How to get the latest price of diamonds?

Diamonds have been in high demand since time immemorial. Diamonds are precious jewels and need to be assessed well before the purchase is made. They are used in a number of jewellery and make the appearance of the ornaments more attractive. However, considerable research on the subject and several factors need to be assessed while purchasing. This prevents one from being tricked and paying more than the required price.


Diamond prices are determined by several factors like weight, colour, clarity and market factors.  The weight of the diamond you purchase must depend on the budget and the jewellery you require it for. The size of the diamond that is required for the jewellery is an important factor. Nature produces diamonds which are comparatively smaller in size than the large ones. Thus, the price increases with the weight of the jewels. The weight is measured in carat. 1 carat diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings. Engagement rings Hatton Gardens are highly popular for its quality and appearance.


The calculation of the price of diamonds is an important procedure that must be carried out before purchasing. To calculate the price, the weight of the diamond is multiplied by the price per carat. Price per carat varies from one place to another depending on the market factors and government policies. The best prices can be obtained through effective research on the same. In most of the cases, the actual trading price of diamonds will be lower but in other cases premium value is added to the actual price. The cut quality is an important determinant of the trading value. Thus, it is important to calculate the prices of the commodity roughly before buying.


The price of the diamonds is largely dependent on their features. Several characteristics influence the price all over the world some of which are discussed below:

  1. Colour

Diamonds are available in different colours. The colourless kinds are the most expensive ones and are graded as D, E and F. The other colours are known as ‘near colourless’ and the price varies accordingly.

  • Clarity

The FL grade or the flawless diamonds are the most expensive ones since there are no additional blemishes present.

  • Cut

Diamonds are manufactured with a cut technique to retain the maximum weight. Thus, the price increases with weight.

  • Shape

Diamonds are available in versatile shapes namely round, princess, radiant, oval, etc. The price varies with the shape. The round ones are the most expensive ones due to high demand.

  • Grading

The cost of diamonds is dependent on the grading which is carried out in laboratories. Gemological Institute of America is one of the most reliable laboratories that grade the diamonds.


The market factors that influence the price of the diamond include the demand and supply curve. Diamonds are mined in few places on the planet, thus the demand is more than the supply. The price in regional areas is lower than the rest. Demand is cultivated through effective advertisement and promotion.


While purchasing some points shall be kept in mind for convenience and in order to purchase the best jewellery within the budget.

  1. Quality shall be assessed carefully and the retailer must be reliable enough.
  2. Checking the certification is extremely crucial and a legit certification can ensure reliability and prevents fraudulence.
  3. C. Refer to the price charts as provided by the dealer and select one according to the budget.

In conclusion, diamonds are precious gems and should be availed at the best prices. Hatton Garden jewellers offer the best products within the price range and ensure the best quality.

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Christophe Rude
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