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How To Excel In Your Economics Examination




The’ Singapore-Cambridge GCE’A’ Level Economics Examination is just round the corner. Do you want? To many JC students, it’s an ambitious subject which happens more than good memory and hard work as a way to prosper. If you are one of them who find yourself fighting in this particular subject, read on to understand about the perfect methodology to tackling the essay questions.

Analyse The Questions

Economics essay questions can be found in different forms, just like chocolate cookies in various different packaging. But with all the guidance out of your economics tutor, you should be able to reevaluate the questions and set them in to a couple of distinct categories. Individuals in precisely the exact same type could be answered by using the same set of economic theories. Have not you got enough good questions to analyze the questions? don’t worry. You should go for best economics books by click here.

Answer The Questions At A Systematic Way

A decent economics coach should have the ability to assist you develop a systematic means to simplify your essays. If you have yet to be taught about that by your economics coach in economics tuition, you’re able to consider the subsequent steps.

Identify the relevant economic concepts to be applied on your essay and define the following notions at the beginning of your essaywriting.

Apply the Relevant Economic Concepts on your Answer

At the examination, students have to apply the relevant economic concepts in explaining some complex reallife economic events. Most of the moment, there are many factors at work which may cause opposite conclusions. It’s important for students to pay as many as possible all major influencing factors and their unique effects within their essay. It’s also critical for the students to deal with size of the effects and draw a conclusion on what the combined effects are likely to be. After doing so, students are counseled to take under account real life requirements. Therefore, besides teaching the economic theories and methodology for writing a good economics essay, a decent economics coach should also have the ability to associate what they teach to real life economic events and events.

Evaluate your Answer

This will be the icing on this cake. A fantastic evaluation adds depth to your answer and can definitely set you apart from the others . Regrettably, some exceptionally qualified JC school instructors and knowledgeable economics tutors don’t perform a good examination. Some skip it.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter as much if you simply intend to maneuver. But to those who plan at an”A”, a good evaluation may become your pass into the team of A scorers.

Having mastered the right methodology, the others is memorisation and practice.

Compile A list And Memorise

Students are expected to memorise the economic theories just in order to employ them accurately in their essays. You need to have heard on your economics tuition what are the essential concepts that you will need to set on your essays. Compile a list of such notions as well as in consultation with your economics tutor, identify exactly what will be the most frequent conceptual errors that students frequently make. Spend some time with your economics tutor to experience these common conceptual errors in economics tuition.

Get Knowledge Of Real Life Cases

Economics is a topic that focuses greatly on application. Consequently, students need to employ what they’ve learned in economics tuition in their own economics tutors to reallife conditions. They are also needed to cite some real time cases after writing their essays. It will be beneficial if your economics coach has got the custom of sharing in economics tuition, a few real-life cases which may be used in your essays.

I hope the above recommendations may help you excel on your upcoming Singapore-Cambridge GCE’A’ Level Economics Examination. Please approach your economics mentor to get additional details and assistance. To excel in your exams successfully, find a economics tuition that is the best.

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Five Important Science Laws Every Student Must Know




Important Science Laws

“In Science, laws are a starting place from where scientists can ask questions like why and how?” says Peter Coppinger, an associate professor of biology and biomedical engineering at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. A scientific law is a description of an observed phenomenon. It doesn’t explain what causes the phenomenon and why it exists. A scientific theory, on the other hand, describes the observed phenomenon.

Five Important Laws in Science

Every law in Science has its significance and benefits, but in this article, we will list five laws that are ubiquitous and are applied to many everyday activities.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton’s three laws of motion define the relationship between the acceleration of an object and the force acting on them. They also govern how the motion of the objects change.

The laws of motion help us understand how objects behave when they stand still, when they move and when forces act on them. The three laws of motion state the following:

  • Newton’s First Law of Motion: “The first law of motion states that a body at rest or uniform motion will continue to be at rest or uniform motion until and unless a net external force acts on it.”
  • Newton’s Second Law of Motion: “The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.”
  • Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

These three laws can be applied to numerous situations to solve problems of motion.

Conservation of Mass and Energy

The law of conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy remains constant in an isolated system. It indicates that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another.

