How to Ensure Your Workplace Safety Equipment is Up to Scratch

Now more than ever safety in the workplace is imperative. With the requirement of face masks returning to the UK as of the end of November, companies are expected to provide workplaces with the relevant covid safety measures throughout their offices to help ensure the safety of co-workers.

While workplace safety can come in a variety of different forms, one of the most vital aspects that often gets overlooked is the use of safety workwear.

In this article, we explore the importance of PPE within the workplace and how you can ensure safety equipment is up to standard practice.

Deciding what sort of safety equipment is needed

Every industry sector is different when it comes to deciphering what PPE to invest in. For example the PPE required for a construction worker will look very different to that of someone working from an office. It’s up to you, as the employer, to be aware of the PPE requirements across your business. While some will be legal obligations, others will simply be government advice which you can decide for yourself whether or not to implement.

What are the legal requirements on PPE?

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations act states that “employers must ensure that where risks cannot be controlled by other means, PPE should be correctly identified and put into use.” By law, additional obligatory PPE should be provided free of charge to employees who require it. According to official HSE advice, businesses must ensure any PPE provide is ‘CE’ marked, complying with the requirements of the 2002 PPE Regulations. 

What PPE Should be provided on construction sites?

Personal protective equipment on construction sites is incredibly important when it comes to health and safety of workers. Due to the nature of the dangerous surroundings of this working environment, hard hats and safety boots are a legal requirement and should be worn at all times on site. Alongside this, safety goggles to protect the eyes from dust and debris are also highly advisable. If workers will be coming into contact with strong chemicals, smoke, or any other substances that could prove harmful when inhaled, fitted face masks should be provided as a basic health and safety measurement. It is up to the workplace employer to ensure that staff members wear their PPE correctly and at all times when required on site. 

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