagreements between tenants arise, take time to understand both parties. It would be best if you did not take any sides. This will allow you to analyze the situation critically to come up with the right solution.

If a disagreement between housemates arises, try to avoid involving yourself to allow them to solve their dispute. It is also essential to remind them to observe the rules in the rental agreement. However, for the interest of your property, you may step in as a mediator.

Avoid procrastinating when dealing with tenant problems. This will make the situation even bigger. It is vital to solve any issues immediately they arise. Additionally, when dealing with tenants, make sure that you show concern and are genuinely willing to solve their problems. You want the tenant to have the confidence in you to sort out the situation. Avoid dismissing complaints without proper explanation.

In case a situation is out of hand, involve a professional mediator to help. This will maintain the reputation of the business as well as avoid enmity between tenants and the business. It’s okay to seek assistance if you are not able to solve a problem yourself.

If lawyers are involved, let them be the decision-makers. This can lead to a settlement without having to go to court.

Another way of solving disputes is by arbitration. Like mediation, a third party is involved. An arbitrator’s decision, however, is different from mediation since its final. Even when the decision seems to favor the tenant, consider owning the problem by making peace with the tenant.

A court can be the last resort for solving tenant disputes once you have exhausted all other options. You may present the problem before a criminal or civil court, depending on the gravity of the matter.


Acquiring problem-solving skills is very important. This said, the above points are essential in improving how you handle issues arising between you and the tenants or tenant-to-tenant.

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