The law of conservation of mass states that the total amount of mass remains constant in an isolated system despite the chemical and physical reactions that may take place.

The principle of mass conservation is widely used in fields such as Chemistry, fluid dynamics and mechanics. The principle of energy conservation helps us solve the equations for velocity, distance, or other parameters that depend on energy.

Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points. The law holds only if the temperature and other physical factors remain constant. Ohm’s Law fails to explain the behaviour of semiconductor devices because of their non-linearity (ratio of voltage to current doesn’t remain constant for variations in voltage). Ohm’s Law is used to validate static values in the electric circuit, such as voltage and electric current.

Laws of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is a branch in science that describes how thermal energy is converted to and fro from other forms of energy and how this affects the matter. The fundamental principles of thermodynamics are expressed in the form of four laws. The four laws of thermodynamics state the following:

  • Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics: “ If two bodies are individually  in equilibrium with a third body, then the first two bodies are also in equilibrium with each other.”
  • First Law of Thermodynamics: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another.”
  • Second Law of Thermodynamics: “The entropy in an isolated system always increases. Any isolated system spontaneously evolves towards thermal equilibrium—the state of maximum entropy of the system.”
  • Third Law of Thermodynamics: “The entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero.”

Law of Universal Gravitation

Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any particle of matter in the universe attracts any other with force varying directly as the product of the masses and inversely as the square of the distance between them. It is a universal law because it applies to all bodies having mass.

These were some of the essential laws that every student must know. Hope you enjoy learning them!

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How To Download NCERT Books Pdf Easily for Students?



Are you trying to download the NCERT books? We will help you by elaborating the procedure to do so. NCERT has online books, solutions from class 6 to 12. The Government of India has already launched an app for mobile phones and Windows PCs. We will also share some alternative apps that are specifically created for mobile screens. 

We have mentioned three apps from which you can download the NCERT books easily. We ePathshala is the official app. 

  • ePathshala – 

This is created by a joint initiative form NCERT(national council for educational research and training) and HRD(human resource development). 

  • NCERT Books-

Created by Philoid, this app provides videos, chapter downloads for reading online and offline, NCERT solutions and discussions sessions. 

  • NCERT books and solution free downloads-

You will get every official NCERT books pdf, solutions along with RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, HC Verma etc. This app is created by DigiBooks Technologies(P) Ltd. 

Methods To Download NCERT Books Pdf Apk on PC

You can download apps on your Chromebooks, or android or iOS apps on your PC. Follow these rules to install the applications.

Installing Chromebook

Follow these steps to download Chromebook, 

  • Travel to Google Chrome settings
  • You will see Google play store, under it you will find Android Settings, click on it. 
  • Type ” install unknown apps” in the search bar and press Enter. 
  • After you have installed unknown apps, you will have plenty of options to install the apk offline 
  • Select a directory for saving all files. 

Windows PC Store App For NCERT(official) 

 Go to the Microsoft store and you will be able to see the file. When you find “Get”, click on it. And follow the process to install the application. 

The working NCERT Books Pdf app for PC is ePathshala. Students, teachers, parents and educators, anyone can have access to the file. This file is supported on multiple technological platforms. It can be accessed from windows phones, Android phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, desktops, computers and flipbooks. This app also has a simple interface for easy operation. You can zoom in & out, bookmark, highlight, navigate, share, make notes from it and many more features are included in the application. 

NCERT App On PC Using Android Emulators

You have to begin with, downloading an emulator then you can proceed to the installation steps. 

  • Download emulator

There are two Bluestacks app players for NCERT and Nox player android emulator. Follow this process to download any one from the options. 

  • Download app

After, you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, install it. It can be installed in both Windows and Mac. Click on the emulator to open it, search for the play store app. Now, open the play store and in the search bar type NCERT, and go. Download any NCERT link. Once, it is installed, open the file and start studying. 

Wrapping Up

We hope this was a useful article for you. These applications have everything from class 6 to 12. Whichever class you might be in, doesn’t matter, you can use this particular app. Even if you are not a student, you can use it. Students aspiring for NEET, IIT, JEE and other national competitive exams, should also start using this app to prepare yourselves. 

These are one of the best applications and only apply to download NCERT books.


