How to Get Featured on Top Tier Publications

Lately, it seems like everyone wants to be featured in tier publications. Being a blogger who writes for top publications, I have come across countless business owners who would do anything to be featured in tier publications that are taking the market by storm. The yearning to be featured in the publications is overwhelming. I would like to help them, yet, there are a few important facts which everyone needs to remember before opting for such a high-quality promotional move.

Be Realistic

I agree that being there on the cover of a top-tier publication can be exciting. It would help you gain many exposures.  The advice would be to have a realistic dream. Any unrealistic expectation would do nothing but bring disappointment. Now, this is the reason, you need to have your feet grounded and expectations low.

Think likea Reporter

It is important that you must think like a reporter. This means you should have an eye for a story. I have come across a great many publications with stories that do not attract attention or evoke interest. You might think that your business is the most exciting one. However, the others might not think so or agree. This is the reason; you need to make sure that only the interesting part is featured in the magazine.

Have Patience

I can understand the yearning to see yourself on the page of a top-tier publication. However, you need to remember that having patience is the best thing to do. You must be willing to give it time. I have written for Forbes for a long time. But, to get selected for the publication as a blogger, well, I had to spend years. Yes, hard work and patience two are the secrets of getting yourself on the pages of top-tier publications.


People don’t get connected to office life. They get connected to the life you lead outside. Therefore, do what newsworthy people do. They try to be present at the right place at the right time. You need to do that too. Party hard and promote yourself harder. Building brand value would get you features in tier publications a lot faster than you think. To conclude, I would say that being on top of your expertise would be the best way to attract the attention of the or you can opt for Frankie Quiroz’spaid methods. However, you must have the mindset to stick to it till your business gets featured in the tier magazines.

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