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Getting rejected on a job interview or in any stage of the application is not a fun experience for anyone especially when you spend time and effort with the preparation. However, it’s important to stay at the top of your game  by turning a negative to a positive. Amidst the pandemic, how to deal with job search rejection?

With the help of An Bui, you can transform the experience into a chance to accelerate your career and get a job offer. Here’s how you can do to handle rejection:

Detailed Feedback Should Be Asked

Feedback can be the most you can have when facing a job rejection. You can do a self-analysis of why you were not chosen for the job. Don’t be afraid  to ask for that feedback and begin from gathering all you can from the recruiter or the hiring manager and through them, the employer.

Actively listen and note everything down. If you are given generic feedback, don’t be shy to ask for a thorough assessment. After all, your time and effort is not something to be put to waste. You deserve to get some insights.

Retrace Your Steps and Reflect

Sometimes when you see that rejection letter, throwing it away and just forgetting about the whole experience is easier than dealing with it. However, you are missing a crucial learning opportunity.  Learning what caused you to be rejected can get you a real advantage on your next application.

In this step, let’s say you have been given feedback, we will now proceed looking back at everything that has happened, from reading back on the job description to what you put in your resume, to the hiring process, to the interview process.  

Rank your performance on each phase of your application. Determine where there’s room for development. Going through everything will give you ideas on how to deal with the same situation in the future.

Recognize, Discover and Put Together a Personal Build

Create a list of your weaknesses that you can avoid doing next time. The right approach here is to focus on the things you can work on.

Having a list will help you develop a strategy. Depending on the issue, fixing the gap in your performance will require some additional training or in depth coaching you can take up to help you improve. This does not only involve technical skills or interviewing skills but also includes presenting a better resume and cover letter.

Quit Overanalyzing

Some rejections are out of your control. This is why feedback is important because it can help you recognize these things. Some employers prefer someone who lives in a certain area or speaks a local language or someone with extensive knowledge on something you have basic knowledge with. This is why it pays to be contemplative and just focus on the things you can practically change.

Just because you felt like you had the perfect and convincing answers during an interview, realistically, it does not guarantee your chances of getting hired as there may be other factors the employers are considering.

Work on Your Job Search

It’s truly disappointing to be rejected but sometimes, the interview and the feedback will make you realize that you didn’t feel like the job role was quite fit for you either. Reviewing job descriptions is crucial.

Keep in mind that you are applying to do the tasks in the job description every day so it’s best to reflect on whether you are ready to commit to these responsibilities. If there are roles that you were not that interested in, chances are, the interviewer will see it through how you presented yourself. To improve on your job search process, use your previous experiences. Focus on using the right keywords that match your ambitions and aspirations.

Read more about how to figure out what you’re good at, not just what you’re passionate about.

Keep in Mind That This Is All Part of the Process

No one ever lands every dream job they applied to without getting rejected first. But some are able to see these rejections as a fresh opportunity to do even better next time. It’s vital for a successful applicant to come into grips with this fact and be resilient. This will help build your mental and emotional armor .

An individual who is resilient is expected to meet challenges or setbacks with a constructive approach and focus on the opportunities created when things don’t go as intended. The ability to deal with job rejection and overcome obstacles on your career path will strengthen your chances of getting the right role. The takeaway here is to do all you can to learn from your experience and stay positive for the next opportunity.

It is difficult to get new employment, but do not despair. It’s simple to learn how to job hunt like an expert and achieve your desired results. You may undoubtedly find a job and learn how to deal with job search rejection with the help of An Bui and his Online Career Accelerator.

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