  1. What is the difference between NCERT And CBSE Books?

CBSE or central board for secondary education is a governing body, whereas NCERT or National council for educational research and training is actually a council. NCERT publishes the book and CBSE board prescribes these books as their textbooks. CBSE uses these textbooks all over India. It is a uniform system of textbooks that CBSE follows nationwide. This gives a facility to the CBSE students if they are to be transferred in the middle of a session, they can start reading the same books and from where they left it. This makes CBSE one of the most popular and reliable school boards in India. 

  1. Is NCERT enough for UPSC? 

Technically yes, NCERT books are enough to crack UPSC examinations. Along with it, you need to read a newspaper regularly. The best would be The Hindu and Economic Times. Also, practising reasoning regularly will help you extremely. You can read these newspapers by subscribing to them or read ex newspapers. 

NCERT books cost very less, around 100 maximum per book. Therefore, this should not be an issue. If you can’t buy the books, you can download them using the above-mentioned process. 

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Using Cell Phones as Learning Tools




Cells phone are a source of distraction in the classroom. It is a major challenge for educators to prevent students from bringing cell phones in the class. With no significant success in doing so and the advancement of technology educators have found a solution to this problem.

The solution we are talking about is that educators have started using cell phones as a learning tool for students. According to the research conducted by Killer Papers experts, if used appropriately, cell phones can help to improve the learning outcomes of the students.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of cell phones when used as a learning tool in the classroom.

Replacing Personal Computers:

As time passed by, technology has made it possible for cell phones to be more powerful and have extended capabilities that you can compare with a computer. Due to this increase, the personal computer market has seen a decline in 2019. What do you think was the reason for this decline? It was because the concept of the personal computer has become older and replaced by the idea of the personal device.

Now you can install all the software and tools on your cell phone and smart device that is with you anytime instead of your personal computer that is available in your home only. With all these smartphones as powerful as a personal computer is you can use it for research purposes and all the tasks that were specific for your personal computers.

You can use the internet, read a digital version of a book on your cell phone, and even write on some of the smart devices with a special pen.

Application for Teachers and Students:

Another advancement of technology that has made cell phones a learning tool, is the development of different educational apps. There are several apps available specifically for teachers and students that help them to learn and practice specific skills and subjects. Now, these apps can be used in the classroom with a cell phone available to every student and teacher.

Apps that are designed specifically for teachers enable them to prepare lessons, plan the curriculum of a specific subject, add innovation to teaching methods, using different software and tools for creating infographics, and much more.

Student apps are designed to make them learn specific skills through practice. These apps use quizzes, games, puzzles, and innovative methods to engage students and make learning fun for them. Teachers and parents should maximize the benefits of cell phones by constructively using these apps.

Some of the famous learning apps are Duolingo, Instructable, and Evernote. There are several other apps designed for a specific skill set for students. You can find apps based on the skills and subject your children want to learn.


In a nutshell, if we talk about cell phones, they can be perfect learning tools. If parents, children, and teachers put a collective effort to use cell phones appropriately there can be a significant improvement in the learning outcomes of the students. Teachers and students should consider cell phones as a learning aid in the classroom instead of a source of distraction.

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How to prepare yourself for college?



What You Need to Know About Online Shopping Websites

College is very important to kids and parents. Parents will set money aside just hoping that their kids will go to college. Although kids grow up thinking they have to go to college in order to get a good job not everyone does. Getting ready for college takes a lot of hard work, dedication, effort and the will to do good in school. There are different things you need to do to prepare yourself for college. Most schools require certain standards to even be considered for acceptance. Some schools are better than others. 

If you know what school you plan on attending, it’s important that you check and see what their admission requirements are. Some schools have different requirements that you need to meet to be accepted into the school. This is why it’s beneficial if you start thinking about college as early as possible. This way you know exactly what you need to do to prepare yourself for college.

First off colleges require that you take certain tests before you even apply for admissions. So you need to be aware of which test the college of your choice requires you to take. Then you have to prepare for these tests ahead of time. You really want to prepare well for the test since your scores are a big part of you being accepted or denied. A lot of people nowadays use test prep tutors to make sure they are well prepared for the tests they have to take, Certain tests like the S.A.T’s Cbest and the Cset.

