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How to fix a Dell Laptop Black Screen

There are many reasons why your Dell laptop might have a black screen. However, there are simple ways to fix it.

Most black screen problems can be fixed by simple troubleshooting, regardless of how old your laptop is.

Black Dell Laptop Screen

There is no one cause for this problem. It is important to determine if your laptop’s display is the problem or whether Windows is unable to connect to it and output an image.

You can repair or replace the display if the screen in your Dell laptop becomes fried.

This may not seem like the most difficult task depending on how complicated your laptop is. It can be difficult and require specialized tools. You may need to bring your computer to a third party.

There are many ways to stop Windows from showing a black screen, even if the display is not the problem and also information regarding the Error Code [pii_email_019b690b20082ef76df5].

How to fix a Dell Laptop Black Screen

Modern Dell laptops run Windows 10 right out of the box. These tips are only for laptops made in 2015 and later. These tips can be used with older laptops as well as many other laptops that aren’t made by Dell.

Start your computer. Restarting your computer from a power-off state with a fresh, cold boot can resolve a lot of problems. It’s not as simple as you might think to restart your computer correctly. Windows 10 has many options to speed up the process of rebooting by not completely shutting down.

Turn on Safe Mode. Try booting in Safe Mode if you are unable to get your computer’s image to turn on normally. Safe Mode will allow you to access the troubleshooting tools, such as updating graphics drivers and Windows itself.

Connect a monitor to your laptop. Windows will recognize a second monitor and you can then troubleshoot your laptop by updating Windows or your graphics drivers.

Install your graphics drivers. Graphic drivers can often cause display problems. A black screen can be fixed by updating to the most recent version. Your drivers can be updated from Safe Mode or via a monitor attached to your laptop.

Windows. Sometimes, issues can arise from missing important Windows updates. Safe Mode and a second monitor attached to your laptop can be used to update Windows.

Change the BIOS. Sometimes, the problem may be lower than Windows. If none of the above work, you can try updating your BIOS. This is a file that often does not get updated from the launch firmware. It could cause problems.

Reinstall Windows from scratch. If your BIOS isn’t working and you don’t have any reason to believe that there is a problem with your hardware, then boot your computer from Windows media and reinstall your OS.

The Dell laptop black screen Windows 10 issue is quite common. It may happen to you during the startup process or after login/updating BIOS and other cases. What triggers the Dell laptop black screen issue? This question matters a lot especially if you would like to solve the issue.

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