How to Design the Best Gaming Room

How to Design the Best Gaming Room

A gaming room is a wonderful addition to any home.

It’s a great place to kick back, relax, and have some fun with your friends and family.

A gaming room is a fun spot for hangouts and get-togethers, too. 

If you’re thinking about adding a room like this to your home, you want to design and create the best gaming room ever. You may have some ideas, but it’s likely that you’re not quite sure where to start.

Read on for some great ideas to help you install the ultimate gaming room in your home. Soon, everyone will want to come over to your house to play. 


The first thing you should focus upon when planning a gaming room is technology. After all, that’s a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to playing video games.

Of course, a gaming console or gaming computer is the most important piece of the puzzle here, but you likely already have that. A great gaming room will also need some additional technology as well. 

You’ll need one or more televisions or monitors, so think about where you want to put them and how big you want them to be. For most gaming rooms, one will be plenty, but some people like to install two or more so multiple people can be playing different games at the same time.

Televisions come with built-in speakers, but many people choose to add additional speakers to make their gaming room the best gaming room. Surround sound can really enhance your gameplay and make you feel like you are inside the games you play.

You will also want to make sure you have some way to organize all of the cords so they don’t create trip hazards for you and your guests. Televisions, monitors, computers, speakers, all need to be plugged in and connected and this can create a hazardous mess. If your headsets are not wireless, this can add to the problem as well.


The next most important thing to think about when creating the ultimate gaming room in your home is comfort. Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your gaming room so you want it to be the most comfortable room in the house.

Most of the time spent in your gaming room will be seated, so you’ll want to include some comfortable seating options. A couch or recliner chairs is likely most enticing for your body and for the look of the room, but you should also take ergonomics into consideration.

Choosing the Seating

If you or your family members are the kinds of people who spend multiple hours gaming on any given day, you should make an effort to choose furniture that will be good to your body in both the short and long term. Children and teens don’t often think about this sort of thing, but they, too, can benefit from furniture that is designed with ergonomics in mind.

You also might want to choose specific types of seating for each member of your family. Dad will need a different chair than junior, and mom might prefer something else altogether. Allow each gamer in your home to choose his or own chair. The youngest member of your family may prefer a simple bean bag chair, but an adult in your home may want to invest in a big and tall gaming chair instead. 

Ventilation and Cooling

Furthermore, gaming rooms are often set up in areas of the home that do not have the best ventilation, and with all those electronics running all the time, it’s bound to get hot in there. Make sure you are prepared to deal with this issue. You don’t want to be sweating constantly when you are enjoying your games, and a hot room can also be bad for your electronics. 

Make sure the room is air conditioned or install numerous fans to encourage air flow. If there are windows in the room, you’ll want to know whether those windows can be opened easily on hot days or not.


Many people forget about the importance of proper lighting when planning their gaming room, but it’s an important factor, even if you enjoy playing video games in a darkened room. 

Lighting is crucial when you are trying to repair technical malfunctions and also when it comes time to clean the space. 

Dimmable, track lighting is a great option for a gaming room, but you may want to install some lamps as well to light specific parts of the room more fully. 


There are a few other things that you can and should add to your gaming room to help make it the very best. 

You’ll probably get hungry and thirsty while you are busy gaming so you might want to make drinks and snacks accessible. A small refrigerator can keep your drinks and perishable snacks cold, and you can install a snack cabinet for other types of snacks.

You’ll need some tables to set your drinks and snacks on as well. These tables can serve double duty as storage space for things like extra equipment and blankets. 

If your gaming seating doesn’t recline, you also may want to purchase an ottoman or two to put your feet up while you play.

Most of the time that you are in your gaming room your focus will be on game play, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort into the decor of the room. If there is a certain type of game you like to play, you can design the theme of the room around those games. If not, then you can include a broad mix of gaming-related posters and other decorative merchandise to put on the final finishing touches to your room. 

Enjoy the Best Gaming Room Ever

All of the above factors will play a part in the creation of the best gaming room ever. Once your design and setup is complete, it’s time to invite some friends over to show off and to enjoy a gaming marathon or tournament. Putting together a gaming room can seem like a lot of work at first, but it will be worth it. You’ll spend many happy days in this room of the house. 

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