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Douglas McCoy is the ReCreation Expert or the ReCreation King. He has been very fortunate to have some incredible challenges in his life that most people may consider as problems. You discover things and acquire knowledge in various ways. You either learn through experiencing all the problems in life yourself or learn from other people’s experiences and save all the suffering and pain. Douglas has taken in the lessons and learned from his amazing life experiences. So, he has definitely made it possible for you to learn and save you the suffering of trying to live through 30 people’s astounding experiences, challenges, and lessons yourself the hard way; and jump into the future much smarter and more informed to save yourself several lifetimes.

Douglas McCoy has developed training modules and seminars for the very impetus of showing you how you can maximize your potential. For then again, you may not know it yet, you are a very powerful being!

Coupled with his team of leading coaches, Doug can tailor his presentation to suit your requirement through Australasian Success Academy.

“Making winners is our business, dynamic, successful and happy people are our product.”                                                            – Douglas McCoy

Furthermore, since Doug grew up not enjoying or even able to read, he decided to take several years off work, to develop a series of books to help people enjoy reading much more. He developed new techniques in the way he put his books together to make reading so much more enjoyable, stimulating and fun.

These techniques he compiled together to develop the Right and Left Brain Certified Books for learning which have helped him gain the reputation of being called the ReCreation Coach and the ReCreation King.

The How Cool Series is the world’s first series of books written especially for Right and Left Brain Readers. This series of life and self-improvement books have been tailored to help you enjoy reading and understand the principles of Personal Development. These books are aimed to assist you and help real people develop greater self confidence, improve self image and have greater personal belief while they learn and adopt the amazing skills being taught to teach you How to ReCreate yourself.

The main website of Douglas ReCreation King it has motivational worth reading stuff to Rebuild 

yourself such as.

  • ReCreate Yourself
  • ReCreate Your Business
  • ReCreate Your Health
  • Turn Your Life Around
  • Convenience – We will come to you.
  • Experts –  All Coaches are selected for their experience
  • Focus – We will keep you focused on your goals, vision and purpose.
  • Fun– We will make it fun for you

The secret of world’s most famous leaders, sports persons, businesspersons and top-rating individuals are coaches. They know the difference of having a good coach by their side all the time whether they are only starting out or they are advanced in their game. It is very crucial to have someone providing feedback, support, a different viewpoint that would see these individuals reaching their goals. Through the years with Douglas McCoy and a team of highly-trained coaches at Australasian Success Academy, we have developed ReCreation Coaching to inspire people to breakthrough and experience excellence in their performance. Our ReCreation Coaching is to help those whose excuses are overshadowing their results

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                                Douglas  McCoy

Between where you are and where you dream of being. You have the power to turn your life around and achieve what you really want, now!
you deserve to uncover the Powers you already have, and learn how to ignite them to ReCreate Yourself

to Be, Have and Do who Deserve to be. Millionaire mind magnet is designed to help you discover and apply simple keys to remove the blockages, ignite the dreams and create the magnetism to draw greater life, love and prosperity into your life in abundance. Is that what you want?



The reason so many people do not find success or wealth easily is because they do not really believe or expect it. They give up on tasks or more significantly, they give up on themselves. They get excited about a sure system to create wealth or succeed and while that system is a winning formula, they lose their excitement, then their belief and stop putting in the needed effort and they eventually burn out.

But that so-called lucky minority, the historic 3 percent, do not give up, but continue and soon uncovers an easier path to wealth and they eventually discover the famous pot of gold at the bottom of their rainbow.

To become financially wealthy is not as hard as many people believe. What you really need is a great system and a commitment to follow that system. Of course if you have not had wealth or you are not currently wealthy, then this might be a little hard to believe and that then is your real challenge.

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   Douglas McCoy

There and more negative self-talk that has been in people’s heads for the longest time without really realizing this is sabotaging them to achieve what they really want in life. Or if they must have discovered these internal dialogues that are not really serving them, they just don’t know how to stop them.

The Recreational King has Recorded different versions of CDs on different topics to ReCreate and Rebuild today’s generation’s depressed mindset into productive to improve their Health Along with Wealth With his motivational speeches. Douglas McCoy well known as The ReCreation King learned from his 35 years of his life and did a marvelous job by writing the juice from his 35years experience and develop a series of books in a very spectacular way to help people enjoy reading much more. Douglas has taken in the lessons from his amazing life experiences and adventures. So, he has definitely made it possible and easy for you to learn and save you from the suffering of struggle to live through 30 peoples astounding experiences, challenges, and lessons yourself the hard way; and jump into the future much smarter and more informed to save yourself several lifetimes.

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