How to Get Money After Being Scammed by Claiming Compensation

If you have experienced a financial scam, you should be able to file for compensation in a small claims court or a criminal case. However, this process isn’t always straightforward. You must have good faith to win a claim. If the company you’re suing has been dishonest or fraudulent, you will want to prove this with evidence from the small claims court.

Bank of Scotland

A Bank of Scotland scam compensation scheme has been launched following the collapse of the company’s small business unit, HBOS. The bank was involved in a complex scheme that robbed hundreds of small businesses of money and left them in deep financial trouble. The fraud took place before Lloyds bought HBOS in 2009, and victims of HBOS can now claim PS3m in compensation.


The bank set up a compensation scheme in 2017, but has faced numerous criticisms, including from lawmakers and victims. The speed of the collection collected from a solicitor for compensation is a process and the amount being offered has also been criticized. A new set of measures will be announced by the Foskett Panel in the coming days. These measures aim to prevent similar scams in the future and ensure that victims get the right compensation.


A recent report has highlighted the issue of APP fraud and has urged banks to make more information available on how to protect customers from the pitfalls of these scams. It has also called on banks to make their safeguarding procedures and fraud detection processes better. 


The study also highlighted the fact that over 74% of Barclays customers had suffered losses as a result of APP fraud ( in the first two months of 2019. In a response, the bank has signed up to a code of conduct. The investigation focuses on 36 RMBS deals and involves more than $31 billion in subprime and Alt-A mortgage loans that were securitized by Barclays.


The investigation revealed that the bank deliberately misrepresented key characteristics of these loans to investors and rating agencies. As a result, the loans were significantly less creditworthy than they were reported. These borrowers defaulted at very high rates early in the life of the deals, and the value of the mortgaged properties was significantly lower than they were originally stated.


Barclays warns that fraudsters use psychological techniques to make people fall for their scams. They use techniques to convince victims to believe they are an authority, use pressure tactics, and prey on human nature. They also pretend to be trusted sources and make their victims believe they are receiving something in return.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank has issued a warning about spoofing scams. This type of scam involves impersonating a trusted source, such as a bank, in order to defraud people. The bank says it is taking steps to protect Britons and customers. Metro has highlighted some of the most common types of scams, and has launched a compensation process.


Phone number spoofing is a common scam, with scammers posing as the National Crime Agency, Department for Work and Pensions, and other government departments which you can learn about here. In order to avoid being scammed, customers should never give out personal information or passwords to unknown numbers. Scammers are also increasingly using website spoofing, where they mimic a trusted site.


Metro Bank has issued a warning to consumers about this growing trend. The banks have also joined a fraud reporting hotline to combat the problem. Customers can call 159 to report any fraud. Currently, HSBC, Metro Bank, First Direct, and Santander all participate in the scheme. The scam hotline is available to anyone in the UK and is free to call.



If you’ve lost money through a NatWest/RBS scam, you’re not alone. More than half of all complaints about bank fraud have been rejected by RBS, part of the NatWest banking group. Thankfully, compensation for this type of fraud is possible, and there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re protected.


The UK financial giant, once known as the Royal Bank of Scotland, pled guilty to defrauding counterparties, and will pay $35 million in fines. The British financial heavyweight has also been placed under probation for violating a non-prosecution agreement, and the UK government has described it as a repeat offender. It has admitted to manipulating prices by placing large orders, which were later canceled and used to make money.


In addition to these new measures, RBS is taking a more proactive approach to protect consumers. It has pledged to improve its fraud detection and act more quickly if a customer makes a payment that doesn’t match their records. This is a positive step for consumers, but it won’t prevent all types of bank transfer fraud.

Starling Bank, Ulster Bank and Virgin Money

If you are a victim of an APP scam, you can apply for compensation from the bank that you used. Under the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s Authorized Push Payment Scam Code, banks must protect their customers and reimburse victims of fraud. They must also publish their fraud reimbursements data.


The UK banking industry introduced the system to prevent these scams, and many companies have jumped on board. The scheme will protect consumers by checking the name on the account. The aim is to prevent fraud by ensuring payments go to the right recipients. The UK’s biggest banks have committed to this system, which will ensure that payments are made to the right people.


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