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How to Do Business From Your Smartphone?




Smartphones have become a powerful tool for small business owners.

With the right selection of apps, you can run your business from your smartphone no matter where you are, using what little time you have as a business owner.

From bookings to accounting to marketing, you can do it all from your smartphone.

Perks of Using a Smartphone For Business

Working from a smartphone is becoming increasingly common for many small businesses as we move into a digital work era. Business owners and their staff are starting to see the benefits of smartphone technology, such as decreased operating costs and new ways of connecting with clients and staff.

Business owners no longer need to invest their money in expensive technology when they first open their businesses. Instead, they can use existing technologies, like their smartphones, to run their business. A subscription for a business app is far cheaper than buying a work computer and an old, expensive software to run on it.

Small business owners often say they don’t have enough time to get through their business administration. It’s true that they don’t have one hour or two hour blocks in their day to sit at their computer and manually enter all their business admin. However, they do have a spare five minutes here and there between tasks. That’s why smartphones are great because you always have one on you and it only takes a few minutes to complete that one admin task that’s been bugging you.

Smartphones are also great for connecting with people. That includes your customers and your staff. Social media apps and communication apps make it quick and easy to reach out to your staff about important work information. It’s also opened up the opportunity for more flexibility in working remotely. These apps are also great for marketing your business and communicating with customers as messages sent through these apps have a much higher open and engagement rate. They also form a more personal relationship with your customers than emailing does.

How to Do Business Using a Smartphone?

Bill your clients

To increase the chance of your clients paying you, you need to bill them straight away. That means you need a quick way of sending them an invoice. If you don’t have time to go to your office and create one, another option is a simple invoice app like Bookipi. This app lets you create invoices, receipts, estimates and more in under a minute. You can save your customers and items to make the process even easier the next time. You don’t need to be in an office to use Bookipi. All you need is your smartphone and a few minutes of your time to bill your clients.

Track expenses and receipts

Tracking expenses and receipts is something that most business owners struggle with. It’s the kind of chore that you forget about once and then all of a sudden you need to spend hours on it to get it in order again. With an expense tracker app for your smartphone, you can simply add an expense when you receive it and take a photo of your receipts and store it with the relevant expense. If you choose a good expense tracker, you can sync your bank feed and your transactions will get stored and sorted for you.

Market using social media

Social networking channels and software like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and others have a host of fresh and exclusive marketing opportunities. You can use your social media page to communicate with your existing customers and share updates or completed work with them. You can also use it to reach new customers when you pay for social media ads. The great thing about social media ads is that you can customise the region and the demographic of the people you target to match your target audience.

Take bookings

Managing your calendar and your workload can be tough without a good tool. As much as everyone likes to deny it, you can’t manage everything in your head. A bookings app will help you manage your bookings, time and workload all from your smartphone. Some apps will even automatically add in the time you need to travel from one job to another. A bookings app will also be helpful in the future should you ever need to look back and see when you worked a particular job or how many jobs you did within a certain period.

Find work and advertise your services on a jobs app

With the way we do business becoming more digital, the way people find the right business to hire is also becoming more digital. There are a ton of apps that act as online directories and let you list your business and services. You can use these to find new jobs and reach new customers. You might not get lots of work from one stream but if you use a range of these apps, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting new work.

Roster staff

You and your staff can download a rostering app to manage who is working when and for how long they are working for. They can use these apps to clock in and out, removing the need for handwritten timesheets. They’ll also get notifications delivered to their phones so they’ll have no excuses about not seeing the roster.

Communicate with customers

Smartphones have added new ways of communicating with our customers. Social media apps and instant messaging are now also being used for business use rather than just personal use. While some people prefer to communicate via email or over the phone, texting and messaging feels more personal and has a better engagement and open rate than emails and you’re not dependent on the client being free at that exact moment like phone calls. You can also use public social media pages to send out customer communications if you have any breaking news that will stop you doing your work, i.e. weather conditions.

There are many ways to do business using a handy smartphone. Choose the best way for the business!

