How To Grow Your Self-Storage Business

If you are looking for ways to grow your self-storage business, there are several tried-and-proven business strategies that you can use. It really does not have to be something that costs you a lot of money or that requires you to drastically adjust your business model.The strategies can also work well if you have underperforming units.

Know your customer. Knowing your customer entails knowing what they desire, what motivates them and what problems they are trying to solve. It means understanding what solutions you can provide to them and how you can make their lives easier. In the storage business, you may have several customer types so be prepared to cater to each one.

Once you understand your customer well enough, you should make an assessment and be able to create an irresistible offer. The offer should be tailored to your customer so that when they have a look at it, they would feel as if they are missing out if they did not take you up on it.

Make it a priority to go above and beyond for your customer. When you go above and beyond for your customer, you connect with them on an emotional level and you’re bound to win their loyalty. This is not really about providing good customer service. It is more about possibly finding ways to connect with your customer sometimes even outside of exactly what your business offers. It has a lot more to do with simply paying attention to the customer to sometimes offer some kind of help or token they would not expect. In the storage business, this could for example take the form of offering some sort of special non-standard storage solution for unique items like paintings.

Measure everything. Measuring everything in your business is the only way to guarantee that you know exactly what is going on in your business at all times. For instance, measure where your customers come from, measure which of your advertising efforts convert better. You can measure how many people come to your site or office, the percentage of visitors that are new or returning, the average number of times they spend deciding whether or not they will use your services. Also, find out from customers which of your marketing efforts led them to your business. This strategy will help you decide which efforts to continue to invest in and which efforts need improvements.

These strategies can also work for underperforming properties. Depending on where those facilities are located, the ideal customer that would use those offerings might just be a bit different from customers making use of your other properties. If you are sure your business offers the best portable storage containers, then measuring all the variables related to your business will help you to identify the problem pretty quickly. It is also important to keep measuring because historical figures can never indicate future performance. Often underperforming units are like that because owners assume that what they are doing works, but the figures will show when that changes and when. You can use the information to make sure your business continues to grow.

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