Metal materials are popular for their durability and longevity. It is one of the reasons for using metal to manufacture important pieces of equipment. The durability and strength of different types of metal make drilling them hard if you do not have the right power tools for it.

Among different power tool options for drilling metal, a drill press is the best. It ensures the highest precision cut even drilling on the hardest metal material. The operation is also easier with the right type of metal drill presses.

But, how to find the best drill press for metalworking?- Considering the material types, it’s a bit hard to find the right metal machining tool. So, we’ve decided to share the factors you should keep in your mind for getting the right drill press for metal.

Guide on How to Find the Best Drill Press for Metal

All you have to make sure the right power drill press will maintain your regular job, and make the task easier than ever. So, looking at the power, size, speed, and mostly the drill press types is a must for you. The right type of drill press will save your money and last for longer. Also, determine your work type to choose the right one for you.

Types of Drill Presses

There are mainly two types of drill press we’ve found that uses for metalworking. Let’s check out the right option for you.

Floor standing drill press for metal:

If you are dealing with large and heavy-duty metal materials often, you need a floor model drill press. They are larger and powerful enough to do all your metalworking. A floor-standing drill press is mostly used for commercial or industrial purposes.

Benchtop model for metal:

It’s the right model for a small fabrication shop or a DIY person. They are compact, portable, but comparatively less powerful than the floor metal drill presses. For most of the metal materials excluding those larger pieces, these bench models offer similar benefits to floor models.


For drilling in metal, It is a must to ensure precision and accurate cut with your chosen drill press. The precision rates may vary for different drill presses, so keep an eye on the specifications of the tool before purchasing.

Accurate precision is needed for any complex projects you are dealing with. It ensures the metal drill press will cut holes in the exact location you need.


The first thing you have to determine the exact horsepower that requires to finish the project. Now match the power with your chosen metal drill press to check it is the right one for you. Having a high-power motor in the machine allows you to deal with large pieces of metal faster and easier.

Variable speed rating

Tension points of different metal materials require variable speed rating in your metal drill press to work for each material efficiently.

Max drill load

Check out the drill load capacity of your metal drill press to determine the type of metal materials you can work with. It’s better to have the maximum drill load capacity that ensures completion of any projects.

Working table

It’s included with the metal drill presses that assign how large a piece of metal you can work with the table. A fewer metal drill press models allow you to switch out the work table to adjust the table size for your specific metalworking.

Chuck size

A chuck holds the drill bits in place. Its size determines the size of your bit to use on your projects. So, know the drill bit types first before purchasing a random metal drill press with the wrong chuck size.

Quill travel

Quill travel length lets you know how thick a metal piece you can drill with your metal drill press. It’s a must to consider the right drill press for the thicker metal.

Build quality

It’s a must factor to consider any types of metal drill presses. Make sure your chosen metal drill press is made of metal that ensures the highest durability and functionality. A well-built floor or bench metal drill press will save your future cost for repairing again and again.

How to Choose the Best Metal Drill Press for Perfection?

We’ve provided a complete guide on finding the best metal drill press and sorted it out according to different metalworking projects. The perfection of your chosen machine depends on your working type and requirement mostly. You will find a wide range of quality bench or floor standing drill press options for metal online. Keep in mind all our suggestions to choose the right metal drill press for commercial or DIY purposes.

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