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This is why Bitcoin mining stocks are getting more attractive



Bitcoin mining stocks

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There are many ways to invest in the stock market and crypto, but bitcoin mining stocks are perhaps the simplest and fastest ways to profit from this digital currency boom. Investing in Bitcoin mining stocks means investing in companies that build and sell equipment that companies require to mine Bitcoins. Mining indeed requires high-end computers to solve complex mathematical equations. 

Since Bitcoins are not physically available as a product or coin, it needs to be “mined” by using computers to solve complex mathematical equations. A miner is rewarded with some of the bitcoins mined by doing so.

Mining stocks allow investors to buy a stake in the future success of a mining company. Stocks are an investment in the company, which means you are investing in the company’s assets and operations. 

Bitcoin mining stocks are similar to ordinary stocks because you can buy shares through the traditional way of trading online.

There are lots of different types of mining stock, but the best ones are listed below.

Bitmain Technologies

Bitmain Technologies
Source: Getty Images

Bitmain Technologies is a huge name in cryptocurrency mining. The company designs and manufactures mining hardware. It’s the largest and most well-known producer of this equipment.

Bitmain Technologies is a great example of how cryptocurrency mining has become a hugely important industry.

Bitmain is one of the leading providers of bitcoin mining hardware and chips. Bitmain Technologies Ltd. is a Chinese firm headquartered in Beijing. It designs application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for use in bitcoin mining and produces the machines it sells.

Bitmain was founded in 2013 by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan. The company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining equipment globally, with tens of thousands of employees.


Source: Getty Images

Antpool is another company that sells mining gear. It provides a wide range of services and software tools for other companies, particularly machine learning. Antpool is one of the top 20 Bitcoin miners, and it owns some of the largest mining rigs in the world. Antpool is traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the symbol ABX.

Antpool is a mining pool launched in 2016 and mined its first block on July 23rd of that same year. Antpool is a part of Bitmain Technologies LTD, which also operates and Antminer Manufacturing Company. 

Antpool currently controls close to 27% of the Bitcoin network’s collective hash rate power, with an estimated 13 million Bitcoin mined in total since its founding. As one of the most prominent mining pools globally, Antpool has a significant say in things like which upgrades will be implemented in Bitcoin’s protocol and what changes will be made to its consensus rules.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies

HIVE Blockchain Technologies
Source: Getty Images

HIVE Blockchain Technologies is a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol HIVE. The company operates a dual-pronged strategy of building out a state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure platform while simultaneously growing Ethereum mining operations across four continents.

HIVE brings together top technology, investment, banking, and legal advisors worldwide to create an innovative ecosystem that can support the future of blockchain applications across many different industries. In addition, HIVE is bringing ultra-fast execution, robust security protocols, and world-class customer service to make our mining operation one of the best in class in this space.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies is set to build one of the largest publicly accessible crypto mining networks in the world, with more than 1.7 million GPUs working at peak capacity.


Nvidia Corporation  designs graphics processing units for the gaming, professional, and mobile markets. Nvidia’s CMPs are a great choice when it comes to Bitcoin mining. With these types of chips, it has become possible to mine cryptocurrencies using less electricity. This has led to a new wave of crypto-mining enthusiasts using their personal computers or building elaborate rigs with multiple Nvidia chips. 

Nvidia manufactures the most powerful graphics cards on the market, making them perfect for cryptocurrency mining. Their high-end GPUs can mine coins like Ethereum (ETH) and Zcash (ZEC). 

CMPs use multiple GPUs to provide power for solving complex math problems to earn coins. As of this writing, there are two types of Nvidia CMPs: the GTX 1060 3GB and the GTX 1060 6GB. The GTX 1060 6GB has more VRAM than the GTX 1060 3GB, so it’s able to mine more complex algorithms in a single go.

The Future of Bitcoin mining

The Future of Bitcoin
Source: Getty Images

With the Bitcoin ETF just successfully launched in the United States, Bitcoin is gaining popularity. As a result, shares in Bitcoin mining companies have soared, and the Bitcoin mining industry is always more attractive for investors.

