How to Create Perfect On Hold Message that attracts your caller

We are living in the 21st century. Here almost everything is up to date and businesses use new tricks to promote their sale and services. We see advertisement everywhere. If we are on the road side, we can see multiple advertisement on holding boards and leds. All these methods are part of marketing. Another unique method is advertisement during on hold calls.

This method is very attractive. According to expert of maxi marketing, Tom Collins most of the callers prefer On hold messages instead of any other available option.

If we talk about stats of conversion out of these messages, almost 20% out of these people made purchase. It’s one of the best ways to educate the people about your product or service. Here is an example available from the recent pandemic attack Covid-19. During this attack in most of the countries government educate the people about SOPs through this method. This way of marketing your business is good. It takes less time to deliver the message to the audience.

Tips to Create a Perfect Message:

Know your audience:

You must know your audience that means you have to know with whom you are talking. Create a Welcome messages

. It should be in a very polite way. Another important point while makinf these messages, select the voice over as per your customer’s age, gender, and interest. If you filter the audience and apply different strategies on different age levels and genders, it will increase the chance of success.

Time Strategy:

Here in this point, you have to manage your message in time. Your message should be precise and attractive. It should be repeated. You have all the important information regarding your product or service, so create a message that fits in the hold time. Do not make a message that repeats in the hold time. This can frustrate responder. If your message is completed in the desire time it would be considered as most attractive.

Up to Date:

This is also an important part. You must consider the changes with the time. If your company is offering seasonal products and services so change your message as per the current season. You have to include the new offers in your message. If we talk about companies like Amazon and Alibaba, their marketing strategy changes with the time. When December comes everyone talks about biggest sale of the year and provide discount coupons on their products. This strategy is to follow the trend.

Test before Launch:

We are humans and we can understand the sentiments of others when we talk to them. In this topic we are talking about machines. On hold messages are carried with the robots. When you prepare a message for your audience, first listen it your-self and also with your employees. By doing this activity you will understand if the product is successful or failed.

Callback Option:

Include this option in your system. If a person is busy and do not have time to listen your message, give him a way to call you back for the message. We all know how busy our life is if we allow clients to listen the message when they are free it will also increase the sale. Also if someone listen the message for the second time that means he is interested.

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Christophe Rude
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