How to Deal with a Pedestrian Accident: 7 Best Steps to Take

Road accidents are inevitable and are common on our roads today. An example is pedestrian accidents which happen regularly and are common causes of personal injuries. The accidents lead to pain from bone breakage, internal bleeding, or trauma. But despite their regular occurrence, most individuals don’t know how to deal with pedestrian accidents 

Here is how to deal with a pedestrian accident.

1. Move out of the street.

Reach out for emergency medical treatment, and move out of the street to avoid further accidents or collisions. Wait for an ambulance which allows you to get prompt medical attention.

2. Seek medical treatment  

Seeking medical treatment is essential. Let professional doctors carry out the treatment. Pedestrian accident victims are prone to internal bleeding, trauma, or breakages. Therefore, notify the paramedics about your injuries, even the mild ones. Agree to visit the nearby hospital to get further treatment.

Remember, delaying medical treatment undermines your compensation claim. Your insurance company will argue that the injuries were not from the accident. Therefore, get a treatment report and record all the treatment documents.

3. Consult an attorney 

Contact a lawyer; the attorney will ensure that your documents are accurate. Again, an attorney will help you file a compensation claim and ensure you get a fair compensation amount through professional negotiations. But don’t just hire any attorney; consult professionals like the Houston pedestrian accident lawyer.  

4. Contact the authority  

Since all pedestrian accidents require the local authorities, it’s vital to notify the authorities. Contact the police immediately; they will file a report and offer emergency support or assistance you may need. 

Such a report will be very significant in your claim or legal suit. When narrating the incident to the police, remain truthful and avoid embellishing as it can harm your claim.

5. Gather information on important details

Gathering necessary information is very vital for your claim. Such details will act as evidence, especially if the driver fails to stop after the accident. Identify the car’s license plate or car owner’s name and details. But if, as a result of the accident, you get incapacitated, don’t worry since the police will include such information in their report. Also, traffic cameras or eyewitnesses can help you gather the information. Additionally, for purposes of your claim, you’ll keep your consistent medical and police reports. 

7. File a personal injury lawsuit

If you suffer any personal injury as a result of someone else negligence, you have a right to compensation. You’ll get your compensation from your insurance company. Your attorney and the insurance company can agree on the compensation amount through negation.

 But if the insurance company fails to pay you, you can file a lawsuit. But a lawsuit is a detailed legal procedure, and you should let your injury attorney handle the process.

The bottom line

A pedestrian accident is a traumatic incident that you would not wish to experience. But if you get involved in the accident, an attorney can help fight for your rights. Therefore, consider the mentioned steps and get a reasonable settlement for your damages.

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