“We believe the perception of bitcoin as a better inflation hedge than gold is the main reason for the current upswing, which has resulted in a shift away from gold ETFs and into bitcoin funds since September,” said JPMorgan global markets strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou.

Bitcoin reached a new all-time high on Wednesday. The world’s largest cryptocurrency has surpassed the $66,900 mark, breaking the previous intraday record of $64,899 set in mid-April.

Many investors attributed the new high to the Tuesday launch of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which tracks bitcoin futures contracts based on the cryptocurrency’s future price. The ETF is denoted by the symbol BITO.

On the other hand, JPMorgan told clients that the launch of BITO is “unlikely to trigger a new phase of significantly more fresh capital entering bitcoin.” This is largely due to the plethora of investment options already available to bitcoin investors, including direct investment options via digital wallets at Coinbase, Square, PayPal, and Robinhood.

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Ways to get an FSBO Seller to understand Your Value



Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Texas

The key in order to taking more FSBO goods this week is getting FSBO retailers to realize the value that you offer. If they can see all that you are doing for them and how amazing it really is they will be knocking down your house for your services. Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Texas – FSBO vendors will gladly pay you due to the value that you provide for them.

Why don’t FSBO sellers listing with an agent then?

The actual #1 reason that FSBO sellers don’t use real estate agents is really because they feel that agents supply little to know value along the way. They feel that real estate agents just put a sign in the floor, a box on the entry way, and list the property within the MLS.

To get FSBO dealers to realize your value weight loss tell them yourself. They must arrived at this conclusion by themselves to completely realize that you are different from almost every other real estate professional and that you give a value unlike anyone else. They are able to and will realize this in case you give them the opportunity to do so.

Probably the most powerful ways to get FSBO suppliers to realize your value is to become others to tell them for you. 3rd party verification or testimonials supply a great validity for you and provide the FSBO seller a sense confidence about your work.

To operate each testimonial must are the following:

  • A reference to the place of the property that was offered. If possible the real address which was sold by you.
  • The particular testimonial should include the battle of the FSBO seller experienced in trying to sell the home on their own.
  • How they came about finding a person and their experience with you through start to finish.
  • A way to contact the actual testimonial source if at all possible is an extremely powerful way to make the brand new FSBO seller feel comfortable concerning the testimonial
  • A picture of the FSBO seller who is giving the particular testimonial should be available.
  • Typically the testimonial should be recorded on sound or on video with regard to maximum effect to be accomplished

Having others provide the causes of other FSBO sellers to make use of you is a quick method to increase the number of FSBO retailers that you have. If you don’t have past FSBO sellers but can provide typically the FSBO seller with other previous sellers you have helped during the past this will also give them a feeling of confidence in your services as well as demonstrate the value that you have supplied to your past clients. Keep in mind that having the FSBO realize your own value without you stating the things you do yourself will certainly automatically separate you from your competitors.

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10 Groundbreaking Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud For Enterprises



For businesses all over the world, customer-centric solutions matter the most. Enterprises are focusing on bringing more customized solutions to change the dynamics of how business processes have used to be.

It does not matter what products you have, the services you offer in your company, and the solution provider you are. Salesforce is necessary to fly your business to elevated heights.

The business process of Salesforce is specifically designed to cater to the diversified needs of businesses from the start to the bottom. More importantly, different clouds in Salesforce offer incredible solutions and results. Having said that, here are the 10 benefits of how Salesforce Sales Cloud provides supercharge resolutions to enterprises of all sizes.

1.     Achieve Accuracy in Forecasting

Integrating your business with Salesforce sales cloud gives you a tremendous outcome regarding how much accuracy you bring in forecasting and sales processes. Even if the employee is leaving or some malware happens in your system, the forecast will remain accurate, and results will be satisfying.

