How To Get Your Home Ready For Cold Weather

Winter is coming! You might have taken all the preparation for the upcoming fall and winter. But what about your home? Is it ready to keep you warm in the cold weather? If not, you have to get it ready so that you face no hassle during the cold season. Let’s see how you can get your home ready.

Inspect the Heating System

The first and foremost thing you have to do is check your home’s heating system. A good heater easily lasts for about 20 years. But you have to maintain it properly. The best way is to check it before each winter. This is the best time to change the filter or make any repairs.

Call a professional for a thorough inspection. It will incur some bills, but you will know if there is any issue or if any fixing is needed. So, make sure you inspect your heating system before the weather turns cold.

Fix Exterior Wooden Surfaces

When it comes to insulating your home, walls play the most crucial role. If you have a wooden wall, make sure there are no cracks or holes. You will have to seal them, caulk them and paint over them to keep your home better insulated.

Besides, wood trim around the windows and doors is especially prone to cracks and damage. Make sure you fix them before winter comes. Otherwise, no matter how good is your heater, you won’t get enough warmth in your home.

Protect Exterior Hard Surfaces

Now, you have to take proper care of your exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. Cold weather will affect them a lot. So make those prepared to withstand the cold weather. Your driveway, patio, or even walkways take heavy snow. You have to get rid of any issues before winter comes.

See if there are any cracks on any of your hard exterior surfaces. Use a concrete or masonry sealer to seal those cracks.

Insulate the Pipes

Pipes outside of the heating area are always a threat in the winter. Generally, pipes that run along the walls and those in the basement need insulation. The water inside can freeze and make your pipes burst.

So, the best way to protect the pipes is to insulate them with a pipe insulator. You will find them in hardware stores. Purchase it and wrap it around your exterior pipes.

Clean the Gutters

Check your gutters before winter arrives. See if it is clogged with dirt. In most cases, leaves block the gutters and prevent water from draining. In that case, debris will freeze into big size ice, damaging the shingle and your roof. So, take a ladder and clean the gutter. Make sure water can pass easily.

Stack Firewood

It’s finally time to order firewood. Order enough firewood to survive the whole winter. Stack them in a dry place and cover them with something. Do not keep rotten firewood in your home. It can damage your house. Most importantly, do not let them get wet. 

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