Once you get into college you’re going to want to prepare yourself before school starts. The transition from high school to college can be overwhelming for some. Especially now with the coronavirus pandemic making a lot of schools go online only. Its going to be something you will have  to adapt to. Before classes start, students should acquire all the necessary technology they might need to complete online courses successfully and research school resources before problems arise. So with the pandemic going on things are not going to be the same. Be aware of that. 

You are then going to want to start reading before heading to college. It’s good to practice on youre reading because in college the reading workload is much higher. So it is important to start reading regularly during high school and that summer before your freshman year in college. This way you are more prepared for all the reading you’re going to do in college.

Most colleges don’t require you to have a set major when you apply. It is important to start thinking of what you’re going to want to major in. The sooner you know the better, this way you can start taking classes that involve your major and you could be ahead of the game. It’s not necessary that you have a major set to apply though so you don’t have to rush but the earlier you know the better.  You’re also going to brush up on your time management skills. Since you’re going to have to be able to manage your time between all your classes, study and social time. 

For most, this will be the first time they will ever be out on their own. So they are going to know how to properly manage their time. It’s a huge transition between high school and college. So the more prepared you are the easier it will be for you to have a smoother transition. So make sure you do these things to get ready for college. It could make the difference between having a good or difficult transition.

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Why You Should Learn a Second Language




Why You Should Learn a Second Language

Learning a second language can be useful for multiple reasons. Vacationing in exotic places, traveling for business and meeting new people are all obvious perks to learning a new language, but it can be more than just a functional tool for communication. Learning a different language can actually expand the ways in which you think.

Learning Another Language Can Change the Way You Think

Many people are aware that learning a second language can do wonders for communication abroad. In addition to learning how to find specific locations and communicate effectively, language shapes how we think about foreign concepts and even ourselves.

Not all countries have the same words. While they may use different spellings and pronunciation, some words simply do not exist in other countries. For example, the word “reticent” in English is difficult to translate in French. While there are different ways of communicating the word, the meaning is translated in a slightly different way. Similarly, the German word “schadenfreude” which translates to a feeling of enjoyment derived from bad situations happening to other people, has no English equivalent.

Native language can shape how a person thinks. For instance, those who speak Russian as their native language are faster at distinguishing different shades of blue than English speakers. The priorities of a person and their society can be shaped by seemingly minute details in the way language is represented.

Career Advancement Through A Second Language

Being able to understand and speak a different language can help your career. This provides a significant advantage for people who choose to work at home. Many translation jobs can be done through a computer or phone and do not necessarily require in-office work. Knowing a second language can help with overseas markets, telemarketing and teaching jobs.

Regardless if you choose to work with those directly speaking a different language, knowing another language can help with any occupation. A person who is bilingual has a greater likelihood of getting hired and increasing their salary.

Traveling To Other Countries

Knowing a second language can help you feel comfortable and secure in foreign countries. Even countries that do not speak your language may be able to communicate through a second language. This can be particularly helpful in European countries.

Those who are able to speak another language frequently feel more at ease in other countries. At the very least, they are able to find locations such as hotels, hostels, restaurants and bathrooms without too much trouble. These countries can include places that many English-only speakers will not explore because of a communication gap. Certain areas in France, for instance, find it rude when foreigners will not speak French. This can deter many travelers from exploring countries of interest.

Meet More People

Those who are able to understand and speak a second language can meet more people. If you are limited to speaking only one language, your social and love life may be much smaller than those who can communicate with a wide range of non-English speaking people. When traveling, this is especially helpful.

Since many people from other countries have different life experiences, simply speaking to other people can influence your worldview. Politics, family life, religion, educational studies and current events can look different depending on where one lives and how they communicate. Even without traveling, language has the ability to influence what we find important and how we look at each other and ourselves. Knowing a different language can help people from all walks of life find common ground.


Learning a second language does not have to be difficult. There are many ways to learn a language that involve visual, verbal and demonstrative practices. Finding the right teacher and those who can help you practice on a regular basis can make the process quick and easy. Whether you’re interested in switching jobs, applying for college, meeting a romantic partner or exploring your own mind, languages broaden our perspective in all ways.

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