How to Fact Check Images on Internet News?

We are living in an age of misinformation, causing huge trouble for us. Plus, what exacerbates the problem is we are unable to find the correct source of information or distinguish what information is false from correct. This is happening for every type of content available on the internet. But in this article, we are targeting images and giving our users one of the easiest methods – reverse image search – to find out which image is correct and which is not.

Finding Correct Images on the Internet:

To find out which image is correct and which is not, the only possible way is to locate its source. Once you get to the source, you can easily find out whether the image is authentic.

Here reverse image search comes in handy. A reverse image search helps to find out images being used online on the internet. Whatever image you reverse search, you can find out which website or social media platform is using that picture along with the sources mentioned. So if you look at an authentic source of that image, you can claim that the image is correct.

Ways to Fact Check Image:

There are multiple tools and websites that are offering reverse image search features to check the image validity. These websites and tools also feature the sources of the image. From these sources, a user can get an idea of the authenticity of the image.

1. Copy Checker Reverse Image Search Tool:

Copy Checker Reverse Image Tool is the first place to look for a reverse image search. The website’s features are the product of many search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing that makes it. The tool lists sources of images accurately and along with it the time and date of the image when uploaded.

2. Google

Google features one of the most diverse and updated databases of images. The user can search for an image by uploading images to Google Search – a custom-made image search engine. The results will appear on the screen. The result contains images from almost every website available on Google. From these websites, the user can easily locate the original source and finds out the originality of the image.

3. Yahoo

The next search engine that serves the purpose of reverse image search is Yahoo. Although Yahoo isn’t among the top search engines anymore, it gives an option of a reverse image search to its users. The users can upload the meta description or details of the image to the search engine and it will show the results. This gives the idea of the image is not original if the description and data of it do not match with the images that come out of the research.


Finding out the original images and distinguishing fake images becomes easier with reverse image search. We have listed the tools that help you find out which image is original and which is not.

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