For small, medium, and large-scale business ventures, this forecasting helps them bring clarity and consistency in updated reports, all because of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

2.     Increase In Productivity

Salesforce sales cloud offers incredible productivity for customers. The sales cloud offers magnificent results when it comes to tracking monthly progress, data protection, or getting the quotation in an exact amount.

For companies, reporting of business actions and workflows is an important factor to rely on. and this is sales cloud gives them a cutting-edge advantage by making the reporting easier and more manageable.

3.     Excellent Business Growth

Salesforce sales cloud offers business growth in the most advanced high-tech way. Every business seeks to have an excellent communication channel with their customers, and for this, they go above and beyond to keep it top-notch and result-driven. For example, using different spreadsheets, excel documents, sticky notes, or sometimes notebooks.

However, this has been miraculously resolved with the Salesforce sales cloud in place. It gives you a reflection of perfection and allows you to handle your customer channels in the most incredible manner. Eventually, it helps you grow your business and bring steadiness.

4.     Efficient Sales Cycle

The efficient sales cycle is the one that gives the business high-scaling options to bring or implement the best solutions. However, the most so-called qualitative service provider doesn’t offer efficient or scalable sales processes, compromising quality and flow.

But when you acquire Salesforce sales cloud from a Salesforce Consulting Company, the groundbreaking benefits of it offer incredible efficiency. It gives you time to focus on better opportunities that your business needs to grow and experience exhilarating results.

5.     Automated Outreach

When you take your business to Salesforce, you enter into a new world of high-tech opportunities. Numerous things become inevitable, and the workflows become spectacular. For instance, the sales cloud gathers the data continuously of all the customer activities to create personalized and relevant automated outreach.

This automated outreach helps in both manual and virtual campaigns for any business. This is the benefit that most businesses seek today to execute different campaigns. For example, adding different emails and speaking with a focus on personalized content.

6.     Scalable Collaboration

In today’s modern world, where technology has taken over businesses unexpectedly, collaboration becomes significant for every venture out there. Keeping this in mind, sales cloud by Salesforce offers exactly what you desire of it. It keeps a record of conversations, helps you with essential notes, contact information, personalized interactions, and information based on the needs.

This offers scalable collaboration to all the team members to keep a careful eye on the slightest detail that might play an important role. For businesses, using the collaboration tools by this world-class CRM is no less than a great blessing.

7.     Top-Notch Service Accessibility

Every business wants to assist its customers in a tech-driven way. And this is what Salesforce sales cloud offers to its users. With the help of updated data in the sales cloud, the users can enhance their endeavors to improve customer service and provide consumers with quality information.

This helps the enterprise owners to understand and create solutions that are customer-centric for more valuable results. It offers service teams the quality results to bring in satisfying solutions for customers.

8.     Updated Reporting

When understanding the most important features of any business, data is an essential part that leads the way. It is the source on which a company entirely depends. Salesforce sales cloud gathers vital data from different resources like software apps, social media tools, and customer relationship management.

However, in the initial phase, the data is raw and contains all the things. But with Salesforce sales cloud, one gets this data sorted, cleaned, and analyzed. This accumulated, filtered, and well-presented data helps an organization craft excellent strategies to drive scalable results.

9.     Dashboards

When you acquire Salesforce sales cloud, you are taking your business to a new pathway of technologies. Using this CRM feature doesn’t ask you to conduct manual importing of data or create manual strategies for representing graphical analysis.

On the contrary, with acquiring Salesforce CRM, the automation amazes the users with quality results. This is where you get a dashboard for taking your actions to a whole next level with its plethora of benefits. Now, separate or dedicated dashboards for different groups in your company will help them drive the best of results for ascendable outcomes.

10.            Effective Lead Management

When a business venture acquires Salesforce sales cloud, they are bringing in the impeccable features for simplifying and streamlining their workflows. For instance, customer 360 solutions, proven sales path, lead management, account management, campaign handlings, product management, service management, process streamlining, and task scheduling, etc.

As far as lead generating and management is concerned, you can easily track the potential leads to craft smart and result-driven decisions to optimize your campaign with robust solutions across multiple channels for the best result.

