How to get Windows 7 ultimate product key

How to get Windows 7 ultimate product key?

Are you worried about how to get Windows 7 ultimate product key? If yes, we (Key 4 Good) are here to help you out in a step-by-step guide.

Key features related to Windows 7

First, let’s discuss some key features of Windows 7. It is related to the Windows NT chain of operating systems. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are almost similar to one another. However, Windows 7 has totally distinct graphics.

Comparatively, Windows 7 runs smoother, having a different layout from the last versions of Windows. Some other important features of Windows 7 to be enlisted are:

  • Widely used operating system
  • Windows 7 is easy to download
  • Besides, you need to get a Windows 7 product key to finish the installation process.


Windows 7 has extended themes and provides customized colors of background, icons, window chrome, mouse cursors, sound schemes, etc. A new theme pack extension introduced recently simplifies teme sharing and display wallpapers through RSS feeds available by Windows RSS Platform.

Desktop Slideshow

Based on a user-defined interval, the slideshow feature periodically changes the desktop wallpaper. Accompanied by a fade transition, this feature supports local as well as images obtained via RSS.


Windows 7 has been introduced with open application icons combined with the previous Quick Launch feature. Through the personalization Control Panel, you can change the color of the Aero glass taskbar.

As compared to Windows Vista, it is 10 pixels taller to accommodate a larger icon size and touch screen input. This feature also aids in maintaining the proportion of high-resolution monitoring modes.

Task Progress feature

It helps to know the progress of your task without requiring to switch between windows. The feature is used in Internet and Windows Explorer as well as third-party software.

Notification feature

The notification area has been redesigned in the following areas:

  • Network power
  • Presence of Action Center status icons
  • Standard volume

As compared to Windows Vista, Windows XP has displayed hidden icons above the taskbar. You can easily drag the icons between the window and the notification area whenever required.

You need to buy a Windows 7 ultimate product key to install a genuine Windows 7 on your device. Many users can’t purchase a Windows 7 ultimate product key for various possible reasons.

Get the Windows 7 product key

People waste hours and hours in finding product keys on the internet to install Windows 7 but failed. We, “” are here to help you in providing the genuine and legitimate ultimate product key for Windows 7.  We prompt you a valid product key for your operating system if you follow the Windows 7 installation steps rightly.

Steps to use Windows 7 ultimate product key

Before using an ultimate product key, turn off the update feature of Windows 7.

The ultimate product key will not work if the update feature is not turned off.  The verification will face trouble as your key might be detected as a duplicate key.

Follow the steps mentioned below to turn off the update feature of your Windows 7:

Step 1

Open the “control panel” by clicking on the Windows button through your cursor.

Step 2

Now click on “System and Security.”

Step 3

Then click on “Check for updates.”

Step 4

Select “Never check for updates” from various options by clicking on change settings popping up in the left sidebar.

Get genuine and legitimate Windows 7 ultimate product key

Many people search for the Windows 7 ultimate product key on the internet but could not find the genuine key. Windows 7 keys have become rare now. Nowadays, it’s difficult to get a Windows 7 product key, but we have got the solution to your problem. We provide genuine and legitimate Windows 7 product keys.

The Windows 7 product key is a twenty-five character code that is required to activate Windows operating system on your personal computer.

The twenty-five digits code looks like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

You may already know that without a product key, you’ll not be able to activate your PC. It also verifies that your Windows copy is genuine. Without an ultimate product key, you won’t be able to run your Windows on PC, even with genuine Windows.

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