How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Your House

Would you like to go to someone’s place only to find out smoke smell all over it? You definitely would not. Whether it is from your cigarette, long burnt wood from your fireplace, or a nearby wildfire, the smoke smell can be irritating. It has some health implications too. If your home becomes engulfed with a smoke smell, it is very- important to clear it out of your home as soon as possible. 

To remove the smell permanently from your house, you have to start by throwing out the source of the smoke. Ventilation can help get out the smoke smell, but this is not the end of it. Here I will show you how to do it effectively. It will save your time and energy, most importantly- from the pain of strong smoke odor. Follow the steps below: 

Throw Away the Source 

Start your cleaning process by throwing away the sources of the smoke. It can be your cigarette, burnt wood, paper, or anything. Clear out your ashtray if you have any. 

Air Out by Opening All the Windows 

Ventilation is very- important for clearing out the smoke smell. You have to open up all the windows of your home. Air will flow into your house and take away the smoke smell. 

Increase Air Circulation 

The easiest way to increase air circulation is to turn on all the fans you- have in your home. They will force the indoor air out and bring fresh air from outside. The smoke smell will wash out with the airflow. Do not forget the exhaust fans from your bathroom. 

Sweep All the Hard Surfaces 

For sweeping hard surfaces, you need a mixture of hot water and white vinegar. Take 50% of white vinegar and 50% of hot water- mix them and clean your doors, kitchen counters, fans, fixtures, etc. Use a mop to clean your floor. 

Use a Vacuum Cleaner 

It might not be ideal for your sofa and carpets to clean them with hot water. Use a vacuum cleaner instead. It will clean up any dust related to the smoke. 

Steam Clean Your Soft Furnishing 

You have to steam clean your soft furnishings like sofa, carpets, etc. It will remove the smoky smell from them.  

Clean Your Glass Windows and Mirrors 

You have to sweep clean all your glass windows and mirrors to get the smell out of your home. Again use a mixture of vinegar and hot water to clean them. Use a soft cloth to clean the windows and mirrors. 

Clean the Walls and Ceiling

Wash your walls, ceiling, and kitchen cabinets with vinegar. Take a sprayer and spray vinegar on them. You do not have to rinse off the vinegar- it will dry out completely.  

Bowls of Activated Charcoal

Take some bowls full of activated charcoal and place them throughout your home- they will absorb the smoky odor from the air. You can use coffee grinds or baking soda instead of charcoals. 

Use an Air Freshener

After thoroughly cleaning your home, it is time to spray some nice scented air freshener for a quick burst of freshness. 

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