The Final Takeaway

These 10 benefits of Salesforce sales cloud offer amazing results. For the business community, the teams of a company can get exceptional workflows that are all available and easy to access from anywhere in the world.

The implementation of the sales cloud by Salesforce helps you understand your customer in the most incredible way. From better outreach to understand customers, automation to customer service campaigns, and scalable options. Sales Cloud helps your business grow in the modernized world.

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Tend to be FSBO Home Sales Gathering popularity?



Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in New York

It’s not easy to sell a house yourself, but it can be done. There are lots of things to know when trying to dispose of a home without the benefit of a realtor, but many people across the country perform, and the trend may actually land on the increase, according to statistics from the number of sources.

Of course , there is considerably more involved in selling a property than the average homeowner knows, which goes a long way towards explaining why so many houses are sold by real estate experts. Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in New York – In fact , last year, only a few 13 percent of all United states home sales were through FSBOs. That figure is really down somewhat from the countrywide peak, which occurred in 1987, when some 20 percent of most homes in the U. H. were sold by humans especially their owners.

Not obvious in all those figures is the fact that almost 1 / 2 (40 percent) of the FSBO transactions took place between individuals who already knew each other and in some cases were related, according to numbers published by the National Association of Realtors.

FSBO Market Gaining Momentum

Portion of that strength undoubtedly comes from the fact that Atlanta’s real estate market continues to be relatively strong. Such marketplace strength makes it easier for property owners to attract potential buyers to take a look at their own homes. Home prices tend to be continuing to rise, and work are relatively plentiful, that makes Atlanta somewhat of an abnormality in today’s real estate world.

An additional strong FSBO market, offering a whopping 166 percent embrace FSBO listings last year, is actually Denver, Colorado. Other fast-rising FSBO markets include Dallas, Texas (119 percent); Cleveland, Ohio (96 percent); Indiana, Indiana (96 percent); Cincinnati oh., Ohio (93 percent); Ny, New York (84 percent); Freeport, Texas (24 percent); as well as Chicago (16 percent).

Along with prices rising across the country, it can no surprise that the main reason posted by FSBOs for going this alone is to save on real-estate commissions. Nationally, those commission rates average about $14, 000, which is a sizable enough add up to get nearly anyone’s interest. Those figures are based on the 6 percent commission within the sale of a $231, 000 home, which was the nationwide median price for current American homes in 06 2006. As the housing market is constantly on the soften, the money that can be stored by selling a home your self can become increasingly more attractive.

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Sustainability? Wrong! No Major G7 Stock Index on Climate Course, Even German DAX is Missing Paris Target




No major stock index among the G7 countries is on course to meet the Paris climate targets. While the DAX is performing the best, it is still well shy of the goal with a temperature trajectory of 2.2 degrees. As a new infographic from Handelskontor shows, while investor interest in sustainable investments is growing, idealists still seem to be steering clear of the major indices.

Just 19% of the firms represented in the indices have set climate goals that meet the Paris Climate Accords. There are just three companies in the DAX that are officially committed to achieving the goal of 2 degrees of warming, as defined by Science Based Targets (SBTi): these are Deutsche Telekom, HeidelbergCement, and SAP.

The infographic illustrates a significant increase in consumers’ and investors’ interest in environmental protection. 42% of German citizens describe themselves as actively behaving sustainably, with a further 47% considered passively sustainable – meaning that they at least expect companies to act ecologically.

[infogram id=”co2-indices-1h7k230d8x7qv2x?live”]

Sustainable Stocks

The topic of investment has been increasingly on people’s agendas throughout the pandemic, in part due to the fact that they’ve had less to spend their money on. Stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies are experiencing a boom. But there’s something else new: sustainable investment. 61% of female investors state that sustainability has become more important since the Corona crisis, compared to 45% of men.

While the DAX is still far from being a sustainable index, it does perform significantly better than the indices of other G7 countries. In a ranking of the “most green” countries in the world, Germany comes in tenth place, with Denmark taking the top position. Go to finance news and know more about it.

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