How to Decorate the Perfect Boho Chic Bedroom

The term “bohemian” has its roots in the art world. A bohemian person is known for their lack of concern about conventions, preferring to follow their passions instead. 

That same attitude is found in boho-style interior design. If you love to disregard norms and prefer to let your quirky taste guide your design choices, a boho chic bedroom is exactly what you need.

In the style of the bohemian artist, your bedroom’s decor should be full of layers. The end result tells your story, shows off your personality, and mixes opposites together for a perfect boho chic look.

1. Choose Colors That Soothe

Boho shouts color, so no holding back!

Think about the colors that bring out the inner rebel in you or those that make you want to curl up and revel in your little den. That’s what boho is all about.

Sit. Relax. Enjoy a carefree, no-rules environment!

Use that mantra when choosing your color palette. Your room should be a relaxed atmosphere that feels inviting and lived in. It’s the opposite of preciousness.

At the heart of it, you want the trademark feel of boho’s eclecticness to dominate. This is easy, as it all comes down to how comfortable you are exploring different ideas and color schemes.

2. Layer Textures Everywhere

Moving on from colors just a bit, the next big thing for your boho bedroom is texture — layers and layers of texture. The more, the merrier, but you can also be minimalist about it if that’s your preference (remember, boho is all about your style).

Think of area rugs. How chic will your boho bedroom look with a few well-placed area rugs?

While some people like to hang paintings and posters, boho enthusiasts lean toward tapestries. Still, depending on your approach, you can use as many as you want.

You could go exotic when it comes to sheets and curtains; tribal patterns from around the world can give your home eccentric appeal.

Let’s not forget about macramé wall hangings and plant hangers. You can get them in fabric and craft stores near you or online on Etsy.

3. Bring in Rattan Furniture

Rattan pieces are perfect for capturing the hazy bohemian movement.

Think of rattan baskets holding your miscellanea. Or maybe a tiny, woven rattan bookcase, a chair, or bean bag. Rattan decorations on your bedroom wall can also be an excellent alternative to paintings and tapestries.

For the bed, decide between having an all-rattan bed frame or a mix of wood and rattan. Beds made of woven rattan tend to come in simple, sleigh-like frame designs. If you’d like a low-key, weightless bed, a rattan bed is your best bet.

Additionally, a wood-and-rattan headboard can be perfect for a less overt texture that is still striking and experimental.

4. Don’t Skimp on the Patterns

Texture is an essential aspect of the boho chic look, but so are patterns.

The patterns you use should go hand in hand with your color scheme for a blended and cohesive look.

You’re welcome to use conflicting patterns as much as you want, but try sticking to your color palette to maintain that relaxed atmosphere. Since you’re after a chic boho look, you want to work with a light, airy palette.

As mentioned before, dark, bold color statements are the opposite of what you’re looking for. We want to avoid sensory overload by neutralizing some of the more colorful pieces with milder ones.

Playing around with your chosen patterns can also help to diffuse and balance out solid colors. This is a good compromise if you own a boldly colored piece. Just surround it with soft-colored patterns to neutralize the effect.

So, which pattern theme do you see in your boho bedroom? You could go with Moroccan, Persian, Indian, African, etc. Or better yet, mix things up for the ultimate bohemian eclectic look!

5. Finish With Some Vintage Touches

Vintage decor blends seamlessly with most design styles. The boho chic style is no exception.

If anything, boho is a pretty accommodating style that welcomes decorative touches from all over the place. This gives you the artistic license to play around with vintage décor ideas.

Do you have any family heirlooms that are special to you? Scatter these vintage statement pieces around your room! They’ll add to the boho charm of your apartment, much like Turkish or Persian pieces would.

Word of caution, though:

Be careful not to flood your home with vintage trinkets. If you overdo it, you’ll miss the mark altogether, and your apartment could end up looking like a dingy antique shop!


For some people, designing a boho-style living space may seem complicated. After all, it’s a lot of work to bring all sorts of elements together into a cohesive arrangement.

But the reality is that you hardly ever go wrong with boho as there is no particular way to go about it. Uniqueness and personality are at the core of this trend, which means you can do what feels right for you!

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